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C. S. Venable

C. S. Venable

Confederate (CSA)


Charles Scott Venable

(1827 - 1900)

Home State: Virginia

Education: Hampden-Sydney College, Class of 1843

Command Billet: Staff

Branch of Service: Infantry

Unit: Army of Northern Virginia

Before Sharpsburg

Son of one of the founders of Hampden-Sydney College, he attended that school (beginning at age 12), then tutored there til 1845. Over the next 15 years he taught at the University of Virginia, at Hampden-Sydney, at the University of South Carolina, and travelled in Europe working with the leading German astronomers of the time.

In 1861 he volunteered for Confederate service, and was appointed to Gen Lee's staff as aide-de-camp (ADC) in 1862. He served in that capacity, rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, to the end at Appomattox Courthouse.

After the War

In April 1865, he signed the Federal parole papers in company with General Lee and the rest of his staff, and began his 30-year teaching position in mathematics at the University of Virginia. He retired from active responsibility in 1896, an was made Professor Emeritus.


4/19/1827; Prince Edward County, VA