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E.Q. Fellows
E.Q. Fellows

Federal (USA)


Enoch Q Fellows

(1825 - ?)
Home State: New Hampshire
Command Billet: Commanding Regiment
Branch of Service: Infantry
Unit: 9th New Hampshire Infantry


Before the Antietam Campaign:
A member of the class of 1848 at West Point, Fellows was noted for initially refusing to swear an oath of allegiance as expected of all cadets. He was later convinced to do so by the Superintendent, but did not graduate, resigning in 1848.

In the early 1850s he was in the state militia and served 4 years as doorkeeper of the New Hampshire Senate. From 1854-57 he was Inspector at the Boston Customs House, then in business at his hometown of Sandwich.

At the opening of War in 1861 he initially drilled troops at Concord, and was then offered a Captaincy in the First Infantry. He instead enlisted as Private, and was appointed First Lieutenant, Company K, and Adjutant of the Regiment. At expiration of their service in August, he was chosen to command the 3rd New Hampshire Infantry, and served on the South Carolina coastal campaign. He resigned and was appointed Colonel of the new 9th New Hampshire in June 1862.

The remainder of the War:
He resigned his commission 12 November 1862 claiming poor health--neuralgia-- possibly feeling he had done enough for the cause.

After the War:
He returned to business in Sandwich, and was a member of the State legislature from that district in 1868, 1869, and 1877.

References, Sources, and other notes:
Brief military history and photo above from Voices1. Original photograph in the collection of the US Army Military History Institute.

Additional service and personal details from Lord's History2.

Birth Date: 06/20/1825    Place of Birth: Sandwich, NH    
College: US Military Academy, West Point, NY    


1   Woodhead, Henry, editor, Voices of the Civil War: Antietam, Alexandria (Va): Time-Life Books, 1996, pg. 37  [AotW citation 606]

2   Lord, Edward O., History of the Ninth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion, Concord: Republican Press Association, 1895, pp. 694-97  [AotW citation 684]

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