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I.A. Helm
I.A. Helm

Federal (USA)


Isaac A. Helm

(? - 1867)
Home State: Indiana
Command Billet: Company Commander
Branch of Service: Infantry
Unit: 3rd United States Infantry


Before the Antietam Campaign:
He was appointed 2nd Lieutenant in the 3rd US Infantry on 5 Aug 1861.

In the Antietam Campaign:
He commanded Company B of the Third Infantry at Antietam.

The remainder of the War:
He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant 11 Sept 1863, and served as the regimental Adjutant 28 Aug 1863 to 31 Jan 1866. He was commended by brevet to 1st Lieutenant for gallant and meritorious service at Chancellorsville (3 May 1863) and Captain for the same at Gettysburg (2 July 1863).

After the War:
He continued in Army service, dying in Kansas only two years after the War.

References, Sources, and other notes:
Service information from Heitman1, command role from Reese2. Civilian Appointments3 has his death date and place. The photograph above is from the US Army Military History Institute (file RG98S-CWP 232.32).

Birth State: IN    
Death Date: 07/24/1867    Death Place: Ft. Zarah, KS    


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