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105th New York Infantry

"Le Roy Regiment"
Mustered in on 03/1862
Disbanded/Mustered out: Near Belle Plan, VA 03/10/1863


Commanding Officers on the Antietam Campaign:
  Col. Howard Carroll
  Capt. John C. Whiteside


This Regiment's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of the Potomac
  Corps - First (I) Army Corps
  Division - 2nd Division, I Corps
  Brigade - 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, I Corps

Unit history

This regiment, Col. James M. Fuller, was organized March 15, 1862, by the consolidation of the regiment being recruited at Rochester, under Col. Howard Carroll, with the one being recruited at LeRoy under Colonel Fuller, the nine companies of the latter forming seven, and the six of the former, three, G, H and I, of the new organization. The men were mustered in the service of the United States for three years between November, 1861, and March, 1862.

The companies were recruited principally: A at Wyoming; B at Lockport; C at Holley; D at LeRoy; E at Batavia; F at Brockport; G, H and I—Irish Brigade; Western Irish Regiment —at Rochester; and K at Yorkshire, Farmersville and LeRoy.

The regiment left the State April 4, 1862; served at Washington, D. C, from April, 1862; in 2d Brigade, 2d Division, Department of Rappahannock, from May, 1862; in 1st Brigade, 2d Division, 3d Corps, Army of Virginia, from June 26, 1862; in same brigade and division, 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac, from September 12, 1862; and, under Col. John W. Shedd, it was consolidated into five companies and transferred to the 94th Infantry, March 10, 1863, as Companies F, G, H, I and K of the latter.

During its service the regiment lost by death, killed in action, 1 officer, 33 enlisted men; of wounds received in action, 1 officer, 15 enlisted men; of disease and other causes, 45 enlisted men; total, 2 officers, 93 enlisted men; aggregate, 95; of whom 1 enlisted man died in the hands of the enemy.1

On the Antietam Campaign

Colonel Carrol was mortally wounded in action of 17 September, and followed in command by the senior officer present, Capt. John C. Whiteside (to 26 Oct 62)2.


Initial Strength: not known; Killed in Action (KIA): 12; Wounded (WIA): 56; Missing in Action (MIA): 9;

Map Showing this Unit

Battlefield Tablets for this Unit

Tablet #1: First Army Corps - 16 Sep, 2 PM to 16 Sep, 6 PM
Tablet #14: Ricketts' Division, First Army Corps - 16 Sep, 2 PM to 16 Sep, 8 PM
Tablet #120: Army of the Potomac - 17 Sep, 5 AM to 17 Sep, 12 PM
Tablet #7: Ricketts' Division, First Army Corps - 17 Sep, 6 AM to 17 Sep, 5 PM
Tablet #8: Duryea's Brigade, Ricketts' Division - 17 Sep, 6 AM to 17 Sep, 8 AM
Tablet #81: Ricketts' Division, First Army Corps - 17 Sep, 6 AM to 17 Sep, 9 AM

After the Antietam Campaign

On 17 March 1863 the depleted 105th was consolidated with the 94th NY Infantry, and ceased to exist. As a result the field officers - Colonel J.W. Shedd, Lt. Colonel R. Whiteside, and Major D.A. Sharpe - and others of the 105th became supernumeraries and were honorably discharged2.

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Basic Data from Phisterer online from the NY State Military Museum.

We have 59 individuals who were on the Maryland Campaign in the AotW database for this unit:


Co. Rank Name Casualty? Details*
APvtBarnhart, Rufus KIA   09/17
APvtBruensted, Frederick KIA   09/14
APvtChaddock, Benjamin WIA   09/17
APvtChamplin, John AWOL   09/14
APvtHanson, John WIA   09/17
APvtPinkerton, William WIA   09/17
APvtSawdy, Abel KIA   09/17
ALtWhiteside, John C.        We have a picture for this person We have some details for this person
BPvtBarnett, Alonzo WIA   09/14
BCorpDavenport, Thomas W.WIA   09/17
BPvtDonley, Michael KIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
BPvtGreen, Noah S.WIA   09/17
BPvtKlee, Augustus KIA   09/17
BPvtSheramm, Frederick KIA   09/17
BPvtThorne, Daniel B.WIA   09/17
CPvtBooth, William KIA   09/17
CPvtKidder, John E.WIA   09/14
CCorpReed, John M.WIA   09/17
CPvtSkeels, Hiram WIA   09/14
CPvtStearns, Sebastian Died   10/31     We have some details for this person
DPvtAllen, George MWIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
DPvtBarker, James D.AWOL   09/15
DPvtCorwin, James H.AWOL   09/11
DPvtFish, Harry MWIA   09/14     We have some details for this person
DSgtHawkins, Duty WIA   09/14
DPvtShultz, John MWIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
EPvtAustin, Robert W.WIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
EPvtCook, Allen C.MWIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
EPvtDahack, Peter WIA   09/17
EPvtHogan, James H.WIA   09/17
EPvtMunger, Lewin L.WIA   09/17
EPvtParshall, James WIA   09/17
ECorpRogers, William H.MWIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
EPvtSchrem, Levi KIA   09/17
ECorpStacey, Herbert WIA   09/17
FPvtAndrews, Levi MWIA   09/17
FPvtChase, Oscar WIA   09/17
FPvtEaslick, George POW   09/12
FPvtEmbling, Charles WIA   09/17
FSgtWiley, Jonathan G.KIA   09/17
GSgtBlackman, Charles M.WIA   09/17
GPvtCray, Michael WIA   09/17
GPvtDeutcher, John WIA   09/17
GPvtDickson, Erastus WIA   09/17
GLtDoolittle, Isaac WIA   09/17
GPvtMason, Daniel KIA   09/17
GPvtMcKenna, Charles WIA   09/17
GPvtMurphy, John WIA   09/17
GPvtUtley, Charles WIA   09/17
HCaptBradley, Patrick WIA   09/17
IPvtBegan, James KIA   09/17
ILtBuckley, Charles C.KIA   09/17
IPvtCalnan, James KIA   09/17
IPvtHodgson, John WIA   09/17
KPvtFegles, Clark AWOL   09/13
KPvtLovewell, Sylvanus WIA   09/17
KPvtNewton, George H.MWIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
KPvtSenere, Philip H.KIA   09/14
F&SColCarroll, Howard MWIA   09/17     We have a picture for this person We have some details for this person


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1   Phisterer, Frederick, New York in the War of the Rebellion, 6 volumes, Albany: J. B. Lyon Company, 1909-12  [AotW citation 401]

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