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Federal Regiment

4th New Jersey Infantry

Organized: Camp Olden, Trenton, N.J.; mustered in 8/19/1861
Disbanded/Mustered out: Hall's Hill (now Arlington), VA 7/9/1865
Commanding Officer:
  Col. William B. Hatch
   Springfield Rifle-Musket

Battlefield Tablets for this Unit:
   Tablet #120: Army of the Potomac - 17 Sep, 5 AM to 17 Sep, 12 PM
   Tablet #102: Sixth Army Corps - 17 Sep, 5 AM to 17 Sep, 4 PM
   Tablet #71: Slocum's Division, Sixth Army Corps - 17 Sep, 5 AM to 19 Sep, 9 AM

This Regiment's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of the Potomac
  Corps - Sixth (VI) Army Corps
  Division - 1st Division, VI Corps
  Brigade - 1st Brigade, 1st Division, VI Corps


History of the Unit:
A 3-year regiment, they first saw service in the defenses of Washington, then action on the Peninsula Campaign. At Gaines' Mill (27 June) most of the men of the Regiment were captured and lost their Springfield rifles. They were later exchanged and issued smoothbores. They were at Second Bull Run in August.

In the Antietam Campaign:
They were engaged at Crampton's Gap on September 14th, and captured (and scavanged) replacement rifle muskets there. They were largely in reserve (or the second line) at Antieam on the 17th.

The remainder of the War:
The unit was at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. In June 1863 most of the men re-enlisted for 3 years or the War, and the Regiment continued in service on the Gettysburg, Wilderness, Cold Harbor, and the Petersburg campaigns through early 1864. They were at Washington DC to help defend against Early's Raid, then with Sheridan on the Valley Campaign through December. They returned to Petersburg, and were on the final campaign to Appomatox Courthouse in April 1865.

References, Sources, and other Notes:
Sumary unit history from Dyer's Compendium, transcribed online at the Civil War Archive, and the NJ State Adjutant General's records of NJ troops presented online by the NJ State Library. See also an interesting discussion about their use of 'patent' rifle cartridges at Gaines Mill and later, from an article online by Joseph G. Bilby and published in the Civil War News. Thanks also to Mr Bilby for email help with the history of their weapons.

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