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Confederate Regiment

Rowan (NC) Artillery

"Reilly's Battery"
Mustered in on 5/18/1858
Disbanded/Mustered out: Appomattox Court House, VA 4/9/1865
Commanding Officer:
  Capt. James Reilly
  2   10-pdr. Parrott
  2   3-in. Ordnance Rifle
  2   24-pdr. Howitzer

Maps Showing this Unit:
   Detail Map #11: Burnside Climbs Toward Sharpsburg
   Detail Map #12: AP Hill Hits Burnside's Flank

Battlefield Tablets for this Unit:
   Tablet #303: Longstreet's Command - 14 Sep, 9 PM to 15 Sep, 12 PM
   Tablet #309: Hood's Division, Longstreet's Command - 14 Sep, 9 PM to 16 Sep, 11 PM
   Tablet #311: Reserve Artillery, Hood's Division - 15 Sep, 12 PM to 17 Sep, 2 PM
   Tablet #368: Jones' Division, Longstreet's Command - 15 Sep, 9 AM to 16 Sep, 9 PM
   Tablet #327: Hood's Division, Longstreet's Command - 16 Sep, 2 PM to 16 Sep, 10 PM
   Tablet #304: Longstreet's Command - 17 Sep, 7 AM to 17 Sep, 3 PM
   Tablet #310: Hood's Division, Longstreet's Command - 17 Sep, 7 AM to 17 Sep, 9 AM

This Regiment's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of Northern Virginia
  Corps - Longstreet's Command
  Division - Hood's Division
  Brigade - Hood's Division Artillery


History of the Unit:
"Organized May 18, 1858 as the 'Rowan Artillery,' this battery of light artillery was called into active duty for twelve months service May 3, 1861. Upon completing its organization at Salisbury [NC], the battery was ordered to Weldon where it enlisted for three years or the war. Here, also, Captain James Reilly was assigned to command and the battery became known as 'Reilly's Battery.' Because of the lack of held pieces and artillery equipment the battery was temporarily assigned as infantry to the 4th Regiment N.C. State Troops."

"Leaving for Richmond on July 20, 1861, the battery arrived at Manassas Junction on July 27. Here it received two 10-pounder Parrotts and two Dahlgren Howitzers, trophies of the Battle of Manassas, and was assigned to Brigadier General W. H. C. Whiting's Brigade. "

They served at Williamsburg, Yorktown, with Jackson in the Valley Campaign, and in the Seven Days battles near Richmond. " ... after the reorganization following the Seven Days', the battery was officially in Hood's Division, where it served in Major B. W. Frobel's Artillery Battalion. Now an integral part of the Army of Northern Virginia, the company took part in all major battles fought by that army."
(quotes from Van Goethem)

References, Sources, and other Notes:
Source: Van Goethem, Lisa and David Stanley (compilers), History of the Rowan Artillery, posted online at the reenactors' site

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--SgtWrenshall, Charles C.WIA   09/17     We have some details for this person

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