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W. H. Luse
W. H. Luse

Confederate (CSV)

Lieutenant Colonel

William H Luse

Home State: Mississippi
Command Billet: Commanding Regiment
Branch of Service: Infantry
Unit: 18th Mississippi Infantry


Before the Antietam Campaign:
He was Captain of the Benton Rifles, later Company B, 18th Mississippi, on their organization at Benton, MS on 27 April 1861. He was elected Lieutenant Colonel of the Regiment during the April 1862 reorganization of the Army. Colonel Griffin was wounded and Lieutenant-Colonel Luse took command of the Regiment at Malvern Hill, 1 July 1862.

In the Antietam Campaign:
He and the regiment fought under General McLaws on the Maryland Heights 12 and 13 September 1862. They reached the field at Sharpsburg "after the battle had been a few hours in progress" on 17 September.

"Major Campbell, commanding the regiment, was seriously wounded while nobly leading his men. Lieut.Col. Luse and Colonel Humphreys reached the field just as the battle was closing and their presence cheered and animated the whole brigade."
(from Rowland)

The remainder of the War:
At Chancellorsville (3 May 1863), LCol French of the 77th New York Infantry reported:
"The regiment ... scaled the heights at the right of our line, occupying the earthworks, taking about 50 prisoners, among whom were Lieutenant-Colonel [William H.] Luse and 2 captains, and 1 stand of colors, belonging to the Eighteenth Mississippi."
(from ORs, Vol 25, Pt 1 )

By July he was again in command, but was reported captured at Gettysburg (2 July 1863).

References, Sources, and other notes:
Military details from Rowland1, and his photograph is from the Library of Congress.2


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