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Federal Army

Army of the Potomac

Organized at Washington, DC
Commanding Officer:
  George Brinton McClellan

Members of Interest:
  == Officers of the Staff ==
  BGen Randolph B. Marcy, Chief of Staff;
  BGen Henry J. Hunt, Chief of Artillery;
  Lt William S. Worth, aide to Gen Hunt;
  BGen John Buford, Chief of Cavalry;
  Col Delos B. Sacket, Inspector General;
  Surg Jonathan Letterman, Medical Director;
  Surg William J.H. White;
  LCol E.P. Vollum, Medical Inspector;
  LCol Rufus Ingalls, Chief Quartermaster;
  Lt Henry Page, asst. to Col Ingalls;
  LCol Albert V. Colburn, Asst Adjutant General;
  Maj Albert J. Myer, Chief of Signals;
  Capt B. F. Fisher, Signal Det.;
  LCol. David H. Strother, Topographer and Aide-de-camp;
  LCol. Edward McK. Hudson, Aide-de-camp;
  Capt. Charles R. Lowell, Aide-de-camp;
  Capt. William S. Abert, Aide-de-camp;
  Capt George A Custer, Aide-de-camp;
  Lt Alonzo H Cushing, Aide-de-camp;
  Lt John M Wilson, Aide-de-camp
  ASurg Benjamin D Howard, Aide-de-camp

  == Visitors & Civilians ==
  Allan Pinkerton, intelligence
  Edwin Forbes, newspaper artist
  Alexander Gardner, photographer
  Clarissa Barton, nurse
  George Smalley, newspaperman
  Isabell Fogg, relief worker
  LCdr Henry Erben, naval observer
  Alfred Waud, newspaper artist
  Dr. Lewis Steiner, US Sanitary Comm.
  Francis Schell, newspaper artist

Battlefield Tablets for this Unit:
   Tablet #118: Army of the Potomac - 15 Sep, 7 AM to 15 Sep, 6 PM
   Tablet #119: Army of the Potomac - 16 Sep, 6 AM to 16 Sep, 11 PM

Units which make up this Army:
  Companies B, C, H, & I, 1st United States Cavalry
  Fifth (V) Army Corps
  First (I) Army Corps
  Headquarters Cavalry Escort, Army of the Potomac
  Ninth (IX) Army Corps
  Pleasonton's Cavalry Division
  Provost Guard, Army of the Potomac
  Regular Engineer Battalion
  Second (II) Army Corps
  Sixth (VI) Army Corps
  Twelfth (XII) Army Corps
  Volunteer Engineer Brigade, Army of the Potomac


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