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Confederate Regiment

18th Mississippi Infantry

Organized: Corinth, Mississippi; mustered in 6/7/1861
Commanding Officers:
  Maj. J. C. Campbell
  LCol. William H. Luse
Statistics for Maryland Campaign
  Initial Strength: 186
  Killed in Action (KIA): 11
  Wounded (WIA): 69
  Losses, % of Initial Strength: 43%

Maps Showing this Unit:
   Detail Map #4: Greene's High-Water Mark in the West Woods
   Detail Map #5: Sedgwick is Flanked in the West Woods

Battlefield Tablets for this Unit:
   Tablet #357: McLaws' Division, Longstreet's Command - 16 Sep, 11 AM to 18 Sep, 9 PM
   Tablet #358: Barksdale's Brigade, McLaws' Division - 17 Sep, 5 AM to 18 Sep, 9 PM

This Regiment's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of Northern Virginia
  Corps - Longstreet's Command
  Division - McLaws' Division
  Brigade - Barksdale's Brigade


In the Antietam Campaign:
"With McLaw's division they co-operated with Jackson's Corps in the movement against Harpers Ferry, the task of McLaws being the capture of the Federal garrison in fortified camp on the Maryland Heights. They scaled the mountain September 12 and 13, with some active fighting, but the enemy escaped. Being ordered thence to Brownsville, they did not reach the field of Sharpsburg until after the battle had been a few hours in progress. The men were worn out with hunger and night marching, and only 186 officers and men went into the battle. The loss was 11 killed and 69 wounded. Major Campbell, commanding the regiment, was seriously wounded while nobly leading his men. Lieut.Col. Luse and Colonel Humphreys reached the field just as the battle was closing and their presence cheered and animated the whole brigade."
(from Rowland)

References, Sources, and other Notes:
Source: Rowland, Dunbar, Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898, Nashville TN: 1908.

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DPvtClay, C. H.Died   00/00     We have some details for this person
EPvtDunn, T. J.Died   00/00     We have some details for this person
F&SMajCampbell, James CWIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
F&SLColLuse, William H        We have a picture for this person We have some details for this person
UnkPvtCampbell, W. O.Died   00/00     We have some details for this person
UnkPvtWagner, R. A.Died   00/00     We have some details for this person

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