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Confederate Battery

Macbeth (SC) Artillery

"Boyce's Battery"
Mustered in on 8/29/1861
Disbanded/Mustered out on 4/1865
Commanding Officer:
  Capt. R. Boyce
Statistics for Maryland Campaign
  Initial Strength: 115
  Killed in Action (KIA): 2
  Wounded (WIA): 17
  Losses, % of Initial Strength: 16.5%

  6   Artillery of Unknown Type(s)

Maps Showing this Unit:
   Detail Map #6: French's Division Hits the Sunken Road
   Detail Map #7: Richardson's Division Attacks the Sunken Road
   Detail Map #8a: Sykes' Regulars Begin Advance on Sharpsburg
   Detail Map #8b: Sykes' Regulars Near Sharpsburg

Battlefield Tablets for this Unit:
   Tablet #303: Longstreet's Command - 14 Sep, 9 PM to 15 Sep, 12 PM
   Tablet #312: Evans' Brigade, Longstreet's Command - 14 Sep, 9 PM to 16 Sep, 9 PM
   Tablet #313: Evans' Brigade, Longstreet's Command - 17 Sep, 6 AM to 17 Sep, 4 PM
   Tablet #304: Longstreet's Command - 17 Sep, 7 AM to 17 Sep, 3 PM

This Battery's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of Northern Virginia
  Corps - Longstreet's Command
  Brigade - Evans' (Independent) Brigade


History of the Unit:
Organized during the Summer of 1861 (29 August 1861), with men recruited initially from Union and later from the Berkeley County South Carolina area; sent to Virginia in mid-July 1862.

Served through the war, generally attached to Gen N. Evans' Independent Brigade.

References, Sources, and other Notes:
Basic data from Sifakis, Stewart, Compendium of the Confederate Armies: South Carolina and Georgia, Facts on File, 1995; found online at SC Artillery ...

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