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S. Meredith
S. Meredith

Federal (USA)


Solomon Meredith

(1810 - 1875)
Home State: Indiana
Command Billet: Commanding Regiment
Branch of Service: Infantry
Unit: 19th Indiana Infantry

see his Battle Report


Before the Antietam Campaign:
Meredith served four terms in the Indiana state legislature and was appointed U. S. Marshal in 1849.

In the Antietam Campaign:
In command of the 19th Indiana Infantry, part of the famous 4th 'Black Hat' Brigade of the 1st Division, I Corps. He led the Regiment at South Mountain, but "owing to the fall which Colonel Meredith received in the battle of the 28th of August, and the subsequent fatigue and exposure of the marches up to the 16th instant, he was unable to take command " at Antietam.

LCol Bachman assumed command for the battle of the 17th, where the Brigade was the spearhead of the initial I Corps attack down the Hagerstown Pike against the Confederate Left early in the morning.

The remainder of the War:
In October 1862, Meredith was promoted to Brigadier General, and in November he took command of the ĎIron BrigadeÓ. He led the brigade at Fredericksburg and at Chancellorville. At Gettysburg, his brigade was engaged in the early fighting, and Meredith was again wounded.

In early 1864 he commanded a garrison at Cairo, Illinois and in September he transferred to Paducah, Kentucky where he remained until the war ended.

After the War:
He served as Surveyor General of the Montana Territory from 1867 to 1869, then returned to his farm in Indiana.

Birth Date: 5/29/1810    Place of Birth: Guilford, NC    
Death Date: 10/2/1875    Death Place: near Cambridge City, IN    Burial Place: Riverside Cemetery, IN

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