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C. F. Adams, Jr.
C. F. Adams, Jr.

Federal (USV)


Charles Francis Adams, Jr.

(1835 - 1915)
Home State: Massachusetts
Command Billet: Company Officer
Branch of Service: Cavalry
Unit: 1st Massachusetts Cavalry


Before the Antietam Campaign:
Son of the US Minster to England, grandson of President John Quincy Adams. He graduated from Harvard in 1856, and was admitted to the bar in 1858. He was commissioned 1st Lieutenant in the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry, Company H, on 28 December 1861.

In the Antietam Campaign:
He was probably Regumental Adjutant in Maryland, his appointment dated to 1 September 1862.

The remainder of the War:
He was promoted to Captain 1 December 1862, and mustered out of the 1st Cavalry on 1 September 1864, and was appointed Lt Colonel of the 5th Mass Cavalry on 4 September. He was made Colonel in March 1865. He resigned from Volunteer service in August 1865. He was cited by Brevet (Brigadier General) for "distinguished gallantry and efficiency at the battles of Secessionville, SC, South Mountain and Antietam, MD, and for meritorious service during the War".

After the War:
He became something of a railroad regulation and management expert, becoming, from 1884 - 90, president of the Union Pacific. He was also an historian, noted particularly for his balanced view of the Civil War.

References, Sources, and other notes:
Source: Heitman, Francis Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army 1789-1903, Washington, US Government Printing Office, 1903; and
Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography, edited by James Grant Wilson and John Fiske. Six volumes, New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1887-1889.

Birth Date: 5/27/1835    Place of Birth: Boston, MA    
College: Harvard College    Graduating Year: 1856    
Death Date: 3/20/1915    Burial Place: Mount Wollaston Cemetery, Quincy, Norfolk County,

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