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AotW Upgrade

Does your browser like our code?

We are presently converting the site's old, non-standard, hack-ridden HTML code to the current XHTML standard [see more about web standards]. This both enables and requires us to separate the content of the pages (text and pictures) from the means of controlling how it looks on the screen or in print. To do this we are converting our content markup to XHTML and using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to set the page layouts, type fonts, colors, etc. As of February 2004 we believe just about every current Web Browser will display compliant XHTML and CSS2 correctly, and that older browsers will still get useful content, even if it looks a little different than we intend.

The Home Page of AotW should appear something like the picture below. If your browser shows you something significantly different, or if parts are missing, jumbled, or not readable, please contact us and tell us what it looks like. Be sure to include information about what browser and version you are using, and whether it's running on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or other operating system. We'd like to be sure we're not getting this all wrong. Thanks.

AotW Home Page layout
Antietam on the Web Home page arrangement