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Confederate Regiment

15th North Carolina Infantry

Commanding Officer:
  LCol. William MacRae
Battlefield Tablets for this Unit:
   Tablet #357: McLaws' Division, Longstreet's Command - 16 Sep, 11 AM to 18 Sep, 9 PM
   Tablet #363: Cobb's Brigade, McLaws' Division - 17 Sep, 5 AM to 17 Sep, 1 PM

This Regiment's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of Northern Virginia
  Corps - Longstreet's Command
  Division - McLaws' Division
  Brigade - Cobb's Brigade


We have 116 individuals in the AotW database for this unit:

Co. Rank Name Casualty? Details*
APvtAllen, John WIA   09/17
APvtBarnes, Isaiah WIA   09/14
APvtBarnes, James KIA   09/17
APvtBarnes, Joseph WIA   09/17
APvtBoykin, B. B.POW   09/14
APvtBracey, Charles POW   09/14
APvtClark, James A.WIA   09/14
APvtCopeland, Virginius WIA   09/14     We have some details for this person
APvtGay, James W.POW   09/14
APvtJohnson, Henry C.KIA   09/17
APvtMarks, Henry WIA/POW   09/14
APvtMatthews, John R.WIA   09/14
ACorpOdom, James G.WIA   09/17
APvtOutland, Benjamin F.WIA   09/14
APvtParker, Marcus L.WIA   09/14
APvtPhelps, Joseph MWIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
ACorpStephenson, C. M.WIA/POW   09/14
APvtStephenson, Joseph E.WIA   09/17
APvtVaughan, Timothy WIA   09/17
ALtWood, Spier W.WIA   09/17
ALtWoodruff, William E.WIA   09/17
BPvtBrooks, Calvin H.POW   09/14
BSgtCuthbertson, David GreenWIA   09/14
BPvtCuthbertson, William F.POW   09/14
BPvtFaltz, Francis WIA   09/14
BPvtForbes, John H.WIA   09/17
BPvtFreeman, James S.WIA/POW   09/14
BPvtHawkins, John MWIA   09/14
BPvtHelms, Jesse D.WIA/POW   09/14
BPvtHelms, John AllenWIA   09/17
BPvtHoward, Isaac N.WIA   09/14
BPvtJackson, Andrew POW   09/14
BPvtMassey, Ambrose POW   09/14
BPvtMcCall, James C.MWIA   09/14
BPvtMcCall, William WIA   09/14
BSgtMcClarty, James M.POW   09/14
BPvtMcClellan, Sandy R.WIA   09/17
BPvtMcRorie, Samuel POW   09/16     We have some details for this person
BPvtMiles, Bedford B.POW   09/14
BPvtOsborne, Alexander L.WIA   09/17
BPvtRiner, William C.MIA   09/17
BPvtRogers, Samuel S.WIA   09/14
BPvtStearns, Robert KIA   09/14
CPvtGrubb, D. MIA   09/00
CPvtGrubb, H. POW   09/14
CPvtHarper, W. H.KIA   09/14
CPvtHumphries, J. B.KIA   09/14
CPvtJohnson, B. G.MIA   09/00
CPvtJolly, C. G.KIA   09/14
CPvtMcSwain, J. B.KIA   09/14
CPvtWiley, J. A.MWIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
EPvtChandler, D. R.MWIA   09/14
EPvtFulcher, L. KIA   09/14
EPvtHolmes, M. C.WIA   09/14
ELtKearney, Henry CrawfordPOW   09/14     We have a picture for this person We have some details for this person
EPvtKennedy, G. G.WIA   09/14
EPvtPendleton, Richard MIA   09/14
FPvtColville, William AlexanderWIA   09/14     We have some details for this person
FPvtEllis, T. G.WIA   09/14
FPvtHam, Stephen WIA   09/14
FSgtHowine, John B.WIA   09/14
FPvtMcRary, R. MWIA   09/17
FPvtRoaninger, J. E.WIA   09/17
FPvtSaintsing, J. W.WIA   09/17
FPvtSpaugh, L. KIA   09/14
GLtBonner, James M.WIA   09/14
GPvtBreedlove, William A.WIA   09/14
GPvtCarter, Henry WIA   09/17
GPvtHarris, W. N.WIA   09/14
GPvtLeonard, J. H.KIA   09/14
GCaptMurphy, Gray ByrdWIA   09/17
GPvtNeighbors, Nelson WIA   09/14
GPvtRussell, J. L.MWIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
GSgtSturdevant, Nicholas MWIA   09/17
GPvtWatson, J. C.KIA   09/17
HLtBooker, Paschall WIA   09/17
HSgtBranson, Eli B.WIA   09/14
HPvtFaust, James W.WIA   09/17
HPvtGriffith, James H.POW   09/14
HPvtGuthrie, Harrison WIA   09/17
HPvtJones, William WIA   09/17
HPvtLankford, William KIA   09/14
HPvtMarshall, A. POW   09/14
HCorpMorrow, Thomas A.WIA   09/14
HPvtNoah, Alvin WIA   09/14
HSgtStout, Joel J.WIA   09/14
HPvtTeague, J. W.MIA   09/17
HPvtTesh, Solomon WIA   09/14
HPvtWhitsitt, John H.WIA   09/14
HPvtWhitsitt, W. W.WIA   09/14
HPvtWire, A. POW   09/00
HPvtYork, Marion WIA   09/14
HPvtZimmerman, D. KIA   09/14
IPvtBarnes, Morris W.KIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
IPvtBatten, Ayel A.KIA   09/14     We have some details for this person
IPvtBullock, Thomas O.KIA   09/14
IPvtEdwards, Ransom WIA   09/14
IPvtWimberly, Robert KIA   09/14
KPvtArmstrong, Benjamin Chistopher ColumbusPOW   09/14     We have some details for this person
KPvtClinard, R. B.POW   09/14
KPvtDaws, J. O.WIA/POW   09/14
KPvtGardner, J. W.WIA/POW   09/14
KPvtGay, Bennet POW   09/14
KPvtGillican, John M.MWIA   09/17
KLtGriffin, H. H.POW   09/14
KPvtHedrick, David POW   09/14
KPvtHedrick, Henry POW   09/14
KPvtHege, Alex WIA   09/17
KPvtHill, Jackson POW   09/14
KPvtHill, Kelan POW   09/14
KPvtHoneycutt, Ambrose M.MWIA   09/14     We have some details for this person
KPvtHunter, Michael POW   09/14
KPvtJones, Ricks KIA   09/17
KPvtKoonts, A. A.MWIA   09/14
KPvtThompson, Henry WIA   09/17
F&SLColMacRae, William         We have a picture for this person We have some details for this person

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