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G. Ilges
G. Ilges

Federal (USA)


Guido Ilges

(1835 - ?)
Home State: Indiana
Command Billet: Company Commander
Branch of Service: Infantry
Unit: 14th United States Infantry, First Battalion


Before the Antietam Campaign:
Born in Prussia, he was about 27 in 1862. He was appointed Captain in the 14th Infantry on 14 May 1861, very near the start of the War, and served at that rank for its duration.

In the Antietam Campaign:
He commanded Company E, 1st Battalion of the 14th at Antietam.

The remainder of the War:
He was cited by brevets to Major and Lieutenant Colonel for gallant service in action at the Wilderness and Spottsylvania, Virginia.

After the War:
He continued his career in the Army after the War, largely in the West, including commands at Forts Laramie, Benton, and Keogh. He was promoted to Major in the 7th US Infantry 10 Dec 1873. He transferred to the 6th Infantry in December 1879, and was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the 18th US on 6 Feb 1882. However, he was convicted of "duplicating accounts" - padding his expenses - by a court martial in July 1883, and dismissed from the service, his sentence confirmed by President Chester Arthur 12 October 1883.

References, Sources, and other notes:
Service information from Heitman1, with details from Reese2. His court martial result from a notice (pdf) in the New York Times of Wednesday, October 13, 1883, Page 2. The photograph above is from a group photo of officers of the 14th US Infantry in camp near Alexandria, VA in March 1862 (USAMHI).

Birth State: PRUSSIA    


1   Heitman, Francis Bernard, Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army 1789-1903, 2 volumes, Washington DC: US Government Printing Office, 1903, pg. 562  [AotW citation 857]

2   Reese, Timothy J., Sykes' Regular Infantry Division, 1861-1864: A History of Regular United States Infantry Operations in the Civil War's Eastern Theater, Jefferson (NC): McFarland&Company, Inc., 1990, pg. 386  [AotW citation 858]

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