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Confederate Division

Stuart's Cavalry Division

Commanding Officer:
  James Ewell Brown Stuart

Members of Interest:
  Maj. Heros von Borcke, Adj-Gen
  Capt. William W. Blackford, Ch. Engineer
  Capt. John E. Cooke, Ch. Ordnance
  Capt. Richard E. Frayser, Signal Officer
  Lt. John S. Mosby, Scout
  Lt. R. Channing Price, ADC
Battlefield Tablets for this Unit:
   Tablet #301: Army of Northern Virginia - 14 Sep, 9 PM to 16 Sep, 9 PM
   Tablet #317: Stuart's Cavalry Division - 16 Sep, 9 PM to 19 Sep, 12 PM
   Tablet #351: Army of Northern Virginia - 17 Sep, 6 AM to 17 Sep, 6 PM

This Division's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of Northern Virginia

Units which make up this Division:
  Hampton's Brigade
  Lee's Brigade
  Robertson's Brigade
  Stuart's/Pelham's Horse Artillery


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