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Confederate Brigade

Cutts' Sumter (GA) Artillery Battalion

"Sumter Flying Artillery"
Commanding Officer:
  LCol. A. S. Cutts
Battlefield Tablet for this Unit:
   Tablet #355: Reserve Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia - 16 Sep, 12 PM to 18 Sep, 6 AM

This Brigade's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of Northern Virginia
  Corps - Jackson's Command
  Division - Jackson's Corps Reserve Artillery

Units which make up this Brigade:
  3rd North Carolina Artillery, (1st) Company G
  Sumter (GA) Artillery, Battery A
  Sumter (GA) Artillery, Battery B
  Sumter (GA) Artillery, Battery D
  Sumter (GA) Artillery, Battery E


History of the Unit:
This Battalion was formed from the independent companies commanded by Captains Cutts, Price, Crawford and Blackshear, by S.O. 118, A&IGO (23 May 1862).

In the Antietam Campaign:
"The strength and deployment of Cutts Bn. in the battle is something of a mystery. In the confusion of the withdrawl from South Mountain on September 14-15, Cutts was mistakenly left behind at Boonsboro. Realizing that he had suddenly (and inadvertently) become the rear guard of the army, Cutts hurredly started moving towards Sharpsburg on the Williamsport Road with his own 4 batts. (23 guns), as well as Bondurant's Bty. (4 guns) and Lloyd's Bty (3 guns). Skirting the advancing Union Army, Cutts rejoined the army at Sharpsburg, marching in on the Hagerstown Pike. At Sharpsburg, Bondurant rejoined Pierson's Bn., while Lloyd remained with Cutts."
(from Johnson and Anderson)

More on the Web:
For much more about the battalion, see Brad Coker's Sumter Artillery site, which includes post-War photos of LCol Cutts and some of his Captains.

References, Sources, and other Notes:
Source: Johnson, Curt & Anderson, Richard C., Artillery Hell: Employment of Artillery at Antietam, College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 1995.

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