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The People List

This is a simple list (alphabetical by last name) for all persons in the AotW database. It's really meant for search engines/bots, not humans. Most humans will find it easier to use the Search page to find people. But if you are a human, you'll notice that each name is a link to the details about that person.

starPvt Victor AaronstarSgt Louis AaronsstarPvt Ferdinand AbbisstarPvt Abial J.W. AbbottstarPvt Albion P. AbbottstarPvt Charles A. AbbottstarPvt David P. AbbottstarLt Fletcher Morton AbbottstarCorp Levi A. AbbottstarCorp Lucien P. AbbottstarPvt Perry AbbottstarCapt Robert A. AbbottstarPvt Samuel Dwight AbbottstarPvt Thomas AbbottstarCapt Thomas AbbottstarPvt John AbbystarPvt Seibert AbelstarPvt Joseph AbenzellerstarPvt Darius AberstarLt C. P. AbernathystarPvt J. R. AbernathystarPvt John Wilford AbernathystarCapt William Stretch AbertstarPvt George AblestarPvt Zachariah AblesstarLt James AbrahamstarPvt Joseph P. AchorstarPvt William C. AckenstarPvt Andrew F. AckerstarPvt Elbridge AckerstarPvt John W. AckerstarCorp Clinton AckermanstarPvt Daniel AckermanstarPvt George AckermanstarPvt William AckermanstarLt William T. AckersonstarSgt William E. AckeystarPvt James AcklesstarCorp Casander AckleystarPvt George W. AckneystarLt James A. AdairstarCorp John B. AdairstarPvt Otto AdamstarPvt A. J. AdamsstarLCol Alexander Duncan AdamsstarMaj Alonzo Whitney AdamsstarPvt Benjamin AdamsstarPvt C. H. H. AdamsstarPvt Casper Korn AdamsstarCapt Charles Powell AdamsstarPvt D. C. AdamsstarPvt Eben AdamsstarPvt Edward AdamsstarPvt Elihu AdamsstarPvt F. AdamsstarPvt G. G. AdamsstarPvt George AdamsstarCorp George AdamsstarPvt Henry AdamsstarPvt Henry C. AdamsstarCorp Henry E. AdamsstarPvt Henry H. AdamsstarPvt Henry Martin AdamsstarPvt Henry O. AdamsstarPvt Henry P. AdamsstarPvt Isaac Newcomb AdamsstarPvt J. M. AdamsstarPvt James AdamsstarPvt James M. AdamsstarPvt John AdamsstarLt John Gregory Bishop AdamsstarLt John J. AdamsstarPvt John Q. AdamsstarPvt John Q. AdamsstarPvt John Quincy AdamsstarPvt John S. AdamsstarPvt John W. AdamsstarPvt Joseph AdamsstarCol Julius Walker AdamsstarPvt Mat H. AdamsstarPvt Reuben W. AdamsstarPvt Richard AdamsstarCapt Richard Henry Toler AdamsstarPvt Robert C. AdamsstarPvt Samuel AdamsstarCorp Selwyn Poor AdamsstarPvt Stephen C. AdamsstarPvt Thomas J. AdamsstarPvt Thomas Jefferson AdamsstarCapt William AdamsstarPvt William A. AdamsstarCorp William L. AdamsstarLt Charles Francis Adams, Jr.starPvt William S. AddertonstarPvt Andrew AddisonstarPvt Frederick AderholdstarPvt Daniel J. AdkinsstarPvt John H. AdkinsstarPvt Benjamin AdkinsonstarPvt John AdlestarPvt Joseph AdlemanstarPvt Joseph S. AdlingtonstarPvt John AdrianstarPvt John D. AdrianstarPvt James AdsitstarPvt Hiram AganstarPvt Thomas AganstarCorp David AgnewstarPvt J. C. AgnewstarSgt James P. AgnewstarSgt John L. AgnewstarPvt Henry AhlersstarPvt Ernest AhrendstarPvt Daniel C. AikenstarCol David Wyatt AikenstarPvt Hugh W. AikenstarMaj James AikenstarPvt Samuel T. AikenstarPvt Stephen AikenstarPvt Walter P. AimesstarPvt Henry H. AinsworthstarPvt Charles M. AixeystarPvt John Oliver AkermanstarPvt Walter T. AkersstarLCol William Clendenin AlbergerstarPvt Henry Anthony AlbersstarPvt Henry AlbertstarPvt John AlbertusstarPvt H. AlbrechtstarMaj Charles AlbrightstarPvt David AlbrightstarPvt James AlchystarPvt A. AlcornstarPvt David AlcottstarPvt Henry AlcottstarCorp Thomas AlcottstarPvt George W. AldenstarPvt James E. AldenstarPvt Lafayette F AldermanstarPvt William R AldermanstarPvt Albert A. AldrichstarPvt Bradford E. AldrichstarPvt Henry AldrichstarPvt Putnam AldrichstarPvt Sewall R. AldrichstarPvt Francis AldridgestarCorp George AldridgestarPvt James R. AldridgestarPvt Ransom AldridgestarLt B. J. AlexanderstarCol Charles Madison AlexanderstarCol Edward Porter AlexanderstarPvt George F. AlexanderstarSgt Henry C. AlexanderstarLt J. M. AlexanderstarPvt J. W. AlexanderstarPvt James A. AlexanderstarPvt John AlexanderstarCorp John AlexanderstarPvt W. J. AlexanderstarPvt William AlexanderstarPvt William P. AlexanderstarCapt Adam AlexandrestarPvt Franklin M. AlfordstarPvt James W. AlfordstarPvt Milo C. AlfordstarLt Frank C. AlgerstarPvt Joseph AlixstarCol Peter Hollingshead AllabachstarPvt William AllburgerstarPvt A. AllenstarPvt Albert AllenstarPvt Alonzo AllenstarPvt Charles F. AllenstarPvt Charles H. AllenstarPvt Daniel I. AllenstarPvt David AllenstarPvt Don O. AllenstarPvt Ebenezer AllenstarSgt Ebenzer F. AllenstarPvt Edward F. AllenstarPvt Edward F. AllenstarCol Edward Jay AllenstarPvt Edward O. AllenstarPvt Elias AllenstarPvt Elisha AllenstarPvt Ennis G. W. AllenstarPvt Frederick S. AllenstarPvt Freeman AllenstarPvt G. W. C. AllenstarPvt George AllenstarPvt George AllenstarPvt George A. AllenstarPvt George M. AllenstarPvt George W AllenstarPvt George W. AllenstarCorp George W. AllenstarPvt Green B. AllenstarPvt Hardy AllenstarPvt Henry N. AllenstarPvt Isaac F. AllenstarPvt J. AllenstarCorp J. T. AllenstarPvt James AllenstarCorp James AllenstarCorp James A. AllenstarPvt James M. AllenstarPvt John AllenstarPvt John AllenstarPvt John B. AllenstarPvt John E. AllenstarPvt John J. B. AllenstarPvt John R. AllenstarPvt John W. AllenstarPvt John W. AllenstarPvt Joseph AllenstarCorp Joseph S. AllenstarPvt Lewis AllenstarCorp Lyman D. AllenstarPvt M. AllenstarPvt Mark AllenstarPvt Nathan AllenstarPvt Oliver Maine AllenstarPvt Oscar D. AllenstarPvt Owen AllenstarPvt Phillip AllenstarPvt Phillip AllenstarPvt Richard AllenstarPvt Richard AllenstarCorp Russell W. AllenstarCol Samuel H AllenstarPvt Sidney W. AllenstarCorp Solomon H. AllenstarSgt Stephen AllenstarLCol Thomas S. AllenstarPvt Wellington AllenstarPvt William AllenstarSgt William AllenstarPvt William AllenstarPvt William B. AllenstarCapt David Allen, Jr.starPvt Frederick AlleweltstarPvt Joel AllgoodstarPvt James AlligerstarSgt Alexander AllisonstarPvt D. E. AllisonstarPvt Garrett AllisonstarPvt James AllisonstarLt William AllisonstarCorp George AllmanstarPvt Henry AllmanstarPvt Peter O. AllowaystarPvt William H. AllowaystarPvt Irwin AllredstarPvt Jackson A AllredstarPvt J. E. AlltonstarPvt Stephen D. AllynstarCorp George E. AlmandingerstarPvt William AlmasstarPvt John H. AlpersstarPvt John AlpinestarPvt Joseph AlsbrookstarPvt H. P. AlsopstarPvt John King AlterstarPvt Jasper S AltmanstarPvt Samuel AltmanstarPvt William H. AltmanstarCorp Daniel L. AltonstarPvt James W. AltonstarSgt Pulaski V. AltonstarPvt Pinkney AmanstarPvt Caesar AmbrechtstarCorp Edward T. AmbrosestarPvt John Bennett AmbrosestarCol Adelbert AmesstarPvt Andrew AmesstarPvt George AmesstarPvt John AmesstarCapt John Worthington AmesstarPvt Moses E. AmesstarPvt Thomas M. AmesstarPvt Henry L. AmidonstarPvt William J. AmisstarCorp Edward AmonstarPvt Albert AmosstarPvt J. M. AmosstarPvt John AmosstarLt John AmreinstarLt Frank Power AmsdenstarPvt Rufus Brooks AmsdenstarCapt John J AncellstarPvt Frederick AnderholdstarPvt B. AndersstarPvt Ignatius AndersstarPvt John C. AndersstarPvt Abraham AndersonstarPvt Albert AndersonstarLt Benjamin AndersonstarCapt Charles David AndersonstarPvt David AndersonstarCapt David W AndersonstarCorp Eugene L. AndersonstarPvt Francis A. AndersonstarPvt Frederick C AndersonstarPvt George B. AndersonstarBGen George Burgwyn AndersonstarPvt George H. AndersonstarPvt George L. AndersonstarCol George Thomas AndersonstarPvt Henry AndersonstarLt J. AndersonstarCorp J. P. AndersonstarPvt James AndersonstarPvt James AndersonstarSgt James J. AndersonstarPvt James L. AndersonstarSgt Jeremiah Wells AndersonstarPvt John AndersonstarPvt John AndersonstarPvt John AndersonstarPvt John AndersonstarPvt John AndersonstarPvt John C. AndersonstarMus John L. T. AndersonstarPvt John R. AndersonstarCorp John Stennis AndersonstarPvt Louis F. AndersonstarPvt M. Y. AndersonstarPvt Milton O. AndersonstarPvt Nelson AndersonstarPvt Patrick AndersonstarMGen Richard Heron AndersonstarLCol Robert AndersonstarPvt Robert J. AndersonstarLt Robert Walker AndersonstarSgt Stephen B. AndersonstarPvt Thomas AndersonstarCapt Thomas McArthur AndersonstarPvt William AndersonstarCorp William Frank AndersonstarPvt William H. AndersonstarPvt William J. AndersonstarPvt William J. AndersonstarPvt William W. AndersonstarCorp George AndressstarSgt William H. AndrewstarPvt Arthur J. AndrewsstarPvt Arthur J. AndrewsstarPvt B. W. AndrewsstarCol George Leonard AndrewsstarMaj George Lippitt AndrewsstarPvt Ignatius AndrewsstarLt James AndrewsstarCorp James B. AndrewsstarPvt James Thomas AndrewsstarPvt John H. AndrewsstarCol John William AndrewsstarSgt Joseph AndrewsstarPvt Joseph E. AndrewsstarPvt Levi AndrewsstarPvt Robert G. AndrewsstarPvt Samuel Albert AndrewsstarPvt Stephen AndrewsstarPvt William AndrewsstarCapt William H. AndrewsstarLt William M. AndrewsstarLCol Dudley Kimball AndrossstarCorp Charles AngellstarCapt Manton C. AngellstarPvt Abraham AngerstarPvt Peter AngerstarPvt George AnglemanstarPvt George AngstadtstarPvt Herman AnkerstarPvt Henry B. AnnisstarPvt Joel AnnisstarPvt Myron AnnisstarPvt Stillman S. AnnisstarCorp Isadon AnobstarPvt Amos K. AnselmstarPvt John AnsinstarPvt Leonard AnsonstarPvt Clint AnthonystarPvt James T. AnthonystarPvt John AnthonystarPvt Milton AntlestarPvt D. Levi AntonstarPvt Charles AntonystarPvt George W. ApgarstarLCol Hiram AppelmanstarPvt Ellis AppermanstarPvt Edward ApplestarPvt Martin ApplestarPvt Augustus M. ApplebystarPvt Joseph ApplegatestarPvt Joseph M. ApplegatestarPvt J. S. AppletonstarPvt James M. P. AppletonstarPvt Richard AppletonstarPvt Thomas L. AppletonstarPvt James AptstarPvt Thomas ApthorpestarPvt Samuel W. ArbucklestarBGen James Jay ArcherstarPvt John M. ArcherstarPvt Robert ArcherstarCapt Robert Harris ArcherstarPvt Washington D. ArcherstarPvt Edward ArchibaldstarPvt James ArcuriusstarPvt E. F. ArdstarPvt George Washington Lafayette ArdstarPvt Thomas ArdstarPvt Richard ArdisstarPvt Valentine ArendholtzstarPvt Daniel L. ArfordstarPvt J. H. ArgenbrightstarPvt Albert ArgersingerstarPvt John ArgesstarPvt J. E ArgostarPvt Mathias M. ArgrovesstarPvt Michael ArielstarPvt Peter ArlingtonstarLCol Robert Franklin ArmfieldstarPvt J. H. ArmidonstarLt Anthony ArmisteadstarBGen Lewis Addison ArmisteadstarPvt John ArmolestarPvt John R. ArmorstarSgt William C. ArmorstarPvt David ArmourstarPvt Joseph H. ArmsstarPvt Nelson E. ArmsstarPvt Henry ArmslongstarPvt Alvin ArmstrongstarPvt Benjamin Chistopher Columbus ArmstrongstarCorp Dempsy ArmstrongstarPvt E. ArmstrongstarCorp George ArmstrongstarPvt George W. ArmstrongstarPvt Henry ArmstrongstarPvt Henry ArmstrongstarPvt J. W. ArmstrongstarPvt James C. ArmstrongstarSgt James H. ArmstrongstarPvt James S. ArmstrongstarPvt John ArmstrongstarPvt John G. ArmstrongstarPvt John W. ArmstrongstarSgt Joshua A. ArmstrongstarPvt Noah G. ArmstrongstarCorp Robert M. ArmstrongstarCorp William J. ArmstrongstarMaj Albert ArndtstarPvt Leander ArndtstarPvt David ArnettstarPvt John ArnettstarPvt Christian ArnoldstarPvt David C. ArnoldstarPvt Frank ArnoldstarPvt George ArnoldstarPvt Jacob ArnoldstarPvt Jones W. ArnoldstarPvt Joseph S. ArnoldstarCorp Larkin B. ArnoldstarPvt Martin ArnoldstarSgt Moses N. ArnoldstarPvt S. F. ArnoldstarPvt Thomas ArnoldstarPvt William B. ArnoldstarCapt William McIntosh ArnoldstarPvt John T. ArnottstarPvt Sylvester W. ArnwinestarPvt James ArnystarSgt Thomas ArringtonstarPvt West A. Arrington, Jr.starPvt Benjamin ArthurstarPvt Calvin ArthurstarPvt James S. ArthurstarPvt John A. ArthurstarPvt Henry C. ArthursstarCorp Richard ArtridgestarPvt George ArtzstarPvt J. AscottstarPvt Harry J. AshstarPvt Henry AshstarPvt James D. AshstarLt Joseph Penrose AshstarPvt William Ash, Jr.starSgt Joseph AshbrookstarCapt Philip S. AshbystarSgt Jacob AshleystarPvt R. A. AshleystarPvt Robert AshleystarPvt Benjamin AshmanstarSgt David C. AshmorestarCorp Christian AshnauerstarPvt William H. AshtonstarPvt William AshwellstarPvt Robert Milo AskeystarPvt Peter AsmanstarPvt Thomas AsmusstarPvt M. J. AspleystarPvt William S. AspreystarPvt Charles AssmanstarPvt George W. AstonstarPvt Joseph E. AstonstarPvt Thomas H. AthastarSgt James AthertonstarLt William W. AtheystarPvt Abram AtkinsstarPvt Charles L. AtkinsstarPvt Henry J. AtkinsstarPvt Melville AtkinsstarCol Edmund N AtkinsonstarCorp George AtkinsonstarPvt J. F. AtkinsonstarSgt James W. AtkinsonstarPvt John J. AtkinsonstarSgt John J. AtkinsonstarPvt Joseph AtkinsonstarPvt Thomas AtkinsonstarLCol William AtterburystarCorp Richard AttridgestarCapt James Bradford AtwellstarPvt Luther L. AtwellstarCapt Benjamin F. AtwoodstarPvt Frank AtwoodstarPvt George AtwoodstarPvt George W. AtwoodstarCorp John S. AtwoodstarPvt Otis Warren AtwoodstarSgt Reynolds C. AtwoodstarPvt Edward AubblebockstarPvt Frank AubinstarPvt David L. AudaystarCapt Joseph Crain AudenriedstarPvt Charles AudleystarPvt William AugdalestarPvt John AugersstarPvt Jacob AugmonstarPvt Peter AugmonstarPvt Michael AukerstarSgt Isaac McQueen AuldstarPvt William Washington AunksstarPvt James M. AunuckstarPvt Christopher AusmonstarPvt Jacob AusmonstarPvt Arva Owen AustinstarSgt Charles A. AustinstarSgt Charles M. AustinstarPvt Frank AustinstarPvt H. Collier AustinstarPvt Hiram M. AustinstarPvt Hypolite AustinstarPvt Issac G. AustinstarPvt James H. AustinstarPvt John H. AustinstarLCol Jonathan AustinstarPvt L. Samuel AustinstarPvt Morrison AustinstarPvt Porter AustinstarPvt Robert W. AustinstarPvt Thomas B. AustinstarPvt George AuterystarPvt A. AvantstarPvt Mathias AverstarPvt Sidney A. AverettstarPvt Franklin AverillstarPvt Alexander H. AverystarPvt Charles O. AverystarPvt Daniel P. AverystarPvt Edgar AverystarPvt George L. AverystarPvt John AverystarPvt Joseph J. AverystarSgt Lewis AverystarPvt Orril W. AverystarPvt Ralph H. AverystarPvt Samuel A. AverystarPvt Willard AverystarPvt Louis Emile AvrilstarPvt Henry H. AxtonstarPvt John L. AyerstarPvt Allen M. AyersstarCorp Benjamin F. AyersstarPvt Hardy L. AyersstarPvt Ira AyersstarPvt John H. AyersstarPvt W. B. AyesstarPvt Franklin AyresstarPvt George W. AyresstarPvt James L. AyresstarCapt Romeyn Beck AyresstarPvt Doctor Anderson BabbstarPvt Ervine BabbstarPvt Joseph E. BabbstarCapt Charles BabcockstarPvt Enoch H. BabcockstarPvt George W. BabcockstarPvt Horace BabcockstarCapt Nathan S. BabcockstarPvt O. S. BabcockstarPvt Peter T. BabcockstarCapt Thomas Anderson Baber, Jr.starPvt William Bennett BachelorstarPvt John F. BachmanstarSgt Samuel BachmanstarCapt William K BachmanstarLCol Alois O. Bachman, Jr.starPvt Wolf BachrachstarPvt John BachtlestarPvt J. W. BachusstarPvt John BackstarPvt William BackerstarPvt Charles F. BaconstarPvt Franklin BaconstarPvt Henry BaconstarPvt James BaconstarPvt John BaconstarPvt Milo BaconstarPvt William A. BaconstarPvt Rechel BadeauxstarPvt Augustus BadenstarPvt Elias BaderstarPvt Henry E. BadgerstarPvt Francis J. BaehrstarPvt Calvin BaerstarCorp James BaerstarPvt Henry G. BaetzelstarPvt Samuel V. BaggettstarPvt Clinton BagleystarPvt Albert W. BaileystarPvt Benjamin BaileystarPvt C. Armstrong BaileystarPvt Charles BaileystarPvt David BaileystarPvt David J. BaileystarCorp Francis BaileystarSgt George BaileystarPvt Henry BaileystarCorp Henry Havilock BaileystarSgt Ira C. BaileystarSgt James BaileystarPvt James B. BaileystarSgt James S BaileystarPvt John BaileystarPvt John BaileystarPvt Joseph BaileystarPvt Luther S. BaileystarPvt Marshall T. BaileystarPvt Robert BaileystarCorp Thomas R BaileystarPvt Walter BaileystarCorp William BaileystarPvt William Adolphus BaileystarPvt William H. BaileystarSgt William Julian BaileystarPvt William R. BaileystarSgt William Y. BaileystarMaj Silas Milton BailystarPvt W. BailystarSgt James C. BairdstarPvt John BairdstarPvt John A. BairdstarSgt John J. BaitzelstarPvt Charles B. BakencampstarPvt A. Hicks BakerstarPvt Aaron BakerstarPvt Adam N. BakerstarPvt Alexander BakerstarPvt Alfred BakerstarPvt Allen J. BakerstarPvt Andrew Jackson BakerstarPvt Bat BakerstarLt Benjamin B. BakerstarPvt Benjamin F. BakerstarPvt Benjamin H. BakerstarPvt Charles J. BakerstarPvt Clayton BakerstarPvt E. BakerstarPvt E. Vardra BakerstarPvt Edward BakerstarCorp Edwin BakerstarPvt Edwin E. BakerstarPvt Elijah BakerstarPvt F. Alfred BakerstarPvt Franklin S. BakerstarPvt Green BakerstarPvt Harris BakerstarPvt Harry S. BakerstarPvt Henry C. BakerstarPvt Henry H. BakerstarPvt Hiram BakerstarPvt Isaac BakerstarPvt J. B. BakerstarSgt J. C. BakerstarPvt James BakerstarPvt James E. BakerstarPvt John BakerstarPvt John BakerstarPvt John BakerstarPvt John BakerstarPvt John BakerstarPvt John A. BakerstarPvt John B. BakerstarSgt John R. BakerstarPvt Jonathan BakerstarCol Lawrence Simmons BakerstarPvt Marion M. BakerstarPvt Mathias BakerstarPvt Nicholas BakerstarPvt Samuel BakerstarPvt Thomas M. BakerstarPvt Thomas P BakerstarPvt Timothy BakerstarLt William L. BakerstarPvt Myron J. BalcomstarPvt Myron L. BalcomstarPvt Stephen Balcomb, Jr.starPvt Francis BaldenstarSgt Alphonse BaldonistarCapt Ambrose N. BaldwinstarPvt Benjamin A. BaldwinstarPvt Daniel W. BaldwinstarPvt George BaldwinstarPvt George F. BaldwinstarPvt James Emmanuel BaldwinstarLt James H. BaldwinstarPvt Joseph H. BaldwinstarChpl L. H. BaldwinstarSgt Salisbury B. BaldwinstarPvt Suell J. BaldwinstarCorp Alexander BalfourstarPvt Benjamin L. BallstarPvt Franklin BallstarPvt George H. A. BallstarPvt Harrison BallstarPvt Henry C. BallstarPvt John BallstarPvt John C. BallstarPvt John K. BallstarCorp Joseph A. BallstarPvt Michael BallstarPvt Peter BallstarSgt Samuel L. BallstarPvt Thomas M. BallstarCorp William Augustus BallstarPvt William H. BallstarPvt Thomas BallaherstarCapt William Duncan BallantinestarCorp James BallardstarPvt Lamont BallardstarPvt William Henry BallardstarPvt Lipman George BallestarCapt Marcus R. BallengerstarPvt William J. BallengerstarCol John Frederick BallierstarPvt Booker L. BallingstarLt Edward BallingerstarCapt Howard BallingerstarPvt Thomas BallohonstarLt Joseph BalsleystarPvt Ezra BaltmanstarPvt Richard BaltonstarSgt Franklin BaltzellstarPvt Joseph BambergerstarCapt William W. BambergerstarPvt George W. BancroftstarPvt George W. BancroftstarLt Peter S. BancroftstarCapt Robert Harvey BanestarPvt Chester H. BangsstarLt Gilbert Voter BangsstarCapt George Pemberton Bangs, Jr.starPvt Benjamin Green BangstonstarPvt George N. BankstarPvt John S. BanksstarPvt M. BanksstarPvt Green B. BankstonstarPvt James A. BankstonstarCol Henry Blackstone BanningstarPvt William H. BantastarPvt Gibbon BantasstarPvt Charles W. BanthemstarPvt Rufus BarbeestarPvt Wilson J. BarbeestarPvt Alex H. BarberstarPvt Alexander R. BarberstarCapt Frederick M. BarberstarPvt J. L. BarberstarPvt James Albert BarberstarPvt John BarberstarCorp Leonidas BarberstarSgt William L. BarberstarPvt Eugene BarchenelstarCol William P BarclaystarPvt Joseph G. BarcliftstarPvt Walker T. BarcusstarPvt Walker T. BarcusstarPvt H. B. BardsleystarPvt Joseph BardsleystarCorp Alexander S. BarduestarPvt H. E. BardwellstarSgt G. W. BarefieldstarPvt Allen BargerstarPvt Samuel BargerstarPvt Samuel J. BargerstarPvt William BargerstarPvt Walker BargesserstarPvt Abraham BarkerstarCorp Albert E. BarkerstarPvt Cyrus E. BarkerstarPvt George W. BarkerstarPvt George W. BarkerstarPvt George W. BarkerstarPvt H. H. BarkerstarPvt Isaac W. BarkerstarPvt J. M. BarkerstarPvt James D. BarkerstarCorp John C. BarkerstarPvt John F. BarkerstarPvt Samuel S. BarkerstarPvt Smith BarkerstarPvt William BarkerstarPvt William L. BarkerstarPvt A. BarkinsstarPvt David BarkleystarPvt G. W. BarksstarLt John Allen Job BarksdalestarASrg Randolph BarksdalestarPvt T. B. BarksdalestarBGen William BarksdalestarPvt Frederick BarlenstarPvt Austin B. BarliterstarPvt Fletcher D. BarlowstarCol Francis Channing BarlowstarPvt Jacob BarlowstarPvt James C. BarlowstarPvt Joseph BarlowstarPvt George H. BarmbystarPvt Charles H. BarnardstarPvt Frank BarnardstarPvt George H. BarnardstarPvt George W. BarnardstarPvt Henry J. BarnardstarCorp Alanson BarnesstarCapt Almont BarnesstarLt Bennett G. BarnesstarLt Bennett G. BarnesstarPvt Benton BarnesstarLt Charles W. BarnesstarCol Dixon BarnesstarPvt Gideon S. BarnesstarPvt Ham A. BarnesstarPvt Hiram BarnesstarPvt Hugh BarnesstarPvt Isaiah BarnesstarCol James BarnesstarPvt James BarnesstarPvt James BarnesstarLt James BarnesstarSgt James A. BarnesstarPvt James A. BarnesstarCorp Jesse O. BarnesstarPvt John BarnesstarPvt John BarnesstarPvt Joseph BarnesstarPvt Joseph B. BarnesstarLCol Joseph H BarnesstarPvt Joshua L. BarnesstarPvt Joshua L. BarnesstarPvt Levi BarnesstarCorp Lucius J. BarnesstarPvt M. BarnesstarPvt Morris W. BarnesstarPvt Richard BarnesstarPvt Rudolph C. BarnesstarLt William A, BarnesstarPvt William H. BarnesstarPvt Alonzo BarnettstarPvt Chauncey William BarnettstarLt George Albert C. BarnettstarCorp George M. BarnettstarPvt Henry BarnettstarPvt John BarnettstarPvt Peleg M. BarnettstarPvt Robert BarnettstarSgt Samuel BarnettstarPvt Stephen S. BarnettstarCapt William G. BarnettstarPvt George B. BarneystarCorp James L. BarneystarPvt Levi D. BarneystarPvt Henry J. BarnhardtstarPvt Julius H. BarnhardtstarPvt Rufus BarnhartstarPvt Samuel BarnsstarPvt David BarnumstarCapt John BarnwellstarCorp John BarnwellstarEns S. B. BarnwellstarPvt Henry BaronsstarPvt Charles BarrstarPvt Daniel BarrstarPvt Jacob W. BarrstarPvt James Alexander BarrstarPvt John Gettis BarrstarPvt James BarretstarPvt Absalom BarrettstarPvt Anderson BarrettstarPvt Dennis BarrettstarPvt Edwin A. BarrettstarPvt John BarrettstarLt Joseph B. BarrettstarLt Nicholas J. BarrettstarPvt Patrick BarrettstarPvt R. Cecil BarrettstarPvt Richard BarrettstarPvt Robert H. BarrettstarPvt Thomas L. BarrettstarPvt William D. BarronstarPvt Theodore P. BarrowsstarPvt Ambrose BarrystarCorp Charles W. BarrystarPvt David H. BarrystarSgt David S. BarrystarPvt Dennis BarrystarPvt John BarrystarPvt John BarrystarPvt John D. BarrystarCapt John Decatur BarrystarPvt John P. BarrystarSgt Louis Howard BarrystarPvt Patrick BarrystarPvt William E. BarrystarPvt William F. BarrystarSgt Frederick BartelsstarPvt Louis BarthelemystarPvt Andrew J. BartholomewstarPvt Gustavus BartholomewstarPvt John L. BartholomewstarSgt Marston Clark BartholomewstarSgt Samuel BartholomewstarLt Thomas Livingston BartholomewstarPvt Gordon BartletstarCapt Albert Wood BartlettstarPvt Alonzo W. BartlettstarCapt Amos BartlettstarPvt Andrew M. BartlettstarCorp Anson B. BartlettstarCorp Charles H. BartlettstarPvt Dan W. BartlettstarPvt Darwin F. BartlettstarPvt George L. BartlettstarPvt J L BartlettstarPvt Jesse E. BartlettstarCol Joseph Jackson BartlettstarPvt Marcus Channing BartlettstarSgt Moses C. BartlettstarPvt Myron Napier BartlettstarCorp Persons BartlettstarLt Wiliam Chambers BartlettstarPvt William A. BartlettstarPvt William A.T. BartlettstarPvt William Bartlett, Jr.starPvt William Bartlett, Sr.starPvt Charles R. BartleystarPvt James BartleystarCorp Albert G.S. BartonstarSgt Charles B. BartonstarPvt Charles W. BartonstarCivilian Clarissa Harlowe BartonstarPvt John BartonstarPvt John BartonstarPvt John T. BartonstarPvt Lem BartonstarLCol Nelson B BartramstarASrg Simon BaruchstarPvt John BarzerstarPvt Ph. J. BarzizastarSgt George H. BascomstarCapt Gustavus Murray BascomstarSgt Linus BascomstarLt John H. BasdenstarPvt Granville BaseystarCorp Frank W. BashfordstarPvt Calvin BasimstarSgt Jonas BaslerstarPvt Archibald BassstarPvt Archibald Cameron BassstarPvt Brooks A. BassstarPvt C. T. BassstarPvt Charles T. BassstarPvt David A. BassstarLt Edwin S. BassstarPvt James BassstarPvt James H. BassstarSgt George W. BassetstarPvt Allorian J. BassettstarPvt George K. BassettstarCorp George M. BassettstarPvt James BassettstarPvt James A. BassettstarLt Robert H. BassettstarCorp Samuel BassettstarPvt William BassettstarPvt John BasslanstarPvt Charles BaststarPvt John BastinstarPvt Abram BatchelderstarPvt Augustus H. BatchelderstarSgt Charles M. BatchelderstarPvt George H. BatchelderstarCapt George Wellington BatchelderstarPvt Joseph A. BatchelderstarPvt Josiah H. BatchelderstarCapt Richard Napoleon BatchelderstarPvt William S. BatchelderstarPvt Orlando W. BatchellerstarPvt Henry E. BatchelorstarPvt Amos BatemanstarPvt James E. BatemanstarPvt F. M. BatesstarPvt George BatesstarPvt Theodore S. BatesstarPvt William BatesstarPvt William BatesstarLt Henry D. BathstarPvt Henry BattstarPvt Ayel A. BattenstarPvt William H. BattershallstarPvt Zadoc C. BattersonstarPvt Philip BattertonstarCapt William Henry BatteystarCol Cullen Andrews BattlestarPvt Henry T. BattlesstarPvt Emanuel BattmanstarSgt William H. BattonstarPvt Davis BattystarSgt Arnold BauchmullerstarPvt Josiah BaucomstarPvt John F. BauderstarSgt Levi Francis BauderstarPvt Frederick BauerstarSgt Henry BauerstarPvt John J. BauerstarPvt Nicholas BauerstarPvt Joseph M. BaumstarPvt Levi BaumstarPvt Peter BaumstarPvt Christian BaumannstarPvt Joseph BaumannstarPvt Edward BaumgardnerstarPvt John BaumgartnerstarPvt Adolph BauschstarPvt John W. BawlisstarPvt Alexander BaxterstarPvt B. BaxterstarPvt David BaxterstarPvt David BaxterstarCol DeWitt Clinton BaxterstarLCol Henry BaxterstarPvt Hiram BaxterstarPvt Richard B. BaxterstarCapt William Peter BayastarCorp Samuel BayerstarPvt John BayhanstarPvt John R. BayleystarPvt John BaylorstarSgt W. M. BayruestarSgt Richard M. BazemorestarPvt Benjamin J. BeachstarCol Francis BeachstarPvt Henry BeachstarCapt Henry L. BeachstarSgt Joseph L. BeachstarCorp Samuel BeachstarPvt Isaac BeadlestarPvt John BeadlestarPvt Jesse BeahmstarPvt John B. BeakesstarCol George Lafayette BealstarPvt John A. BealstarPvt John S. BealstarPvt William BealstarPvt A. R. BealestarSgt George William BealestarCorp Jameson BealesstarLt Samuel BeallstarPvt Charles W. BealsstarCorp Harvey F. BealsstarPvt John BealsstarPvt J. D. BeamanstarPvt Albert BeamerstarPvt Andrew BeanstarPvt Charles H. BeanstarLt Charles W. BeanstarPvt John Elmon BeanstarPvt John P. BeanstarLt John Wesley BeanstarPvt William H. BeanstarPvt Henry BeanerstarPvt Edward BearstarPvt Jacob BearstarPvt John A. BearstarPvt Austin P. BeardstarPvt Levi Spinks BeardstarCapt George Austin BeardsleystarPvt John BeardsleystarPvt William H. BeardsleystarPvt Mahlon H. BearystarPvt Mahlon H. BearystarPvt Bryan P. BeasleystarPvt George BeasleystarPvt George W. BeasleystarPvt William W. BeasleystarPvt Jesse BeasonstarCapt Jacob H BeattesstarLt Alexander Mitchell Beattie (Beatty)starPvt Henry BeattystarPvt John G. BeattystarPvt John W. BeattystarPvt Thomas K. BeattystarPvt W. C. BeattystarPvt Walter L. BeattystarCorp Amable BeaudrystarLt Severin BeaulienstarPvt Leon BeaupreystarLt Jacob Gilbert BeaverstarPvt Charles BeaversonstarPvt James A. BeazleystarSgt William BeazleystarPvt Joseph BeazottistarPvt John A. BechtelstarPvt Samuel BechtelstarPvt Solomon BechtelstarPvt Charles BeckstarPvt Frederick G. BeckstarPvt Freidrich BeckstarPvt Isaac BeckstarPvt Julius BeckstarPvt Rudolph BeckstarCorp August BeckerstarPvt Charles BeckerstarPvt George BeckerstarLCol Gottfried BeckerstarPvt Hermann BeckerstarSgt Joseph M. BeckerstarPvt Nicholas BeckerstarPvt William BeckerstarPvt Joseph BeckerichstarMaj Abner Camp BeckhamstarCapt Thomas C BeckhamstarPvt John BeckleystarPvt Joshua BeckleystarPvt Thomas BeckleystarPvt Franz BeckmanstarPvt Daniel BeckwithstarPvt George W. BeckwithstarPvt Leroy BeckwithstarLt Robert S. BeckwithstarPvt Jonathan BeddlestarLt William A. BedellstarPvt Peter BedfordstarPvt Thomas BedfordstarPvt Thomas BedostarPvt Travis BedsolestarPvt William J. BedwellstarPvt Andrew Stuart BeebestarCorp Chauncey S. BeebestarPvt David BeebestarCorp Frederick R. BeebestarPvt William BeebestarSgt William Homer BeebestarPvt Bela Winchell Beebe, Jr.starPvt Ebeneser BeechstarPvt John Pointon BeechstarPvt Henry BeechamstarCorp Charles W. BeecherstarPvt Rodolph A. BeecherstarPvt John BeekstarPvt George BeekerstarCapt J. C. BeeksstarPvt Thomas B. BeelerstarPvt Charles BeemanstarPvt Seymore BeemanstarPvt James BeerstarPvt Thomas BeerstarCorp Franklin Theodore BeererstarPvt Cyrus S. BeersstarPvt Elon BeersstarSgt Elon G. BeersstarCorp George S. BeersstarPvt George W. BeersstarPvt James BeersstarPvt John BeersstarCorp William L. BeersstarCorp Jacob Beers, Jr.starPvt Emil BeesestarPvt Henry BeeslingstarPvt Otto BeethuysenstarPvt James BegenstarPvt John R. BeggstarPvt Charles John BehanstarPvt William BehanstarPvt Edward E. BelcherstarSgt John Waldo BelcherstarPvt W. BelcherstarPvt Rufus H. BeldingstarPvt Frank BelknapstarPvt Josiah B. BelknapstarPvt Absalom BellstarPvt B. W. BellstarPvt Eugene D. BellstarPvt Francis BellstarLt Frank J. BellstarPvt George BellstarSgt George J. M. BellstarCorp Hiram J. BellstarPvt Isaiah BellstarPvt James BellstarPvt James M. BellstarPvt John BellstarCapt John H. BellstarPvt Lewis BellstarPvt Matthew BellstarPvt Oliver Louis BellstarPvt Samuel BellstarLt Seaborn J. BellstarLCol Thomas S. BellstarPvt Thomas W. BellstarPvt William BellstarPvt William H. BellstarPvt Michael BelongerstarCapt Emory W BeltonstarPvt Nicholas BelzstarPvt Edson DeWolf BemisstarPvt Harry BemisstarPvt Nelson A. BemisstarPvt Nelson J. BemontstarPvt Willet H. BenchleystarPvt Henry BenderstarPvt John B. BenderstarPvt Levi BenderstarPvt Jacob Bender, Jr.starPvt Simon BendinstarPvt Henry BendlestarLt Abner Raleigh BenedictstarPvt Oscar Ball BenedictstarPvt Tower Stetson BenhamstarPvt Chanceler BenjaminstarPvt Henry BenjaminstarCorp John N. BenjaminstarPvt Oliver D. BenjaminstarLt Samuel Nicoll BenjaminstarPvt Charles BennstarPvt Calvin D. BennagestarSgt Thomas BennetstarCorp Levi BennethemstarPvt Charles BennettstarPvt Charles BennettstarPvt Charles BennettstarCorp Charles BennettstarPvt Chris BennettstarSgt David N. BennettstarPvt Doctor Green BennettstarPvt Edward BennettstarPvt Elias R. BennettstarPvt F. M. BennettstarPvt Henry BennettstarCorp Henry BennettstarPvt James BennettstarPvt James BennettstarPvt R. O. BennettstarCol Risden Tyler BennettstarPvt Sylvester BennettstarPvt Thomas Y. BennettstarPvt William Franklin BennettstarPvt William I. BennettstarPvt William R. BennettstarPvt William R. BennettstarCol Henry Lewis BenningstarPvt Nicholas BensfeldstarPvt E. H. BensoldstarSgt ----- BensonstarPvt Aaron BensonstarPvt Aaron BensonstarPvt Andrew J. BensonstarLt Andrew M. BensonstarPvt Edward BensonstarPvt Enoch BensonstarPvt J. BensonstarPvt J. E. BensonstarPvt Luna W. BensonstarPvt Orlando F. BensonstarPvt Thomas BensonstarPvt Thomas W. BensonstarPvt William H. BensonstarPvt William H. BensonstarPvt William BentlerstarPvt Isaac G. BentleystarPvt John BentleystarMaj Richard Charles BentleystarPvt Van R. BentleystarPvt James H. BentonstarPvt Jesse L. BentonstarPvt John BentonstarPvt Lucius S. BentonstarLt Nathan E. BentonstarPvt Raphael Ward BentonstarCorp Thomas H. BentonstarPvt Thomas H. BentonstarPvt Thomas J. BentonstarPvt William H. BentzellstarPvt James A. BeoboutstarPvt J. BeordstarPvt John A. BerckeelstarPvt William H. BergstarPvt John BergenstarPvt Augustus BergerstarCorp David BergerstarPvt Samuel BergerstarPvt August BerghauserstarPvt John BergmanstarPvt Christian Gottlieb BergmannstarPvt Ehrenfried BergmannstarPvt Ernst BergmannstarCorp Henry BergmannstarSgt Richard H. BerminghamstarLt John BerneystarLt John BerneystarPvt Lewis BernhartstarPvt Benjamin F. BerrystarPvt Charles A. BerrystarPvt Charles W. BerrystarPvt David E. BerrystarPvt George O. BerrystarPvt James J. D. BerrystarPvt Jordan Rufus BerrystarLt Matthew BerrystarPvt Nathaniel F. BerrystarPvt Richard BerrystarPvt Samuel BerrystarPvt Thomas BerrystarPvt Thomas BerrystarLt William BerrystarPvt M. M. BerrymanstarLt William BerrymanstarPvt Charles BertchstarPvt Gilbert BertholfstarCorp Charles BertramstarPvt Peter BertramstarPvt William BeshiresstarCapt Clermont Livingston BeststarLCol Emory Fisk BeststarPvt Richard BeststarPvt Richard W. BeststarPvt Robert H. BeststarCorp Samuel BeststarPvt Clayborn R. BethelstarCorp Charles BettersstarPvt Adelbert Alonzo BettsstarPvt Gilbert S. BettsstarLCol William H BettsstarPvt George BetzstarPvt Louis BetzstarPvt John BetzholdstarSgt Theodor BeutlerstarPvt Charles BeverlystarMaj John BeverlystarSgt David Beverly, Jr.starLt Hillary BeyerstarCorp Ludwig BeyerstarPvt Reinhold BeyerstarCorp John A. BiblestarPvt A. J. BicestarPvt Peter BicestarPvt Salomon BicholtstarPvt William BickfordstarPvt Francis A. BicknellstarSgt Luke Emerson BicknellstarPvt Charles BiddlestarPvt Wallace BiddlestarPvt Christian BidelstarPvt Hiram BidwellstarPvt Charles BieberstarPvt Charles BiehlstarPvt Peter BiehmstarCapt Everard BiererstarSgt Samuel S. BiererstarSgt Adolph BierlingstarCapt Francis V. BierwirthstarPvt Christian BiesstarPvt T. E. BigbeestarCorp Anson D. BigelowstarSgt Henry G. BigelowstarPvt Nelson BigelowstarPvt Orville BigelowstarPvt Garrison BiggerstarPvt William F. BiggsstarPvt Ira G. BiglowstarPvt David BihlmeyerstarCorp Bolivar T. BilgarstarLt Horace Harper BillstarSgt Myron E. BillingsstarPvt Martin I. BillingsleystarSgt Martin T. BillingsleystarPvt William Napoleon BillingsleystarPvt James BillsstarPvt Joseph R. BillupsstarPvt Robert L. BillupsstarPvt J. BincksstarPvt William BinderstarPvt Charles H. BinghamstarPvt James BinghamstarPvt John Fuller BinghamstarPvt Lewis W. BinghamstarPvt Wells A. BinghamstarPvt George BingmanstarPvt Richard BingmanstarPvt James T. BinionstarPvt William A. BinionstarPvt Conrad BinnstarLt Henry Martin BinneystarPvt George J. BirchstarPvt James BirchstarPvt Henry BirdstarPvt Joel BirdstarPvt Thomas BirdstarLt Samuel BirdsallstarPvt Michael BirminghamstarPvt Curtis C. BisbeestarPvt George BisbergstarPvt Henry BischoffstarLt Robert M. BiselstarPvt Andrew BishopstarMus Edward G. BishopstarPvt Eli BishopstarPvt Elijah BishopstarPvt Henry BishopstarPvt Henry D. BishopstarPvt Hilary BishopstarPvt Isaac T. BishopstarPvt J. W. BishopstarPvt Jacob BishopstarPvt John BishopstarPvt John T. BishopstarPvt Risdon H. BishopstarCapt William Preston BishopstarPvt Philip BitlerstarLt J. C. BittingsleystarPvt William L. BittlestarLt W. G. BivinsstarCorp Cornelius BixbystarPvt John T. BixbystarPvt William BixbystarPvt Samuel BixlerstarPvt Samuel BixlerstarLt Albert E. BlackstarPvt Franklin BlackstarLt George W.Z. BlackstarPvt Harrison BlackstarPvt Henry BlackstarPvt James BlackstarPvt John BlackstarPvt John E. BlackstarSgt Mathew BlackstarCorp Robert BlackstarPvt Samuel BlackstarSgt Thomas BlackstarCorp William BlackstarPvt William BlackstarPvt William BlackstarSgt William H. BlackstarPvt William P. BlackstarPvt Cornelius BlackburnstarCapt William Willis BlackfordstarPvt Adam BlackheadstarSgt Charles M. BlackmanstarPvt Henry BlackmorestarCapt James Appleton BlackshearstarSgt James J. BlackshearstarPvt Robert D. BlackshearstarPvt Seb D. BlackshearstarPvt Benjamin S. BlackwoodstarPvt Major G. BladesstarPvt Edward BlainsstarPvt Andrew Franklin BlairstarPvt Benjamin Y. BlakestarPvt Christopher C. BlakestarSgt Colburn BlakestarPvt Dearborn S. BlakestarLt Granville BlakestarPvt Isham Miles BlakestarPvt James H. BlakestarPvt Lawrence R. BlakestarPvt Thomas BlakestarPvt Wilbur E. BlakestarPvt William BlakestarPvt William H. BlakestarLt Edward Blake, Jr.starPvt Frederick F. BlakelystarPvt Hart G. BlakelystarCorp Milton BlakelystarCorp T. Whit BlakelystarSgt John BlakerstarCorp Bernard Franklin BlakesleestarPvt Hiram A. BlakesleestarPvt Martin V. BlalockstarPvt W. BlalockstarPvt William D. BlalockstarPvt Jerome BlancestarCorp Calvin Humphrey BlanchardstarSgt Edmund Lewis BlanchardstarSgt Henry W. BlanchardstarPvt James H. BlanchardstarPvt John S. BlanchardstarPvt Oliver BlanchardstarCorp Samuel E. BlanchardstarPvt Seth BlanchardstarPvt Simon T. BlanchardstarPvt William H. BlanchardstarPvt Zelotus BlanchardstarPvt William H. BlandstarPvt Hugh BlaneystarCorp Patrick BlaneystarPvt Allen BlankstarPvt Ambrose BlantonstarMaj Benjamin Harrison BlantonstarPvt Thomas BlaslandstarPvt Phillip BlatteaustarPvt George W. BlauveltstarPvt Benjamin BlazierstarPvt William H. BleilerstarPvt Samuel BlessingstarCapt Zebulon B BlethenstarPvt T. E. BlichingtonstarPvt George BlightstarCapt Jarvis E. BlinnstarPvt Charles BlissstarPvt David BlissstarPvt Edward M. BlissstarPvt Henry Rensselaer BlissstarPvt Joseph D. BlissstarPvt David BlissardstarPvt Ezekiel B. BlizzardstarPvt William E. BlodgettstarPvt George Frances BloodstarCorp William L. BloodstarPvt Timothy J. BloodworthstarSgt Samuel BloomerstarPvt William BloomerstarPvt Edward BlossstarPvt Franklin BlossstarCapt John McKnight BlossstarLt William Wirt BlossstarPvt Peter M. BlountstarPvt Sidney F. BlountstarASrg William A. BlountstarCorp Stephen F. BlowstarPvt John J. BlowersstarCorp Richard BloxhamstarPvt Richard BloxomstarPvt Albert BlucherstarPvt Duncan A. BluestarPvt Charles BlumstarMaj Leopold BlumenbergstarPvt John BlumenshienstarPvt Edward BlumleystarPvt Edward BluntstarPvt James C. BluntstarSgt John W BluntstarCapt Matthew Marsh BluntstarPvt James M. BoardstarPvt A. H. BoartmanstarLt L. J. BoazmanstarPvt William BobbstarPvt Eugene BoblitzstarPvt William N. BobostarPvt C. H. BocetstarPvt Simon BoddiestarLt William F. BodestarPvt Otto BodeckerstarCorp E. P. BodenhamerstarPvt William BodenhamerstarPvt Eugene BodinestarPvt Richard BoecklestarCorp August BoehmstarPvt Paul BoehmstarCorp Herman BoehmestarPvt Phillip BoehringerstarPvt Richard BoeingstarPvt Berhard BoenischstarPvt Charles A. BogardusstarSgt Henry BogardusstarPvt Christopher BogartstarPvt Henry L. BogartstarPvt Jacob BogerstarPvt James BoggsstarSgt William G. BoggsstarPvt Willard C. BoguestarPvt Martin BohstarPvt William BohanstarPvt Charles F. BohnstarPvt Michael BohsancorstarPvt Joseph BokienstarCapt Andrew Jackson BolarstarPvt Thomas BoldenstarPvt G. W. BoldwrightstarPvt John F. BolesstarPvt William BolesstarPvt Abraham BolickstarCol Henry Clay BolingerstarPvt Jacob BolingerstarPvt Peter BollstarPvt Stephen G. BollesstarPvt Allen BollingstarPvt Henry BollingerstarPvt Jacob BollingerstarCorp William Pinkney BollingerstarPvt John BoltstarPvt Canada S. BoltonstarCorp J. T. BoltonstarPvt James M. BoltonstarCorp Levi BoltonstarCapt William J. BoltonstarLCol George Newman BomfordstarCorp William N. BonchantstarPvt George BondstarPvt Mahlon P. BondstarPvt Robert D. BondstarPvt William H. BondstarPvt John BondsstarCapt James William BondurantstarPvt Cornelius N. BonestarSgt Parker Samuel BonettestarPvt Charles BonfantistarPvt John BonnellstarPvt Elijah Withington BonnemortstarLt James M. BonnerstarPvt John BonnerstarPvt Friedrick BonnetstarMus Darius BonneystarPvt Edwin W. BonneystarPvt Perry BooherstarPvt Charles BookerstarPvt J. BookerstarLt John Agee BookerstarLt Paschall BookerstarPvt William BookerstarLt J. M. BookmanstarPvt Charles K. BoonstarPvt J. H. BoonstarPvt Joshua BoonstarPvt James D. BoonestarPvt T. A. BoonestarSgt Thomas D. BoonestarPvt John BoonemstarPvt Gustave BooreheadstarPvt William H. BoormanstarPvt Cornelius R. BooromstarPvt John BootestarCapt Levi Clark BootesstarSgt Charles E. BoothstarPvt George BoothstarCorp George BoothstarPvt George BoothstarPvt John BoothstarPvt John F. BoothstarCorp Joseph E. BoothstarPvt Joseph E. BoothstarPvt Samuel BoothstarPvt William BoothstarPvt William H. BoothstarPvt Howard A. BoozestarCorp Hugh Dixon BoozerstarPvt Moses BorchardstarPvt Bela BordenstarPvt William BordinstarPvt David BordnerstarPvt James T. BorelandstarPvt Albert BorlinstarPvt Henry BormannstarPvt Thomas BorroughsstarLt William BorrowestarPvt Belden BortlestarCapt Oliver Christian BosbyshellstarPvt William Bose Sr.starPvt David BoshstarPvt Henry BoslerstarCol Henry Miller BossertstarPvt John St. Ange BossierestarPvt James W. BossomstarPvt John J. BoststarPvt Leander Sidney BoststarCorp Charles BostedostarPvt George W. BostianstarPvt Joseph B. BostickstarLt Levins E. BostwickstarSgt Randall BostwickstarPvt Peter BoswinestarPvt Joseph T. BosworthstarPvt Sanford BothamstarPvt John BothoroydstarCorp Eli F. BotsfordstarPvt Samuel BotsfordstarPvt Jacob BottstarPvt Smith BottomsstarPvt Emanuel BoudiettestarPvt John BoughamerstarCorp Charles W. BoughtonstarPvt Charles W. BoughtonstarPvt George N. BoughtonstarCorp W. BoughtonstarPvt James BoultonstarPvt Gilchrist Robert BoulwarestarPvt Edwin BoundsstarCapt J. M. BournstarPvt W. J. BournstarPvt Ernest BoutzstarPvt Hinton J. BowdenstarPvt Henry BowditchstarCapt Caleb Tillinghast BowenstarPvt Charles F. BowenstarCorp Charles M. BowenstarPvt Edward T. BowenstarPvt Francis BowenstarCorp Henry BowenstarPvt James M. BowenstarPvt John BowenstarPvt Roland Edwin BowenstarPvt David BowerstarPvt Frederick BowerstarPvt Abner S. BowersstarPvt Bernhart BowersstarCorp Charles C. BowersstarCorp Henry C. BowersstarPvt J. A. BowersstarPvt James BowersstarPvt James Philemon BowersstarPvt John BowersstarCorp John BowersstarPvt Richard F. BowersstarPvt William BowersstarCapt Milledge Langdon BowiestarLt Robert T. BowiestarPvt George B. BowkerstarPvt Theodore P. Bowker, Jr.starPvt Richard BowlesstarPvt William BowleystarPvt Henry BowmanstarPvt Ira BowmanstarPvt James A. BowmanstarPvt Joel BowmanstarPvt Robert B. BowmanstarPvt T. J. BowmanstarPvt Edwin A. BownstarSgt Benjamin F. BownestarPvt Curtis BownestarPvt Isaac BowserstarPvt Felix M. BoxstarPvt Joseph BoxstarPvt William BoxstarPvt Edward G. BoycestarPvt George P. BoycestarSgt James H. BoycestarPvt John BoycestarPvt John A. BoycestarCapt Robert BoycestarPvt A. BoydstarSgt Andrew BoydstarPvt Chauncey F.F. BoydstarPvt David BoydstarPvt Harrison D. BoydstarLt Henry W. BoydstarSgt J. S. BoydstarPvt John Wesley BoydstarSgt Lester W. BoydstarCorp William A. BoydstarPvt William C. BoydstarSgt Dexter Edmund BoydenstarLt George B. BoyerstarPvt George R. BoyerstarPvt Joseph Lybrand BoyerstarPvt Peter BoyerstarPvt Josiah BoyersstarPvt William T BoyettstarPvt B. B. BoykinstarPvt Squire BoylanstarPvt Edward BoylestarPvt Edward BoylestarSgt Hugh BoylestarPvt James BoylestarPvt John M. BoylestarCapt John T. BoylestarPvt Patrick BoylestarPvt Robert BoylestarPvt Stephen BoylestarPvt Thomas BoylestarPvt Manus Boyle, Sr.starPvt Joseph BoylesstarPvt Theodore BoylesstarPvt Frederick E. BoyntonstarPvt William S. BoyntonstarLt William W. BoyntonstarPvt D. T. BozemanstarPvt J. William W. BozemanstarPvt James T. BozemanstarPvt Charles BraceystarSgt Augustus BrackstarPvt James Richard BrackstarPvt Jeremiah BrackbillstarPvt John BrackerstarLt Edward E. BrackettstarCorp Edward J. BrackettstarPvt Jackson BrackettstarPvt Loring R. BrackettstarPvt James BradburnstarSgt Albert BradburystarPvt Hugh M. BradburystarPvt Peter BradburystarPvt Henry L. BraddishstarPvt Horace BradfordstarSgt John L. BradfordstarLt Adoniram J. BradleystarPvt Albert BradleystarPvt Churchill BradleystarCorp Dennis BradleystarPvt J. F. T. BradleystarPvt James BradleystarPvt James M. BradleystarPvt Joel N. BradleystarPvt John BradleystarPvt John BradleystarPvt Mortimer BradleystarCapt Patrick BradleystarPvt Ralph BradleystarCorp Roscoe BradleystarPvt Thomas BradleystarPvt Archibald B. BradshawstarPvt James N. BradshawstarPvt John BradshawstarPvt Silas BradshawstarPvt Silas BradshawstarPvt Charles BradystarPvt Edward BradystarPvt Henry BradystarPvt Hugh J. BradystarPvt John BradystarPvt John BradystarPvt Thomas BradystarPvt William BradystarLCol Edward Stuyvesant BraggstarPvt George BraggstarPvt George E. BraggstarPvt John Addis BraggstarPvt William BraggstarSgt Haywood BrahanstarPvt William BrahaneystarPvt Hugh BrainstarCorp William T. BrainstarPvt Edwin BrainardstarPvt Lorenzo BrainardstarPvt Horatio H. BrainerdstarPvt Wilson BraithwaitestarPvt John P. BramanstarPvt Lewis Robert BramlettstarPvt Henry BramleystarPvt Andrew BrammerstarPvt Wiley C. BrananstarPvt George A. BranardstarPvt Alvin L. BranchstarPvt Charles A. BranchstarPvt David BranchstarPvt Dennis J. BranchstarCapt James Read BranchstarBGen Lawrence O'Bryan BranchstarPvt Martin J. BranchstarPvt Sidney S. BranchstarPvt David J. BrandstarCorp William BrandesstarPvt David P. BrandonstarPvt Charles BrandtstarPvt Ferdinand BrandtstarPvt James H. BrandtstarLt William BrandtstarCapt John BraniganstarPvt Charles BrankmanstarCorp Arthur BranniganstarPvt John BrannonstarPvt John J. BrannonstarPvt William Harrison BrannonstarSgt Eli B. BransonstarSgt Isaac BransonstarCorp John T. BrantstarLt H. B. BrantleystarPvt Benjamin Crawford BrantlystarPvt James H. BrantonstarCapt Edward BrasherstarPvt B. R. BrasilstarPvt De Witt Clinton BrasingtonstarPvt Jerry BrasswellstarPvt George K. BrattonstarCorp Robert R. BrattonstarSgt Martin BrauerstarPvt Joseph BrawsstarCapt Carter Moore BraxtonstarCorp Dennis BraystarPvt George BraystarPvt James H. BraystarPvt Samuel H. BraymanstarCorp James H. BraynardstarCapt James BreathedstarLt Henry A. BreedstarLt T. M. BreedstarPvt William A. BreedlovestarPvt John BreenstarPvt James BreesestarPvt William R. BreesestarPvt Friedrich BrehmstarPvt Charles BreidenbachstarPvt George W. BrelfsordstarPvt Leider BremermanstarPvt Oliver BreneiserstarPvt Christopher BrennanstarPvt Enna BrennanstarSgt Francis T. BrennanstarCorp George BrennanstarSgt James BrennanstarPvt John BrennanstarCapt John H. BrennanstarPvt Mathew BrennanstarCapt Peter BrennanstarPvt Richard BrennanstarPvt Thomas BrennanstarSgt H. R. BrennemanstarPvt Michael B. BrennemanstarLt Edward F. BrennerstarPvt Jonathan BrennerstarPvt Charles BrennonstarCorp Dennis BreslinstarPvt John BresnehamstarPvt Michael BresneystarPvt Miles D. BresslerstarPvt Jeremiah BressmanstarCapt Charles BrestelstarPvt John F. BrettstarPvt Anderson BrewerstarCapt Melvin BrewerstarLt Richard Henry BrewerstarPvt T. E BrewerstarCorp Wallace W. BrewerstarPvt William BrewsterstarPvt William E. BrewsterstarPvt David L BrewtonstarPvt James Ira BrewtonstarPvt Martin BriantstarPvt Jacob BrickerstarPvt Jeptha BridgestarPvt Wellington BridgestarPvt John D. BridgesstarPvt Thomas BridgesstarPvt Wiliam R. BridgesstarCorp John BridwellstarPvt George BrieglestarLCol Luke Tiernan BrienstarCorp John BrierlystarPvt Robert BrierlystarPvt Caleb C. BriggsstarSgt Cornelius BriggsstarLt Edmund B. BriggsstarPvt Gilbert BriggsstarPvt Henry BriggsstarPvt Hiram E. BriggsstarPvt James BriggsstarSgt John BriggsstarSgt John BriggsstarPvt Lucius H. BriggsstarPvt Pope G. BriggsstarCorp Thomas BriggsstarSgt William H BriggsstarCorp Alfred W. BrighamstarPvt Charles S. BrighamstarPvt James C. BrillstarPvt Albert E. BrimmerstarPvt Jesse BrinardstarPvt Cyrus BrindlestarPvt Charles BrinestarPvt William BrinestarPvt Lewis BrinerstarMaj William BrinerstarPvt Thomas J. BrinesstarCorp Heinrich BringmannstarPvt George BrinkstarPvt Samuel BrinkstarPvt Walter BrinkerhoffstarPvt John Q. W. BrinkleystarPvt William BrinkleystarPvt Adolph BrinkmanstarPvt Yari BrinkmanstarPvt D. K. BrinsonstarPvt William J. BrinsonstarPvt Joseph E. BrintonstarLCol William BrisbanestarSgt William Luther BrisbinstarPvt T. L. BrisonstarPvt William BristolstarPvt Enoch BrittstarCapt James Wallace BrittstarPvt Henry L. BrittainstarPvt John H. BrittainstarCorp William J. BrittainstarPvt John S. BrittinghamstarSgt Edward BrittonstarSgt Francis G. BrittonstarCorp James P. BrittonstarPvt John BroadbentstarPvt Julius BroadbentstarSgt David Jon BroadhurststarPvt John BroadhurststarSgt Walter BroadhurststarPvt William H BroasstarLt John C. BroatchstarPvt Albert L. BrockstarPvt Francis BrockstarPvt J. H. BrockstarPvt James M. BrockstarCapt John Bowyer BrockenbroughstarCol John M BrockenbroughstarPvt George G. BrocketstarPvt Edward BroganstarPvt François BroihierstarPvt George BrokawstarPvt Andrew BrommerstarPvt Charles BronbystarCorp Henry BronerstarPvt Elisha BronsonstarPvt Ira Thomas BronsonstarLt Nelson BronsonstarPvt Elijah N. BrookestarPvt George W. BrookestarPvt Henry BrookestarCol John Rutter BrookestarPvt William H. BrookinsstarPvt Charles V. BrookmanstarPvt Charles V. BrookmanstarCorp Albion D. BrooksstarPvt Calvin H. BrooksstarPvt Cincinnatus BrooksstarLt Edward P. BrooksstarCapt George A. BrooksstarPvt James BrooksstarPvt James P. BrooksstarPvt James W. BrooksstarPvt Jesse BrooksstarCorp Joel J. BrooksstarPvt John B. BrooksstarPvt Jonas BrooksstarPvt M. V. BrooksstarPvt Nathan Pinkney BrooksstarPvt Sampson BrooksstarPvt Thomas BrooksstarPvt WIlliam A. BrooksstarBGen William Thomas Harbaugh BrooksstarPvt Jospeh P. BroomallstarMaj James Andrew BroomestarSgt Charles D. Manley BroomhallstarPvt Peter BrophystarPvt Jacob M. BrosiousstarPvt John H. BrothertonstarPvt Loftus BrothertonstarPvt Ira D. BrougherstarPvt John BroughillstarSgt Ellsworth BrowerstarPvt A. L. BrownstarPvt Abraham BrownstarPvt Adam BrownstarPvt Albert L. BrownstarPvt Alfred BrownstarPvt Archibald BrownstarSgt Augustus BrownstarCapt Benjamin J BrownstarLt C. C. BrownstarPvt Charles BrownstarSgt Charles E BrownstarSgt Charles S. BrownstarPvt Christopher BrownstarPvt David BrownstarPvt David L. BrownstarPvt David Paul BrownstarPvt Dozier BrownstarPvt Edmund R. BrownstarPvt Edward BrownstarPvt Edward B. BrownstarPvt Edward G. BrownstarCapt Edwin Arnold BrownstarSgt Edwin H. BrownstarPvt Elon F. BrownstarSgt Ephraim E. BrownstarPvt Francis D. BrownstarPvt Francis M. BrownstarPvt George BrownstarPvt George BrownstarPvt George BrownstarPvt George B. BrownstarPvt George D. BrownstarPvt George L. BrownstarPvt George W. BrownstarPvt H. H. BrownstarLCol Hamilton Allen BrownstarLt Harlan P. BrownstarPvt Haywood BrownstarPvt Henry BrownstarPvt Henry BrownstarPvt Henry S. BrownstarCol Henry W BrownstarPvt Henry Washington BrownstarPvt Hezekiah BrownstarPvt Hiram BrownstarLt J. D. Frank BrownstarSgt James BrownstarPvt James BrownstarPvt James BrownstarPvt James A. BrownstarPvt James E. BrownstarPvt James F. BrownstarPvt James R. BrownstarCapt James S BrownstarPvt Jeremiah Upham BrownstarPvt Jesse BrownstarPvt John BrownstarPvt John BrownstarCorp John BrownstarPvt John BrownstarPvt John BrownstarPvt John BrownstarPvt John BrownstarPvt John BrownstarPvt John BrownstarPvt John A. BrownstarPvt John C. BrownstarPvt John C. BrownstarPvt John H. BrownstarPvt John Haven BrownstarSgt John M. BrownstarCol John Thompson BrownstarPvt Joseph A. BrownstarCapt Joseph Newton BrownstarPvt Joseph T BrownstarPvt Leonard BrownstarPvt Lewis BrownstarPvt Mathew William BrownstarPvt Merick S. BrownstarPvt Nathaniel BrownstarPvt Nathaniel BrownstarPvt Parley M. BrownstarPvt Peter M. BrownstarPvt Peter M. BrownstarPvt Powell BrownstarPvt R. A. BrownstarPvt R. M. BrownstarPvt Richard BrownstarPvt Richard A. BrownstarCapt Samuel BrownstarPvt Samuel BrownstarCapt Samuel Kerr BrownstarPvt Sheppard BrownstarPvt Solomon BrownstarPvt Sylvester BrownstarPvt Thomas BrownstarPvt Thomas BrownstarPvt William BrownstarPvt William B. BrownstarSgt William C. BrownstarPvt William D. BrownstarCapt William Dawson BrownstarPvt William G. BrownstarPvt William H. BrownstarPvt William H. BrownstarCapt William Harvey BrownstarSgt William Ponder BrownstarPvt William T. BrownstarSgt William W. BrownstarCol Hiram Loomis Brown, Jr.starPvt Thomas Brown, Jr.starPvt Andrew F. BrownawellstarCol William Henry BrownestarPvt Jerome BrownellstarSgt George W. BrowningstarPvt Hosea BrowningstarPvt Thomas BrowningstarPvt William P. BrowningstarPvt Joseph BrownleestarPvt Joseph Reuben BrownleestarPvt Robert M. BrownleestarLt Thomas Newton BrownleestarCorp Horatio P. BrucestarSgt Howard BrucestarPvt Joel R. BrucestarCorp Orlando G. BrucestarPvt Warren E. BrucestarPvt William BrucestarPvt Francis I. BruderstarPvt Garrett BruenstarCapt John T BruenstarPvt Frederick BruenstedstarPvt August BruhlmeierstarLCol Charles Russell BrundagestarPvt Levi A. BrundagestarLt Monroe BrundagestarCorp James H. BrunnemerstarPvt Charles BrunnerstarPvt Henry J. BrunsstarPvt Herman BrunsstarPvt Benjamin BryanstarPvt Charles BryanstarPvt David A. BryanstarLt Edward King BryanstarCorp George W. BryanstarLt James Augustus BryanstarCorp James C. BryanstarSgt John BryanstarCorp John L. BryanstarPvt Patrick BryanstarCorp Samuel BryanstarLt WIlliam BryanstarPvt William Larkin BryanstarPvt Albert BryantstarPvt Asa T. BryantstarCorp Augustus G. BryantstarPvt Caleb L. BryantstarSgt Calvin BryantstarPvt Daniel L BryantstarPvt Daniel W. BryantstarLt Edwin Eustace BryantstarPvt Francis M. BryantstarPvt Francis W. BryantstarLt J. Herbert BryantstarPvt James BryantstarLt John F. BryantstarPvt John W BryantstarPvt John Wesley BryantstarPvt Joseph BryantstarPvt Joshua C. BryantstarPvt Luther S. BryantstarCorp Michael C. BryantstarSgt R. BryantstarPvt Solon A. BryantstarPvt Thomas BryantstarPvt Wiley W. BryantstarPvt William M. BryantstarPvt Arthur BrydestarPvt J. BrysonstarPvt J. W. BrysonstarPvt John BrysonstarPvt Joseph D. BrysonstarPvt George BubstarPvt Henry W. BuchananstarSgt James BuchananstarPvt John BuchananstarCapt John Claude BuchananstarPvt John Thomas BuchananstarLCol Robert Christie BuchananstarPvt Herman Theodore BuchnerstarPvt George W. BuckstarCorp Leffert L. BuckstarPvt Luman BuckstarPvt Martin BuckstarCorp Owen BuckstarCol Samuel L. BuckstarPvt William E. BuckstarPvt Henry BuckhamstarPvt M T BucklandstarPvt Christopher BucklewstarLt Charles C. BuckleystarPvt E. C. BuckleystarCorp John BuckleystarSgt John BuckleystarCorp John M. BuckleystarPvt Malachi BuckleystarPvt Michael BuckleystarPvt Thomas BuckleystarPvt Timothy BuckleystarLt Timothy J. BuckleystarPvt William BuckleystarPvt Joseph BuddstarCapt Richard BuddstarCorp Alpheus T. BudlongstarPvt Edward F. BudlongstarPvt Charles Sidney BuellstarLt John L. BuellstarSgt Jonathan L. BuffingtonstarPvt Edwin R. BuffumstarLt George Riley BuffumstarCapt Martin Page BuffumstarBGen John BufordstarPvt Edward W. BufterstarPvt Henry BuftonstarPvt Henry E. BugbeestarPvt Henry F. BugbeestarPvt Charles BuhmstarPvt Joshua BuicestarCorp Joseph S. BuiestarPvt Heinrich BuihlerstarASrg John Somers BuiststarPvt Charles BuleystarPvt Peter BulgerstarPvt Lewis BulgichstarCorp Austin BullstarLCol James H BullstarCorp Sheridan Elmore BullstarPvt Franklin E. BullardstarSgt Frederick BullardstarSgt Henry H. BullardstarPvt Henry BullenstarPvt Milford N. BullockstarPvt Richard H. BullockstarPvt Samuel J. BullockstarPvt Simpson BullockstarPvt Thomas O. BullockstarPvt Warren BullockstarPvt Willard E. BullockstarPvt Benjamin BulmerstarPvt Charles BulmerstarPvt Frank G. BumpusstarPvt Sullivan Leonard BumpusstarPvt J. BundystarPvt Jesse BundystarPvt Frederick BunkstarPvt Eli BunkerstarPvt Joseph BunnellstarPvt Solomon J. BunnellstarPvt Wales T. BunnellstarPvt Wesley BunnellstarPvt John BuppstarPvt DeWitt BurbankstarPvt E. D. BurbankstarMaj Elisha BurbankstarPvt Nathan BurbankstarPvt De Witt Clinton BurbanksstarPvt G. Paul BurcestarPvt Charles B. BurchellstarPvt Nathan Aaron BurchellstarPvt L. G. BurdettstarLt Richard A. BurdettstarPvt George R. BurdettestarPvt Albert BurdickstarPvt Amos G. BurdickstarCorp Benjamin Franklin BurdickstarPvt Charles K. BurdickstarPvt Jeremiah G. BurdickstarPvt Stephen H. BurdickstarPvt William B. BurdittstarPvt Adam BurgestarPvt Gus BurgenstarPvt Charles BurgerstarPvt Edward T. BurgerstarCapt Francis X. BurgerstarPvt Robert A. BurgesstarPvt William H. BurgesstarPvt Samuel Wadsworth BurgessstarPvt Thomas H. BurgessstarPvt William BurgessstarPvt Frederick BurghstarPvt James BurkstarPvt Michael BurkstarPvt Michael BurkstarSgt Daniel Webster BurkestarPvt Dennis A. BurkestarSgt H. F. BurkestarPvt James BurkestarPvt James BurkestarPvt John BurkestarPvt John BurkestarCol John BurkestarPvt John BurkestarCapt John T. BurkestarPvt Michael BurkestarPvt Patrick BurkestarPvt Patrick BurkestarPvt Peter BurkestarCapt Redman BurkestarPvt Robert W. BurkestarPvt Thomas BurkestarPvt Thomas BurkestarPvt Thomas BurkestarPvt Walter BurkestarPvt Walter BurkestarPvt William BurkestarPvt Hiram BurkettstarPvt Jacob BurkhartstarPvt Samuel BurkhartstarPvt George BurkholderstarPvt Edward BurkinsstarLCol Richard Horseley BurksstarPvt Jacob BurlewstarPvt John J.C. BurlewstarCorp Charles BurleystarPvt Emanuel BurleystarPvt Levi BurleystarCorp William BurleystarPvt Benjamin W. BurlingamestarPvt William BurmanstarPvt Henry BurmasterstarPvt Frank M. BurnamstarPvt Barney BurnesstarLt Eugene Paul BurnettstarSgt John W. BurnettstarPvt Levi Frank BurnettstarPvt W. A. BurnettstarPvt William P. BurnettstarPvt James BurneystarCol Hiram BurnhamstarPvt Isaac BurnhamstarCorp Lincoln Nathaniel BurnhamstarCorp Frederick BurnitzstarPvt Arthur BurnsstarPvt B. L. BurnsstarCorp Benjamin F. BurnsstarPvt Charles BurnsstarPvt Edward BurnsstarCorp Edward BurnsstarPvt George Barrett BurnsstarPvt George E. BurnsstarPvt George E. BurnsstarPvt Henry BurnsstarPvt Hugh BurnsstarPvt James BurnsstarPvt James BurnsstarPvt Jeremiah BurnsstarPvt John B. BurnsstarPvt Jonathan P. BurnsstarPvt Owen BurnsstarPvt Patrick BurnsstarPvt Patrick BurnsstarPvt Patrick BurnsstarPvt Patrick BurnsstarPvt Patrick BurnsstarPvt Seaborn BurnsstarPvt Squire BurnsstarPvt Thomas BurnsstarPvt Thomas BurnsstarPvt WIlliam H. BurnsstarSgt William H. BurnsstarPvt William M. BurnsstarMGen Ambrose Everett BurnsidestarPvt Benjamin F. BurnsidestarPvt George BurnsidestarPvt Thomas BurntonstarPvt Aaron BurrstarPvt Bela L. BurrstarCorp Benjamin Eli BurrstarPvt Francis W. BurrstarPvt Henry C. BurrstarPvt Henry D. BurrstarCorp Henry O. BurrstarPvt William BurrstarPvt George BurrellstarCorp Abram F. BurrillstarCorp Newell S. BurrillstarPvt Edward BurrisstarPvt William BurrisonstarSgt Albert K. BurroughsstarPvt Horatio BurroughsstarCorp Robert B. BurroughsstarPvt Francis Mason BurrowsstarSgt Henry Clay BurrowsstarPvt Thomas H. BurrussstarPvt Charles BurschofskystarPvt Everett B. BurtstarPvt John Floyd BurtstarPvt Thomas BurtstarCorp Nathaniel B. BurtchstarPvt David BurtchellstarPvt Benjamin BurtonstarPvt Benjamin BurtonstarSgt James G. BurtonstarCorp Leonard BurtonstarPvt Travis BurtonstarPvt W. H. P. BurtonstarPvt William BurtonstarPvt Christian BusamstarPvt Lewis BusbystarPvt Wade A. BusbystarPvt Caspar BuschstarPvt Charles V. BushstarPvt Christopher BushstarPvt Jacob V. BushstarPvt John BushstarPvt Norton C. BushstarPvt Peter BushstarPvt Thomas BushstarCorp William H.K. BushstarPvt David D. BushellstarPvt George W. BushmanstarCorp Darius Griswold BushnellstarPvt David BushnerrstarPvt Henry K. BussstarPvt Henry T. BussstarPvt August BussestarPvt John BusseystarPvt Samuel H. BusseystarPvt George W. BussickstarPvt Thomas D. BussingstarPvt Wilber B. BuswellstarPvt Henry F. ButgerstarPvt Loftus ButhertonstarCorp Arthur Pierce ButlerstarPvt Benjamin A. ButlerstarLCol Benjamin C. ButlerstarSgt Charles W. ButlerstarPvt Francis ButlerstarPvt Franklin ButlerstarPvt George ButlerstarPvt Henry ButlerstarPvt James ButlerstarPvt James ButlerstarPvt James ButlerstarPvt James ButlerstarLt John Hartwell ButlerstarPvt John R ButlerstarLt Joseph G. ButlerstarPvt Levi T. ButlerstarCol Matthew Calbraith ButlerstarPvt Richard ButlerstarLCol Samuel F ButlerstarPvt William ButlerstarPvt William ButlerstarSgt William H. ButlerstarPvt William M. ButlerstarPvt John ButtstarPvt Nathan ButtstarPvt William P. ButtstarPvt David C. ButterfieldstarLt Franklin George ButterfieldstarPvt Henry ButterfieldstarPvt Thomas A. ButterfieldstarSgt John W. BuxtonstarPvt Pinkney C. BuxtonstarPvt Charles BuzbystarPvt George BuzzardstarPvt G. ByerlystarPvt P. W. ByerlystarPvt Rufus H. ByersstarPvt Theodore D. ByingtonstarPvt Joseph BynumstarPvt A. F. ByrdstarPvt Daniel ByrdstarPvt Evander ByrdstarPvt John ByrdstarCorp John B. ByrdstarPvt Lemuel P. ByrdstarSgt William McKendree Byrd, Jr.starPvt Dudley ByrnestarPvt Dudley ByrnestarSgt John ByrnestarPvt John ByrnestarCorp John ByrnestarPvt John ByrnestarCorp Matthew ByrnestarPvt Patrick ByrnestarPvt William F. ByrnestarPvt Andrew Jackson ByrnesstarPvt James ByrnesstarCapt James N ByrnesstarLt Matthew ByrnesstarSgt Peter ByrnesstarPvt John ByrnsstarPvt Michael ByrnsstarPvt Henry ByronstarMaj George Craghead CabellstarCol Henry Coalter CabellstarSgt Jeremiah Doughty CaddellstarPvt William J. CaddellstarPvt Andrew CadretstarPvt Robert CadwellstarPvt Benjamin L. CadystarPvt John D. CadystarPvt James T. CaffreystarPvt William CaghanstarPvt Jacob J. CaglestarPvt Joseph C. CaglestarPvt John CahallstarPvt Edmund E. CahillstarPvt Louis CahnstarPvt James CahoostarLt Avery Billings CainstarPvt B. F. CainstarPvt George W. CainstarPvt John F. CainstarLt John G. CainstarMaj John Herron CainstarPvt William CainstarPvt Henry CakestarCol Henry Lutz CakestarPvt George T. CalcuttstarCapt George H. CaldwellstarPvt J. W. CaldwellstarPvt James CaldwellstarPvt James M. CaldwellstarBGen John Curtis CaldwellstarPvt John W. CaldwellstarPvt Samuel CaldwellstarPvt William CaldwellstarPvt James Smith CalhounstarPvt John William CalhounstarPvt Thomas Harrison CalhounstarPvt W. L. CalhounstarPvt John William Calhoun, Jr.starPvt Edward D. CalkinsstarPvt Russell CalkinsstarPvt William D. CalkinsstarPvt James CallaghanstarPvt James R. CallaghanstarPvt John CallaghanstarPvt Patrick CallaghanstarPvt Cornelius CallahanstarCorp James CallahanstarPvt James R. CallahanstarPvt John O. CallahanstarPvt Peter CallahanstarCorp Thomas CallahanstarCapt Allen Morrison CallawaystarLCol Alexander Daniel CallcotestarCorp James CalleghanstarPvt Edward CallenstarSgt Edwin D. CallenstarPvt Theophilus S. CallenstarPvt Elisha CallenderstarPvt William CallenderstarPvt G. W. CalletstarPvt James CallihanstarPvt John CalliostarCapt John Benton CallisstarPvt Patrick CallonstarPvt James CalnanstarPvt Benjamin CambellstarPvt Donald CameronstarCorp Jehiel CameronstarPvt Thomas CameronstarPvt William T. CameronstarLt Caleb Halsted CamfieldstarPvt Michael D. CammackstarSgt William R. CammackstarLt Benjamin Franklin CampstarLt James H. CampstarLt Norman Henry CampstarPvt Samuel Guernsey CampstarPvt Simon L. CampstarPvt Allen CampbellstarPvt Andrew CampbellstarPvt Augustine CampbellstarPvt Bernard CampbellstarPvt Champ CampbellstarSgt Charles A. CampbellstarPvt Daniel CampbellstarPvt Donald A. CampbellstarPvt Edmund O. CampbellstarPvt Edwin B. CampbellstarPvt Eli CampbellstarPvt George CampbellstarPvt George A. CampbellstarSgt George B. CampbellstarPvt Hance CampbellstarSgt Harry CampbellstarPvt Henry CampbellstarSgt Henry Reams CampbellstarPvt Hugh CampbellstarCorp Jacob CampbellstarPvt Jacob W. CampbellstarPvt James CampbellstarCorp James CampbellstarSgt James CampbellstarPvt James CampbellstarMaj James C CampbellstarPvt James C. CampbellstarMaj James McDonald CampbellstarPvt James Richard CampbellstarPvt John CampbellstarPvt John CampbellstarPvt John CampbellstarPvt John CampbellstarPvt John CampbellstarPvt John B. CampbellstarPvt John H. Q. CampbellstarPvt John M. CampbellstarPvt John W. CampbellstarPvt Joseph CampbellstarCapt Joseph Boyd CampbellstarPvt Joseph R. CampbellstarPvt Kiren CampbellstarPvt Leverett CampbellstarPvt Lewis H. CampbellstarLt Oliver A. CampbellstarSgt Orville CampbellstarPvt Patrick CampbellstarPvt Patrick CampbellstarCorp R. M. CampbellstarPvt Robert I. CampbellstarPvt Samuel G. CampbellstarPvt Thomas CampbellstarPvt W. CampbellstarPvt W. O. CampbellstarPvt W. W. CampbellstarPvt William CampbellstarPvt William CampbellstarLt William F. CampbellstarCorp George R. CampersonstarCorp Edward J. CampionstarCorp John CampionstarSgt Patrick J. CampionstarPvt William F. CampionstarPvt George CamsellstarSgt Thomas CanavanstarCapt John H CandlerstarLt William Latham CandlerstarPvt W. H. CandlesstarPvt Michael R. CandystarSgt Charles CaneystarPvt James W. CanfieldstarCorp Ruel S. CanfieldstarPvt A. A. CangletonstarPvt Capers Bowman CannonstarPvt F. A. CannonstarPvt Hilbern H. CannonstarPvt John F. CannonstarPvt M. CannonstarPvt Patrick CannonstarPvt Robert CannonstarCorp Thomas CannonstarPvt Thomas CannonstarPvt William N. CannonstarPvt George D. CanonstarPvt M. CanowaystarCorp Zeb A. CantleystarSgt John J. CantonstarPvt Jesse C. CantrellstarPvt Samuel C. CantrellstarSgt Stephen T. CantrellstarPvt Michel B. CantrellestarPvt Alfred Larkin CantwellstarPvt Dennis CantystarCapt Edward B CantystarPvt George J. CaponstarCapt Andrew Philip CaraherstarCapt Jacob M. CarakerstarSgt Dayton Teral CardstarCorp Charles E. CareystarCorp David CareystarPvt Dwight CareystarPvt Eli H. CareystarPvt James CareystarPvt John CareystarPvt John CareystarPvt Lawrence CareystarPvt Patrick CareystarLt William H. CareystarPvt Moses Clark CarlstarPvt John H. CarlanstarCapt James CarlestarPvt Everett CarletonstarPvt John CarleystarPvt Charles B. CarlinstarPvt John C. CarlinstarCorp F. P. CarlislestarCorp Edwin CarlosstarCorp Thomas W. CarlowstarPvt A. CarltonstarLt Caleb Henry CarltonstarPvt George B. CarltonstarCapt Henry Hull CarltonstarCapt Christian Smith CarmackstarCol Ezra Ayres CarmanstarLCol George H CarmicalstarPvt George CarmichaelstarCorp John CarmichaelstarSgt Thomas Clay CarmichaelstarPvt Jerome CarnahanstarPvt Charles E. CarnesstarPvt Andrew CarneystarPvt Barney CarneystarCorp Dennis CarneystarPvt George CarneystarPvt George A. CarneystarPvt John CarneystarPvt John CarneystarSgt Patrick H. CarneystarLt Alexander CarolinstarPvt Albert CarpenterstarPvt Alfred P. CarpenterstarPvt Curtiss F. CarpenterstarPvt Cyrus CarpenterstarPvt Daniel CarpenterstarPvt Edward E. CarpenterstarPvt Elijah CarpenterstarPvt George CarpenterstarPvt George W. CarpenterstarPvt Henry C. CarpenterstarPvt Jesse B. CarpenterstarCapt John C. CarpenterstarPvt John H. CarpenterstarCapt Joseph Hannah CarpenterstarLt Lewis H. CarpenterstarCapt Samuel W. CarpenterstarSgt Stephen A CarpenterstarPvt Van Buren CarpenterstarPvt Caldwell CarrstarPvt George H. CarrstarPvt James CarrstarPvt James H. CarrstarPvt John CarrstarPvt John CarrstarPvt John CarrstarPvt John E. CarrstarSgt John W. CarrstarPvt Michael CarrstarCapt Obed William CarrstarPvt Owen CarrstarPvt Richard CarrstarPvt Wiliam CarrstarPvt William CarrickstarPvt David B. CarrierstarPvt Wilson CarringtonstarPvt James CarrolstarCorp Daniel CarrollstarPvt Edward CarrollstarPvt Edward CarrollstarCol Howard CarrollstarPvt James CarrollstarPvt Jerry CarrollstarPvt John CarrollstarPvt John H. CarrollstarPvt John J. CarrollstarSgt Lewis CarrollstarPvt Michael CarrollstarPvt Owen CarrollstarPvt Samuel CarrollstarPvt T. A. CarrollstarPvt William N. CarrollstarPvt John E. CarruthstarMaj Sumner CarruthstarPvt Charles CarsonstarPvt Edward W. CarsonstarLt John CarsonstarCapt John Thomas CarsonstarLt Joseph P. CarsonstarPvt Matthew CarsonstarPvt Samuel CarsonstarPvt Simon CarsonstarPvt William L. CarsonstarPvt Alfred CarterstarPvt Amos CarterstarPvt B. A. CarterstarLCol Benjamin Franklin CarterstarPvt Daniel A. CarterstarPvt David A. CarterstarPvt George W. CarterstarPvt Henry CarterstarLt Henry Clay CarterstarSgt James B. CarterstarLt John Joyce CarterstarCorp Joseph M. M. CarterstarPvt Leonard B. CarterstarPvt Peter CarterstarPvt Reuben A. CarterstarPvt Reuben Fitts CarterstarPvt Solomon CarterstarPvt Thomas CarterstarCapt Thomas Henry CarterstarPvt W. C. CarterstarPvt Webster CarterstarSgt William CarterstarPvt William CarterstarPvt William CarterstarPvt William B. CarterstarLt William M. CarterstarPvt Jerome CartostarPvt George CartonstarCorp Peter CartonstarSgt James G. W. CartwrightstarPvt L. C. CartwrightstarCorp Thomas R. CartwrightstarLt Thomas W. CartwrightstarPvt Orlando Emanuel CaruanastarCorp James A CarverstarPvt James J CarverstarCorp Jordan Golder CarvillstarCorp W. M. CarystarSgt Ephraim CasestarPvt John E. CasestarPvt Oliver Cromwell CasestarPvt Orville J. CasestarPvt Daniel E. CaseystarPvt Edward CaseystarSgt James CaseystarCorp John C. CaseystarCorp Martin CaseystarSgt Miles CaseystarPvt Patrick CaseystarPvt Patrick CaseystarPvt Richard CaseystarPvt Thomas CaseystarPvt Thomas CaseystarCorp Timothy CaseystarPvt William CaseystarPvt Chesley J. CashstarPvt Thomas CashstarPvt Uriah CashstarPvt Edward Francis CashelstarPvt Patrick CashenstarCapt William Henderson CaskiestarPvt Joseph CaslerstarPvt WIlliam CaslinstarPvt John P. CaspersonstarPvt William J. CasporusstarPvt John CassstarPvt Peter B. CassidaystarSgt Andrew CassidystarPvt Francis CassidystarPvt John CassidystarCorp John CassidystarPvt John CassidystarPvt Sanford M. CassidystarPvt James CasteldinestarPvt Morton CastlestarPvt Thomas CastlestarPvt Jasper CastleberrystarPvt Joseph CastleberrystarPvt William A. CastlemanstarPvt Howard CastorstarPvt Leonidas CatchingstarPvt Thomas F. CaterstarPvt David CatlinstarPvt George M. CatlinstarPvt William R CatostarPvt George H. CatorstarCapt Robert Francis CattersonstarLt Nicholas A. CaufieldstarPvt William CaufieldstarPvt James H. CaugheystarPvt James CaughlinstarPvt Thomas CaulfieldstarMaj James CavanaghstarPvt Peter CavanaghstarPvt Francis CavanaughstarPvt J. P. CavanaughstarPvt James CavanaughstarPvt John CavanaughstarPvt John CavanaughstarPvt John CavanaughstarPvt Arthur Albion CavannahstarPvt Henry CavarlystarPvt Peter CavenaughstarPvt William C. CavettstarCapt Elijah H.C. CavinsstarPvt Patrick CawleystarPvt John F. CayzarstarPvt George W. CazeystarPvt Royal W. CeasarstarPvt M. CeberastarPvt Joseph CedarsstarPvt John CellstarPvt Augustus CenasstarPvt Patrick CeriganstarSgt Alexander B. ChacherestarPvt Benjamin ChaddockstarPvt Henry A. ChadeaynestarPvt B. P. ChadoinstarLt Francis A. ChadwickstarPvt James H. ChadwickstarPvt John ChadwickstarPvt Morris S. ChadwickstarCorp Charles H. ChaffeestarPvt Frank ChaffeestarPvt William E. ChaffeestarPvt George W. ChafinstarPvt Halliday M. ChalfontstarCorp William ChallierstarPvt James ChalmersstarPvt Richard ChalonerstarPvt Althama E. ChamberlainstarSgt Ewell ChamberlainstarPvt George E. ChamberlainstarPvt George F. ChamberlainstarPvt Isaiah ChamberlainstarPvt James ChamberlainstarLCol Joshua Lawrence ChamberlainstarPvt Laurence G. ChamberlainstarPvt Myron ChamberlainstarSgt Rufus ChamberlainstarPvt Wesley ChamberlainstarLt John Hampden ChamberlaynestarPvt Henry B. ChamberlinstarPvt Napoleon ChamberlinstarPvt Orlando R. ChamberlinstarPvt Augustus ChambersstarPvt Charles ChambersstarPvt G. C. ChambersstarPvt G. J. ChambersstarPvt George A. ChambersstarPvt Hamilton ChambersstarPvt Henry ChambersstarPvt Hiram A. ChambersstarPvt Hugh C ChambersstarSgt John H. ChambersstarPvt Ransom L. ChambersstarPvt Samuel ChambersstarSgt Thomas ChambersstarPvt William W. ChambersstarPvt John ChamplinstarPvt Thomas G. ChancestarPvt Alexander H. ChanceystarPvt D. R. ChandlerstarCorp Frederick ChandlerstarSgt James A. ChandlerstarCapt Robert ChandlerstarPvt J. ChanestarPvt Levi ChaneystarLt Aaron N. ChannelstarLt James M. ChapelstarPvt Samuel W. ChapellstarPvt Edward H. ChapinstarCorp Frederick A. ChapinstarLt George T. ChapinstarPvt Louis N. ChapinstarLt Robert Hunter ChapinstarPvt George W. ChaplainstarPvt Charles H. ChaplinstarPvt Abel T. ChapmanstarMaj Alford B ChapmanstarPvt Daniel L. ChapmanstarPvt DeGrass ChapmanstarPvt Edson C. ChapmanstarMaj George Henry ChapmanstarPvt Henry ChapmanstarPvt Henry ChapmanstarLt Henry K. ChapmanstarPvt Hobart B. ChapmanstarPvt John F. ChapmanstarCapt Lansford F. ChapmanstarPvt Morgan ChapmanstarPvt Thomas J. ChapmanstarPvt William B. ChapmanstarPvt William H. ChapmanstarCapt William Henry ChapmanstarPvt William S. ChapmanstarPvt J. ChappellstarPvt C. CharlesstarCorp Milton M. CharlesstarPvt Thomas CharlesstarSgt George CharltonstarPvt Richard CharltonstarPvt Alexander ChartersstarPvt Amos B. ChasestarPvt Charles B. ChasestarPvt Charles C. ChasestarMus Daniel ChasestarCapt Dudley P. ChasestarPvt Edwin ChasestarPvt George W. ChasestarPvt George Washington ChasestarPvt Henry B. ChasestarPvt Hollis H. ChasestarPvt James ChasestarPvt James S. ChasestarPvt John B. ChasestarPvt Oscar ChasestarPvt William Perry ChasestarPvt William ChathamstarPvt Wady H. ChaversstarPvt Philip CheekstarPvt Charles H. CheeneystarPvt Oliver CheeneystarPvt Anthony CheeverstarPvt Augustus CheeverstarCapt Tracy Patch CheeverstarSgt Nathaniel T. H. ChenerystarPvt David Chenery, Jr.starLCol Frank Woodbridge CheneystarPvt Gilbert A. CheneystarPvt John A. CheneystarLt John F. CheneystarPvt Spencer CheringtonstarSgt Christopher C. CherrystarPvt James CherrystarPvt Wesley S. CherrystarPvt William CherrystarPvt William H. CherrystarPvt John A. ChessstarPvt Fidero ChesseystarPvt Holden ChesterstarSgt Jasper N. ChestnutstarPvt John ChevalierstarPvt Hiram F. ChewstarLCol Robert Stanard ChewstarCapt Roger Preston ChewstarCorp Benjamin Ham ChildstarCapt Charles W. ChildstarASrg William ChildstarPvt George A. ChildsstarPvt George W. ChildsstarPvt Harvey H. ChildsstarPvt Isaac ChildsstarCol James Harvey ChildsstarCol Jonathan W ChildsstarLCol Robert Hall ChiltonstarPvt Elmer ChipmanstarPvt Samuel D. ChipmanstarLt Alex Clayborn ChisholmstarPvt Thomas ChisholmstarSgt Allen H. ChittystarPvt John ChitwoodstarPvt Thomas ChitwoodstarPvt Rufus R. ChoatestarCapt Rufus Choate, Jr.starPvt John ChorltonstarPvt John D. ChranisterstarCorp Michael ChrissmanstarCol Benjamin C ChriststarPvt George ChriststarPvt Jacob ChriststarPvt Alfred ChristianstarPvt George W. ChristianstarPvt J. S. ChristianstarCorp John G. ChristianstarCol William Henry ChristianstarLt William Jasper ChristianstarSgt Alexander ChristiestarPvt Andrew ChristiestarCol Daniel Harvey ChristiestarPvt Garn M. ChristiestarPvt Robert ChristiestarPvt Robert ChristiestarLt Samuel L. ChristiestarPvt Jefferson ChristmanstarPvt Patrick ChristystarSgt Charles ChubbstarPvt Chauncey J. ChumstarPvt George H. ChurchstarPvt Harry ChurchstarPvt John ChurchstarPvt Luther L. ChurchstarSurg William Henry ChurchstarCorp C. ChurchillstarPvt Henry ChurchillstarPvt Leroy P. ChurchillstarSgt William A. ChurchillstarPvt Joshua CivilsstarSgt William T. ClackstarPvt James L. CladerstarPvt Patrick ClaffeystarSgt Jeremiah Getchel ClaflinstarLt John L. ClaibornestarPvt Jesse ClairstarPvt William P. ClanahanstarPvt David ClancystarPvt Maurice ClancystarPvt Terrence ClancystarPvt Thomas ClancystarCorp Austin F. ClappstarSgt George W. ClappstarPvt Owen ClappstarCorp Clark ClapperstarPvt P. M. ClappertystarPvt John B. ClapsaddlestarPvt Reuben Stacey ClardystarLt Henry P. ClarestarPvt Thomas ClarestarPvt John ClareystarPvt ------ ClarkstarPvt Arista O. ClarkstarPvt Benjamin F. ClarkstarSgt Bethuel M. ClarkstarPvt C. W. ClarkstarSgt Charles A. ClarkstarLt Charles Amory ClarkstarPvt Charles D. ClarkstarPvt Charles Elmer ClarkstarSgt Charles L. ClarkstarMaj Cyrus Curtis ClarkstarPvt Daniel J. ClarkstarSgt David Oliphant ClarkstarSgt Dewitt C. ClarkstarPvt Edward ClarkstarCapt Erastus C. ClarkstarPvt Francis ClarkstarPvt Fred P. ClarkstarCorp Frederick ClarkstarPvt George A. ClarkstarCorp George B. ClarkstarPvt Henry ClarkstarPvt Henry ClarkstarLt Irving Delos ClarkstarSgt J. ClarkstarPvt J. D. ClarkstarSgt Jacob W. ClarkstarLt James ClarkstarPvt James ClarkstarPvt James ClarkstarPvt James ClarkstarPvt James A. ClarkstarPvt James A. ClarkstarPvt James E. ClarkstarPvt James E. ClarkstarCorp James F. ClarkstarSgt James S. ClarkstarPvt Jesse L. ClarkstarPvt Jesse L. ClarkstarPvt John ClarkstarPvt John ClarkstarLt John A. ClarkstarCol John B ClarkstarLCol John C ClarkstarPvt John W. ClarkstarPvt John W. ClarkstarPvt Joseph F. ClarkstarPvt Joseph I. ClarkstarPvt Justus John ClarkstarPvt Nathan B. ClarkstarPvt Patrick Henry ClarkstarPvt R. S. ClarkstarPvt Read F. ClarkstarPvt Rufus W. ClarkstarPvt Samuel C. ClarkstarPvt Sylvester ClarkstarPvt Thomas H. ClarkstarCapt Timothy ClarkstarLt Walter McKenzie ClarkstarPvt William ClarkstarPvt William ClarkstarSgt William ClarkstarPvt William H. ClarkstarPvt William J. ClarkstarPvt William P. ClarkstarCol William Smith ClarkstarLCol Melvin Clark(e)starCapt Joseph Claypoole Clark, Jr.starSgt Roswell Clark, Jr.starPvt Charles H. ClarkestarMaj Francis Newman ClarkestarCapt Frank ClarkestarPvt George E. ClarkestarPvt James ClarkestarPvt James ClarkestarSgt James F. ClarkestarPvt Joseph S. ClarkestarLt Joshua Perry ClarkestarCorp Robert E. ClarkestarPvt Samuel J. ClarkestarPvt Terence ClarkestarPvt William H. ClarkestarPvt Gustavus G. ClassstarLt Charles H ClausenstarPvt C. H. ClaystarSgt George E. ClaystarPvt T. H. ClaystarPvt William ClaystarCapt Richard E. ClaytonstarPvt William H. ClaytonstarPvt Reuben ClaywellstarPvt John ClearystarPvt Fisher Adams CleavelandstarPvt Altman CleckleystarPvt Elmoine Dodge ClemensstarPvt Thomas ClemensstarPvt W. C. ClemensstarMaj Adam ClementstarPvt Daniel G. ClementsstarPvt James ClementsstarPvt James ClementsstarPvt John B. ClementsstarPvt John B. ClementsstarCorp W. G. ClementsstarPvt James ClemonsstarPvt Washington ClendenanstarPvt Paul J. ClerihewstarPvt A. B. ClevelandstarPvt Charles ClevelandstarCorp George Washington ClevelandstarPvt J. B. ClevelandstarLt James M. D. ClevelandstarPvt Peter H. ClevelandstarPvt Wyley Bryant ClevelandstarPvt Joseph L. ClewellstarPvt G. C. CliffordstarPvt George W. CliffordstarPvt Isaac B. CliffordstarPvt Robert CliffordstarPvt Reddick S. CliftonstarPvt R. B. ClinardstarPvt George ClinestarPvt John ClinestarPvt Harrison Joseph ClisbeestarPvt Jacob ClisestarSgt Andrew W. ClodfelterstarPvt David Levi ClodfelterstarPvt W. A. ClodfelterstarPvt Michael W. CloneystarPvt Thomas J. CloneystarCapt Patrick Phelan ClooneystarLt William Izzard CloptonstarPvt Peter P. ClosestarPvt James W. CloudstarPvt Martin L CloudstarPvt Peter M CloudstarPvt Edward D. CloughstarPvt James C. CloughstarPvt William CloutsstarPvt Charles W. ClowstarPvt Ogden M. ClowstarPvt Clarkson ClowetstarPvt William H. ClumstarCorp Peter CluskeystarMus Robert B. ClydestarPvt John H. ClymerstarSgt Thomas M. CoanestarSgt Francis Jefferson CoatesstarPvt Henry H. CoatesstarPvt Isaac CoatesstarPvt George CoatsstarPvt George P. CoatsstarLt James B. CoatsstarPvt John R CoatsstarCol Amasa CobbstarPvt Charles H. CobbstarCorp Daniel B. CobbstarPvt Daniel C. CobbstarPvt Edwin A. CobbstarBGen Howell CobbstarPvt J. W. CobbstarPvt James H. CobbstarPvt John CobbstarLt Lewis M. CobbstarPvt Myron C. CobbstarLt Septimus CobbstarPvt Seth A. CobbstarCol Thomas Reade Rootes CobbstarPvt W. W. CobbstarPvt William W. CobbstarPvt William CobblestarPvt Alfred F. CoblestarPvt Robert S. CoblestarPvt Jacob CochenaurstarCapt John Lewis CochranstarPvt Josiah D. CochranstarPvt Oliver CochranstarCapt Granville Park CochranestarBGen John CochranestarPvt John H. CochranestarSgt M. Mortimer CockestarPvt William A. CockerellstarPvt John R. CockleystarPvt William E CoddingtonstarLt Bailey Hardeman CodystarPvt James CodystarPvt Jonas R. CodystarCorp Matthew CodystarPvt Allison CoestarPvt Patrick CoenstarPvt Dennis CofferstarPvt John CoffeystarPvt Thomas CoffeystarCorp Gorham CoffinstarPvt Hillard Farnsworth CoffinstarLt John Norton CoffinstarPvt Wilson CoggerstarMus Charles E. CoggeshallstarPvt Edward H. CogginsstarPvt John W. CogginsstarPvt Patrick CoghlinstarCapt William CogswellstarPvt Archer T. CoheastarPvt H. CohenstarLt James Bolles CoitstarCapt John Archer CokestarPvt Merritt J. CokerstarLCol Albert V. ColburnstarPvt George W. ColburnstarPvt Michael J. ColburnstarPvt Albert J. ColbystarPvt Henry A. ColbystarPvt Henry M. ColbystarPvt Philip ColbystarCorp William C. ColbystarPvt John ColdwellstarPvt Alvin ColestarPvt Benjamin ColestarPvt Benjamin V. ColestarPvt Calvin ColestarPvt Campbell ColestarPvt Christian I. ColestarMaj Christopher Columbus ColestarPvt James T. ColestarPvt John A. ColestarPvt John H. ColestarPvt Lewis H. ColestarPvt Orville B. ColestarPvt Rufus ColestarPvt Stephen ColestarPvt Volney A. ColestarPvt William C. ColestarPvt William J. ColestarPvt Rufus Henry Cole, Jr.starLCol Augustus H ColemanstarPvt Bernard ColemanstarPvt C. W. ColemanstarPvt Charles ColemanstarLt George S. ColemanstarPvt Henry D. ColemanstarPvt J. F. ColemanstarPvt James ColemanstarPvt Matthew ColemanstarPvt Owen ColemanstarPvt Robert ColemanstarPvt Thomas J. ColemanstarPvt William G. ColemanstarPvt William H. ColemanstarPvt William T. ColemanstarPvt Jesse R. ColesstarLt Robert Thompson Coles, Jr.starPvt Richard C. ColeystarPvt Robert Fuller ColeystarPvt W. H. H. ColeystarPvt Charles ColfleshstarCol Silas ColgrovestarPvt William R. ColgrovestarPvt Henry A. CollarstarPvt Silas S. CollarstarPvt Thomas CollerstarPvt David B. CollerdstarLCol Mark W ColletstarPvt John M. CollettstarPvt Ambrose H. CollierstarPvt Bryant A. CollierstarPvt Edmund Y. CollierstarLt Edward CollierstarCol Frederick Hill CollierstarPvt Hosea A. CollierstarPvt Joseph E. CollierstarLt William Snethen CollierstarPvt A. D. CollinsstarPvt Benjamin F. CollinsstarPvt Charles Bryant CollinsstarPvt Charles E. CollinsstarCorp Charles T. CollinsstarPvt Cornelius CollinsstarCorp Edward CollinsstarPvt Enos C. CollinsstarPvt George W CollinsstarPvt H. F. CollinsstarPvt Hiram CollinsstarPvt Hugh CollinsstarPvt James CollinsstarPvt James P. CollinsstarPvt John CollinsstarMaj John CollinsstarPvt John CollinsstarPvt John CollinsstarPvt John M. CollinsstarPvt Joseph E. CollinsstarPvt Levi CollinsstarPvt Martin H. CollinsstarPvt Michael CollinsstarLt Nathan W. CollinsstarLt Patrick CollinsstarPvt Peter CollinsstarPvt Peter CollinsstarSgt Phillip H. CollinsstarPvt R. B. CollinsstarPvt Robert A. CollinsstarPvt Samuel CollinsstarCorp Thomas A. CollinsstarPvt W. A. CollinsstarPvt William J. CollinsstarCapt Charles Henry Tucky CollisstarPvt Patrick CollumstarPvt William T. CollyerstarPvt Joseph ColomusstarCol Alfred Holt ColquittstarCapt Raleigh T ColstonstarPvt John Colter, Jr.starPvt William R. Colter, Jr.starCorp Joseph L. ColtonstarSgt William E. ColtonstarPvt Archibald ColumstarPvt William Alexander ColvillestarPvt Adin A. ColvinstarPvt Garland ColvinstarPvt Albert ColwellstarPvt J. B. ColwellstarCapt James Smith ColwellstarPvt John ColwellstarCapt Wilson ColwellstarPvt L. C. ColysstarPvt William ComerstarPvt John ComerchistarCorp Thomas ComerfordstarSgt William A. ComesstarPvt Daniel D. ComifordstarPvt Michael ComiuskistarPvt Frederick ComleystarMaj James Monroe Stewart ComlystarPvt Joseph D. CommassstarCorp James CommerfordstarPvt J. F. CommeystarSgt Hartwell Thomas Benton CompsonstarPvt James ComriestarPvt Henry ComstockstarLt James E. ComstockstarPvt James H. ComstockstarPvt Orin ComstockstarPvt Arthur ComynsstarCorp Jacob CondertstarPvt Edgar Mantelbert ConditstarSgt John Pearl CondonstarPvt John T. CondonstarCapt Patrick J. CondonstarCorp Charles H. ConestarPvt Jack ConestarPvt Lyman H. ConestarPvt Seaborn A. ConestarPvt Michael ConereystarPvt Barney ConeystarMaj James Adams CongdonstarCorp William H. CongdonstarPvt Richard S. CongerstarPvt Andrew S. CongletonstarLt James W. ConinestarPvt Edgar ConklinstarPvt Henry S. ConklinstarPvt Theodore R. ConklinstarPvt Peter ConlanstarSgt Henry ConleystarPvt James ConleystarPvt John ConlinstarPvt Patrick ConloguestarPvt Stephen ConlystarPvt Raddy ConnallystarPvt Patrick ConnanstarPvt James ConnellstarSgt John ConnellstarCorp John ConnellstarPvt Richard P ConnellstarPvt Francis ConnellystarPvt George W. ConnellystarPvt Hugh ConnellystarPvt Patrick ConnellystarPvt Thomas W. ConnellystarCorp William F. ConnellystarPvt Edmund ConnerstarMaj Freeman ConnerstarPvt Hugh ConnerstarPvt James A. ConnerstarPvt John M. ConnerstarPvt Timothy ConnerstarCorp William ConnerstarPvt Michael ConnerystarPvt Owen ConnerystarPvt Isaac P. ConnigstarPvt Michael ConnollystarLt Andrew J. ConnorstarPvt E. ConnorstarPvt George M. ConnorstarPvt Hugh ConnorstarPvt John ConnorstarPvt Leonidas Docitheus ConnorstarPvt Thomas ConnorstarCorp Thomas ConnorstarCorp John C. ConnorsstarPvt Jacob ConobystarPvt J. P. ConoughstarPvt Mlichael ConoverstarPvt Thomas ConreystarPvt John ConrodstarSgt Thomas ConroystarCorp Thomas ConroystarCorp Ira W. ConselyeastarPvt Josiah C. ConversestarPvt Milo S. ConversestarCapt Rollin P. ConversestarLt John ConverystarPvt James ConwaystarLt John ConwaystarPvt Nicholas J. ConwaystarPvt Patrick ConwaystarPvt Benjamin N. CoodystarPvt James E. CoodystarCorp Michael CooganstarPvt Allen C. CookstarCapt Asa M CookstarCapt Benjamin Franklin CookstarCorp Calvin C. CookstarPvt Charles E. CookstarPvt Constant C. CookstarCapt David M CookstarPvt Eugene B. CookstarPvt George W. CookstarPvt Henry H. CookstarPvt J. M. CookstarPvt Jacob H. CookstarPvt James CookstarBugler John CookstarCapt John B. CookstarPvt John H. CookstarSgt Julius Harris CookstarPvt Lucien A. CookstarPvt Madison CookstarLCol Philip CookstarPvt Riley R. CookstarMaj Robert Thomas CookstarPvt S. J. CookstarPvt Samuel CookstarPvt Samuel A. CookstarPvt T. M. CookstarCorp William H. CookstarCorp William H. CookstarPvt Ziba Alden CookstarCapt John Esten CookestarCol John Rogers CookestarLt William CookestarPvt James CookmanstarPvt Hiram CoolstarPvt Stephen CoolstarPvt Charles Sterling CooleystarPvt George W. CooleystarCorp Henry CooleystarPvt Horace CooleystarPvt James Leonidas CooleystarPvt Henry S. CoolingstarPvt James T. CoombsstarSgt Alphonso CoonstarPvt Henry CoonstarPvt James CoonstarCorp John Dennis CoonstarPvt John CooneystarPvt John CooneystarPvt John CooneystarPvt Michael J. CooneystarPvt Thomas P. CooneystarPvt Benjamin F. CooperstarPvt C. E. CooperstarPvt Charles CooperstarPvt Charles C. CooperstarLt Edward C. CooperstarPvt Francis H. CooperstarSgt Henry W. CooperstarLt Isaac Newton CooperstarCapt James H CooperstarPvt Jesse H CooperstarPvt Samuel CooperstarPvt Samuel C. CooperstarSgt Thomas Porter CooperstarSgt William C. CooperstarSgt Emmor Bradley CopestarPvt Daniel G CopelandstarPvt J. M. CopelandstarPvt Virginius CopelandstarPvt William H. CopelandstarPvt John H. CoppedgestarLCol Georges Augustus Gaston De CoppensstarLCol Marie Alfred CoppensstarPvt Charles P. CorbettstarPvt Jeremiah B. CorbettstarPvt Patrick CorbettstarPvt Thomas CorbettstarPvt J B Corbett, SrstarSgt Austin CorbinstarLt Frank S. CorbinstarPvt G. W. CorbinstarPvt William W. CorbinstarPvt George W. CorbitstarPvt William H. CorbitstarPvt Martin S CorbittstarCorp William CorbittstarPvt Andrew CorcoranstarPvt James CorcoranstarSgt Richard CorcoranstarPvt James M. CorderstarPvt Stephen CorderstarPvt John C. CordesstarPvt John CoreystarPvt Warner Joseph CoreystarPvt William CoreystarLt W. E. CorkstarCorp Joseph CorkerstarPvt John G. CorkernstarPvt William J. CorkernstarPvt Joseph CorlstarPvt James F. CorleestarCorp Oscar CormanstarPvt John CormickstarCorp George D. CornellstarCapt Mervin Eugene CornellstarPvt Mason CorneystarLCol Joseph W CorningstarPvt Ephraim B. CornishstarPvt Leander C. CornmanstarPvt Thomas CornsstarPvt John CornwallstarPvt P. CorpertstarLt Samuel J. CorriestarCapt Arthur CorriganstarPvt Hugh CorriganstarPvt John CorriganstarPvt Joseph CorriganstarCol Montgomery Dent CorsestarPvt George CorsonstarPvt James H. CorwinstarCorp Green B. CosbystarPvt William Phillip CosbystarPvt Joseph W. CosgrovestarCorp William H. CosmanstarPvt Joseph CossarstarPvt Charles CostellostarPvt John CostellostarPvt Cornelius CostiganstarPvt John J. CostiganstarSgt Francis M. CostlystarPvt Julius A. CostnerstarCapt George W CothranstarPvt Andrew F. CotrellstarPvt Patrick CotterstarPvt Thomas CotterstarPvt M. M. CottingimstarPvt James F. CottonstarPvt L. CottonstarCapt Richard W. CottonstarPvt Edwin CottrellstarPvt Joseph C. CottrillstarPvt Cicero CouchstarMGen Darius Nash CouchstarPvt Hiram CouchstarSgt Henry CouchmanstarPvt Anatole CoudroystarPvt John CoughlanstarPvt D. CoughlinstarPvt James H. CoughlinstarLt John A. CoughranstarPvt Thomas CoughtystarPvt Charles CoulmanstarPvt Emile J. CoulmanstarPvt James CoulstonstarCol Richard CoulterstarPvt M. A. CouncilstarPvt E H. CountsstarPvt John A. CountsstarMaj Alfred Ranson CourtneystarPvt Charles I. CourtneystarPvt Junius CourtneystarPvt Henry CoutsstarPvt John A. CoutsstarPvt James E. CovelstarSurg John M. CovertstarCorp W. F. CovilestarPvt George W. CovillestarPvt William W. CovinstarSgt A. M. CovingtonstarMaj George Hay CovodestarCapt Andrew CowanstarPvt George H. CowanstarPvt John CowanstarCorp John H. CowanstarPvt Robert M. CowanstarLt Thomas CowanstarPvt William CowanstarMaj Asbury CowardstarLt Jonathan D. CowartstarPvt Manning CowartstarPvt Richard D. CowartstarPvt Martin D. CowlesstarPvt George CowlingstarPvt D. H. CoxstarPvt Ebenezer CoxstarCorp Edwin CoxstarLCol Fleet William CoxstarPvt George W. CoxstarSgt George W. CoxstarSgt H. J. CoxstarBGen Jacob Dolson CoxstarSgt James CoxstarPvt James CoxstarSgt John C. CoxstarPvt Louis B. CoxstarPvt Richard H. CoxstarPvt Samuel Marcellus CoxstarPvt Thomas J. CoxstarPvt William CoxstarPvt William R. CoxstarPvt William S. CoxstarCorp Elisha CoystarPvt John CoystarSgt Michael CoynestarPvt John B. CozzensstarPvt Robert CozzensstarLt George Washington CrabbstarPvt Benjamin C. CrabtreestarPvt Clement W. CrabtreestarPvt John William CrabtreestarPvt Morrison B. CraftstarCapt Welcome Alonzo CraftsstarLt Alfred T. CraigstarPvt Failey CraigstarPvt Hugh CraigstarPvt John CraigstarPvt Wesley CraigstarPvt William E. CraigstarPvt William H. CraigstarPvt William Moore CraigstarCorp William S. CraigstarPvt S. J. CrainstarCapt J. George CramerstarLt Chauncey Dutton CrandallstarPvt Frank M. CrandallstarPvt William W. CrandallstarPvt Newman CranestarMaj Orrin J CranestarSgt Henry CranglestarLt Anson C. CranmerstarPvt Leroy CrannellstarPvt Thomas CranstonstarCorp William C. CranstonstarPvt Jacob B. CraterstarPvt Joshua CratinstarSgt Jeremiah Field CravenstarPvt Solomon CravenstarSgt Charles A. CrawfordstarPvt Charles N CrawfordstarPvt Isaac CrawfordstarPvt Isaac N. R. CrawfordstarPvt James A. CrawfordstarCapt John A. CrawfordstarPvt John Milton CrawfordstarPvt John R. CrawfordstarPvt John W. CrawfordstarPvt R. D. CrawfordstarBGen Samuel Wylie CrawfordstarPvt Stephen H. CrawfordstarPvt Thomas CrawfordstarPvt Michael CraystarPvt J. B. CreamerstarSgt George William CreaseystarPvt William M. CreaseystarCorp David CreaveystarPvt Paul M. J. CreedstarPvt Samuel CreekstarPvt William CreelmanstarPvt John CrenshawstarPvt T. B. CrenshawstarCapt William G CrenshawstarPvt William S. CreppsstarPvt Thomas CressstarPvt Milton CressonstarPvt Tyre G. CrewsstarSgt William C. CribbsstarPvt J. W. CrickstarPvt Henry CriderstarPvt Reuben T. CriglerstarPvt Oliver CrilleystarCorp James CrimminsstarPvt O. CrisolinstarLt Frederick M. CrisseystarPvt Austin CrissmanstarSgt James B. CriststarPvt Albert R. CrittendenstarCorp Benjamin F. CroasdalestarCol Samuel L CroasdalestarPvt Abel B. CrockerstarPvt Henry H. CrockerstarPvt John M. CrockerstarLt Lemuel L. CrockerstarPvt William CrockerstarPvt Daniel T. CrockettstarPvt Ed. R. CrockettstarCorp Albert C. CrofftstarPvt William CrombeystarPvt David B. CrombiestarLt George L. CromestarPvt William CromwellstarPvt Daniel CronanstarPvt John CronanstarSgt Jeremiah C. Cronan, Jr.starPvt Simon CronemaystarLt Joseph CronenbergerstarPvt Daniel CroninstarPvt James CroninstarPvt Charles CronkstarCol George CrookstarPvt Phillip CrookstarPvt John F. CrookhamstarPvt George W. CrooksstarPvt William F. CroomstarPvt Edward CrosbystarLt George H. D. CrosbystarPvt Henry T. CrosbystarPvt Thomas CrosbystarPvt Abram CrossstarLt Augustus T. CrossstarLt Charles Edward CrossstarSgt Charles J. CrossstarCol Edward Ephraim CrossstarPvt G. W. CrossstarLCol Nelson CrossstarCapt Richard Everett CrossstarPvt Silas CrossstarPvt Thomas CrossstarPvt Wornel CrossstarPvt John CrossonstarCorp David CrouchstarPvt Edward CrouchstarPvt Hyman CrouchstarPvt Thomas E. CrouchstarCorp James T. CrousestarPvt Valentine CrousestarCapt James McC CrowstarPvt John CrowstarPvt Richard CrowstarPvt Edward C. CrowderstarLCol John T CrowderstarPvt James CrowestarPvt Joseph Edgar CrowellstarPvt Oliver J. CrowellstarPvt Sheldon CrowellstarCorp Virgil J. CrowellstarPvt William CrowellstarPvt Bartholomew CrowleystarPvt Florence CrowleystarLt Samuel Thomas CrowleystarPvt Timothy CrowleystarPvt William CrowleystarCapt Caspar F CrowninshieldstarLt Francis Welch CrowninshieldstarCorp James CrozierstarPvt Stephen Oliver CrucestarPvt Alexander B. CrudenstarPvt Samuel D. CrumbstarPvt William F. CrumpstarCorp James Albert CrumplerstarPvt Paul W. CrutchfieldstarCol Stapleton CrutchfieldstarPvt Frederick CubbstarPvt William J. CudestarCorp Edward CudworthstarPvt Edward CuestarPvt Andrew CullenstarSgt William CullenstarLt William CullenstarPvt William N. CullumnsstarCorp William M. CulpstarLt James M. CulpeperstarPvt G. W. CulpepperstarPvt Frederick CulverstarPvt Frederick D. CulverstarPvt H. G. CulverstarCapt Isaac Franklin CulverstarPvt George F. CumberlidgestarPvt H. W. CumbystarLt Alexander H. CummingstarCol Alfred CummingstarCol John B CummingstarPvt Chase CummingsstarPvt Daniel CummingsstarPvt Engrim J. CummingsstarPvt Samuel CummingsstarPvt William S. CummingsstarPvt William CumminsstarPvt John CunningstarPvt Benjamin CunninghamstarCapt Edward Hall CunninghamstarPvt Francis CunninghamstarPvt John CunninghamstarPvt John CunninghamstarPvt Michael CunninghamstarPvt Michael CunninghamstarPvt Patrick CunninghamstarCapt Robert H. CunninghamstarSgt Thomas CunninghamstarPvt Hale S. CuppernullstarPvt Frank L. CurbystarCorp Charles CuriestarPvt John CurnanstarPvt Francis P. CurranstarPvt John CurranstarPvt John H. CurranstarPvt Owen CurranstarPvt Peter CurranstarASrg Richard J. CurranstarPvt William CurranstarCapt Robert Current, Jr.starPvt Joseph R. CurriestarPvt Ezra CurrierstarPvt Samuel CurrierstarCapt William R. CurrierstarPvt David CurrinstarPvt Owen CurrinstarPvt Thomas CurrranstarSgt Charles W CurrystarPvt Daniel CurrystarPvt George W. CurrystarPvt Henry Linden CurrystarPvt James E. CurrystarPvt John CurrystarPvt John E. CurrystarPvt Patrick CurrystarPvt Robert C. CurrystarPvt William J. CurrystarPvt Daniel CurtinstarLCol John Irvin CurtinstarPvt Benjamin CurtisstarPvt David A. CurtisstarCapt Edwin L CurtisstarPvt Francis Richard CurtisstarPvt George CurtisstarLt George E. CurtisstarPvt Hanford CurtisstarLCol Joseph Bridgham CurtisstarCorp Lucius CurtisstarSgt Thomas J. CurtisstarPvt William M. CurtisstarCapt Sylvanus Wright CurtissstarLt B. F. CurtwrightstarPvt William CushstarLt Alonzo Hereford CushingstarCorp Alvin D. CushingstarLt Charles CushingstarLt Lysander F. CushingstarPvt Thomas J. CushingstarPvt Hiram J. CusickstarPvt Michael CusickstarPvt Thomas CusickstarCapt George Armstrong CusterstarSgt David Green CuthbertsonstarPvt William F. CuthbertsonstarPvt Frank CutlerstarPvt Isaac N. CutlerstarCapt Wilfred Emory CutshawstarCorp James H. CuttingstarLCol Allen Sherod CuttsstarCapt James Madison Cutts, Jr.starLt W. M. D'AntignacstarCapt Louis Edgard D'AquinstarCapt Frederick Sears Grand d'HautevillestarCol Frederick George D'UtassystarCapt Henry W. DabollstarPvt James DackstarPvt Lawrence Aylett DaffanstarPvt George V. DaglestarPvt William J. DagnallstarPvt Peter DahackstarPvt John J. DailstarPvt John T. DailstarPvt Daniel DaileystarSgt Dennis DaileystarPvt George Fernando DaileystarPvt Jeremiah DaileystarPvt Malachi DaileystarCorp Myers DaileystarPvt P. DaileystarPvt John DailystarSgt Michael DailystarPvt Samuel R. DailystarCorp Charles R. DalestarMaj Matthew DalestarPvt Andrew J. DaleystarPvt James DaleystarPvt James P. DaleystarPvt Joseph DaleystarPvt Michael J. DaleystarSgt Timothy DaleystarPvt Robert O. DallstarLt Edwin DallasstarSurg Edward Barry DaltonstarPvt Jonathan A DaltonstarPvt Michael DaltonstarPvt William H. DaltonstarSgt Francis DalystarPvt Michael DalystarSgt William DalystarPvt Charles E. DamstarPvt Michael DambruchstarPvt Christopher Franklin DammstarPvt James DammersstarCorp Henry DamonstarCorp Isaac D. DanastarBGen Napoleon Jackson Tecumseh DanastarPvt Charles W. DancestarCapt Willis Jefferson DancestarPvt W. DaneystarPvt Jeremiah DanforthstarPvt G. N. DanielstarPvt George C. DanielstarPvt John S. DanielstarCorp W. T. DanielstarPvt William Waller DanielstarPvt David M. DanielsstarPvt Richard H. DanielsstarPvt William J. DanielsstarSgt Franklin W. DannerstarPvt Matthias DannerstarPvt William James Monroe DannerstarPvt Harrison DansbystarSgt Henry DantinstarCorp Henry DanzigerstarSgt James W. DarbystarSurg John Thompson DarbystarPvt James DarcystarLt J. Matthew DardenstarSgt Joseph DardenstarCapt Stephen H. DardenstarPvt William J. DardenstarPvt Patrick DareystarCorp George DarhamnerstarPvt Henry DaringstarSgt Ansel J. DarlingstarCorp Harvey A. DarlingstarPvt William DarlingstarPvt Marcus D. DarrstarPvt Tim P. DarrstarPvt William DatesstarPvt Thomas DaudstarSgt Christopher DaumanstarPvt William DauntstarPvt August DauthstarPvt Bassett DavalstarPvt Albert W. DavenportstarPvt Charles B. DavenportstarPvt Charles H. DavenportstarLt Charles S. DavenportstarPvt Louis DavenportstarPvt Marcus Lafayette DavenportstarPvt McG. DavenportstarPvt Melvin A. DavenportstarCorp Thomas W. DavenportstarPvt William Alexander DavenportstarSgt J. M. DavidstarPvt Jules DavidstarPvt Robert A. DavidgestarPvt Henry DavidsstarCorp John Brent DavidsstarCapt Charles Andrew DavidsonstarPvt David B. DavidsonstarPvt Gideon C DavidsonstarCapt Greenlee DavidsonstarPvt Herbert DavidsonstarSgt James Allen DavidsonstarPvt Riley DavidsonstarPvt Samuel DavidsonstarPvt William DavidsonstarPvt William DavidsonstarCapt Francis Asbury DaviesstarSgt A. B. C. DavisstarPvt Albert DavisstarSgt Andrew Calhoun DavisstarPvt Benjamin DavisstarPvt Benjamin DavisstarMaj Benjamin F. DavisstarCol Benjamin Franklin DavisstarPvt Charles DavisstarPvt Daniel D. DavisstarPvt David DavisstarPvt DeWitt Clinton DavisstarCorp Edmund DavisstarPvt Edward C. DavisstarPvt Frank DavisstarPvt Franklin DavisstarCorp George DavisstarPvt George DavisstarPvt George DavisstarPvt George W. DavisstarSgt George W. DavisstarPvt George W. DavisstarPvt Isaac DavisstarCorp J. B. DavisstarSgt J. C. DavisstarCorp J. F. J. DavisstarPvt Jacob DavisstarPvt James DavisstarPvt James A. DavisstarPvt James G. DavisstarPvt James H. DavisstarCol James Lucius DavisstarPvt James S. DavisstarSgt James W. DavisstarPvt James W. DavisstarPvt Jedediah DavisstarPvt John DavisstarPvt John DavisstarPvt John A.Dunn DavisstarPvt John B. DavisstarPvt John C. DavisstarPvt John C. DavisstarPvt John E. DavisstarPvt John G. DavisstarCorp John M. DavisstarSgt Joseph A. DavisstarPvt Lawson DavisstarLt Llewellyn R. DavisstarPvt Malaciah DavisstarPvt Mills DavisstarPvt Orin L. DavisstarPvt Peter M. DavisstarPvt Richard F. DavisstarPvt Robert G. DavisstarPvt Robert W. DavisstarCapt Samuel H. DavisstarPvt Thomas DavisstarCorp Thomas P. DavisstarPvt W. DavisstarPvt W. A. DavisstarPvt W. B. DavisstarPvt William DavisstarPvt William DavisstarPvt William DavisstarPvt William B. DavisstarPvt William E. DavisstarPvt William H. H. DavisstarPvt William J. DavisstarPvt William W. DavisstarPvt Alfred Warren Davis, Sr.starPvt Edward DavisonstarSgt Joseph T. DavisonstarSgt Rasselas Elisha DavisonstarLt John M. DavystarPvt J. DawstarPvt Ambrose DawesstarMaj Rufus R. DawesstarPvt Alfred M. DawkinsstarPvt Benjamin H. DawleystarPvt J. O. DawsstarSgt Benjamin DawsonstarPvt Mathew S. DawsonstarPvt Robert DawsonstarPvt Simon DawsonstarPvt Thomas DawsonstarPvt Thomas DawsonstarPvt William DawsonstarCorp Albion W. DaystarPvt Edward L. DaystarPvt George W. DaystarPvt Jackson C. DaystarPvt James DaystarPvt James W. DaystarCapt Levin Bevins DaystarPvt Ludlow DaystarPvt Robert A. DaystarPvt Theodore B. DaystarPvt Alexander De ConstarPvt George A. De La VergnestarPvt Theodore E. De MarsstarPvt Joseph De MezastarSgt Jacob Coleman De PutronstarSgt John W. De PuystarLt George Birch De RussystarSgt Andrew C. DeaconstarSgt Andrew G. DeaconstarPvt Columbus W. DeaconstarPvt Henry W. DeanstarPvt L. G. DeanstarPvt Timothy DeanstarCorp David J. DearbornstarPvt Henry C. DearbornstarSgt Thomas Horace DearbornstarPvt Bernard DearystarPvt Ellison DeasestarPvt Burwell DeatonstarCorp Richard DeaverstarPvt John DebarstarPvt Andrew B. DebbsstarPvt Elisha C. DebeckstarMaj William H deBevoisestarCorp Michael DebretzstarPvt John W. DeckerstarPvt Levi DeckerstarPvt Nicholas DeckerstarPvt Edward A. DeCottesstarPvt Thomas Henry Crofford DedmonstarPvt Elias H. DeerestarPvt Noah C. DeesstarPvt W. DefentrystarPvt William DeForeststarPvt Charles DeGrafstarCapt Francis H. DeGraffenreidstarPvt Thomas Tscharner DeGraffenriedstarCorp William DeGroatstarPvt Gotleib DeiglestarPvt Elijah DeihlstarLt Reuben R. DeJarnettestarLt William Grissom Dekle, Jr.starPvt Edward DeLaceystarPvt James DelaceystarLt Dennis DelaneystarPvt Franklin B. DelaneystarMus George Washington DelaneystarLt William DelaneystarPvt Lacey DelanostarSgt Marcus DelanostarPvt John DelapstarPvt Daniel DelaystarPvt John DelaystarCorp Francis Augustine DeleglisestarPvt Joseph S. DelevaustarPvt W. G. DelkstarSgt Richard DellamorestarPvt John DellingerstarPvt Charles DellmyerstarPvt Peyton DeLoachstarMaj William G DelonystarLt Louis DelormistarPvt James J. DemareststarPvt Martin V. B. DemareststarCapt William Fendley DementstarPvt Demas W. DemingstarPvt Allen T. DemmingstarCorp Andrew Jackson DeMottstarPvt John DempseystarPvt John DempseystarPvt Timothy DempseystarPvt James Henry DenbystarPvt P. A. DenhamstarPvt ------ DenisonstarPvt Daniel DenisonstarPvt A. F. DenneystarPvt William DenneystarCorp Edward DennisstarPvt Enoch H. DennisstarSgt George W. DennisstarPvt James DennisstarPvt Richard DennisstarCorp William DennisonstarLt William Neil DennisonstarPvt Martin Jay DennistonstarPvt John B. DennystarPvt William H. DenslerstarPvt Isaac Newton DensonstarCorp John A DentstarPvt George DentzerstarCol Charles Alexander DerbystarCapt Richard C. DerbystarPvt Jim DerdanstarPvt William L. DerdenstarCol William Lord DeRossetstarPvt Obediah DerrstarPvt F. P. DerrickstarPvt Green R. DerringtonstarPvt A. J. DerrisostarPvt Peter DerrystarPvt Henry DershstarPvt James DervinestarCol William Davie DeSaussurestarPvt Hilaire DeschampsstarSgt Abram DesendorfstarPvt Basil Laban DeShetlerstarPvt Bartholomew DesmondstarPvt George W. DetrickstarPvt John DeutcherstarPvt John DeveneystarPvt John DevennystarBGen Charles P. Devens Jr.starSgt Matthew DevereauxstarLCol Arthur Forrester DevereuxstarMaj John Devereux, Jr.starCol Thomas Casimer DevinstarPvt Thomas DevinestarPvt James DevlinstarPvt John DevlinstarSgt John J. DevlinstarCapt Hiram Fosdick DevolstarPvt Thomas R. DevorstarPvt William H. DewberrystarPvt Martin M. DeweystarPvt Sewell DeWittstarSgt Edwin DewsstarPvt Elbridge L. DexterstarPvt Milo DexterstarPvt Samuel DexterstarLt Samuel DexterstarPvt Tristam D. DexterstarPvt William B. DeyostarPvt Benjamin DeYoungstarPvt E M DezellstarPvt Z Y DezellstarPvt F. Malcom DhalbergstarPvt Anson W. DialstarPvt John DialstarPvt Augustus L. DibblestarCorp Cyrus DibblestarPvt George DibblestarPvt William A. DibblestarPvt George W. DickstarPvt Henry C. DickstarCapt Samuel Bernard DickstarLt William B. Dick(s)starCorp Jesse R. DickensstarLt George DickensonstarPvt Charles DickersonstarPvt Joseph DickersonstarLt Edward Fenwick DickinsonstarMaj Joseph DickinsonstarCorp Rodolphus DickinsonstarPvt Solomon DickinsonstarPvt Thomas DickmanstarPvt Erastus DicksonstarPvt James P. DicksonstarPvt John DicksonstarPvt John T. D. DicksonstarPvt Joseph S. DicksonstarPvt William S. DicksonstarPvt Lewis DiefenbachstarCapt William H DiehlstarPvt Henry DiemerstarPvt John DienststarSgt Carl DienstbackstarPvt James H. DierfieldstarPvt Henry Charles DieterichstarPvt Henry DietzstarCorp Charles F. DiffenderferstarPvt James DignanstarPvt Henry DikestarPvt Joseph E. DilksstarPvt Bradley K. DillardstarPvt Frank P. DillardstarSgt Thomas C. DillardstarPvt Miles DillenstarPvt Charles DillonstarPvt James DillonstarPvt James DillonstarSgt Jefferson C. DillonstarCorp John DillonstarPvt John DillonstarPvt Thomas DillonstarPvt James K. P. DilworthstarPvt Alamo DimmitstarPvt James DimmitstarPvt Paul DiverstarPvt John A. DivinestarPvt Peter DivinestarPvt Benjamin DixstarCorp Charles E. DixstarPvt Thomas S. DixstarSgt William J. DixstarCorp Freeman H. DixonstarLt Henry Clay DixonstarPvt John A. DixonstarSgt John R. DixonstarPvt John T. DixonstarPvt Joshua DixonstarPvt Roan DixonstarPvt Robert DixonstarPvt Robert A. DixonstarPvt Townsend G. DixonstarSgt Robert DoakestarPvt George H. DoanestarPvt Harvey W. DobbinsstarPvt J. DobbinsstarPvt Thomas DobbsstarPvt Isaac J. DobsonstarPvt William DobsonstarLt Charles DoddstarPvt Cyrus J. DoddstarPvt George B. DoddstarPvt James M. DoddstarPvt William Henry DoddstarPvt Edward D. DodgestarPvt Edwin H. DodgestarPvt Henry O. DodgestarSgt Richard Spofford DodgestarPvt Lewis T. DoggettstarPvt James DohertystarPvt James DohertystarCorp John DohertystarPvt John DohertystarPvt John DohertystarPvt Daniel DohoneystarPvt John DolanstarPvt John DolanstarSgt John DolanstarLt John C. DolanstarPvt Patrick DolanstarPvt Peter DolanstarPvt Thomas DolanstarCol George Pierce DolesstarPvt Rudolph DollstarPvt John R. DollinsstarPvt John DolphinstarPvt Aaron J DonaldsonstarCapt Francis Adams DonaldsonstarPvt Christopher Beirne DoneganstarPvt Seymore DoneystarPvt Michael DonleystarPvt Michael DonnellstarCorp Robert DonnellstarPvt Robert L. DonnellstarPvt David R. DonnellystarPvt H. M. DonnellystarSgt Hugh DonnellystarPvt James DonnellystarPvt George M. DonnerstarPvt John DonnovanstarPvt Sandy R. DonohostarPvt John DonohoestarPvt Cornelius DonohuestarPvt Francis DonohuestarPvt James DonohuestarPvt John DonohuestarPvt Michael DonohuestarPvt Owen DonohuestarPvt Daniel DonovanstarPvt Dennis DonovanstarPvt Dennis J. DonovanstarPvt Jeremiah DonovanstarPvt John DonovanstarPvt John DonovanstarPvt John DonovanstarPvt John F. DonovanstarPvt Patrick DonovanstarPvt Richard DonovanstarPvt John H. DoodystarPvt Thomas DooleystarPvt Patrick DoolingstarPvt Patrick DoolingstarLt Isaac DoolittlestarPvt John K. DoolittlestarPvt Patrick DoonanstarPvt John H. DoremusstarPvt Georg DorrstarPvt Levi Lewis DorrstarPvt Edward H. DorseystarLt George D. DorseystarPvt James P. DorseystarPvt Michael DorsonstarCorp G. L. DosterstarPvt William Zenus Augustus DosterstarSgt Edward W. DotenstarCorp Frederick Bartlett DotenstarPvt Isaac DoteystarPvt Albert H. DotterstarPvt Albert H. DotterstarPvt Franklin DotystarPvt Joseph W. DotystarPvt Frederick DouberstarBGen Abner DoubledaystarLt Charles Stone DoubledaystarLt Benjamin F. DoughertystarPvt George DoughertystarPvt Hugh DoughertystarPvt John DoughertystarPvt John DoughertystarLt John DoughertystarPvt Thomas F. DoughertystarCorp William DoughertystarPvt A. DouglasstarPvt Asa DouglasstarLt Henry Kyd DouglasstarPvt Benjamin F. DouglassstarPvt Edward DouglassstarPvt George DouglassstarSgt James DouglassstarCorp John F. DouglassstarCol Marcellus DouglassstarPvt Robert P. DouglassstarPvt William W DouglassstarLt James DoutystarPvt C. DovestarPvt Andrew DowstarPvt Charles DowstarPvt Cicero M. DowstarLt Leman F. DowstarPvt James DowdstarPvt Philip DowdstarPvt Robert O. DowdastarPvt Samuel DowdenstarLt Aaron DowlingstarPvt David L DowlingstarCorp James DowlingstarCorp Lazarus DowlingstarPvt Richard DowlingstarPvt Charles H. DowneystarPvt David DowneystarLt George Mason DowneystarPvt James DowneystarLCol Stephen Wheeler DowneystarPvt William DowniestarLt Daniel J. DowningstarCorp George W. DowningstarPvt John DowningstarCorp George H. DownsstarCapt John S. DownsstarPvt Moses W. DownsstarPvt Patrick DownsstarCorp Richard DownsstarPvt James DowststarPvt Ludwig DoxiestarPvt J. S. DoyalstarPvt Edward DoylestarPvt Henry C. DoylestarPvt Lawrence DoylestarPvt Michael C. DoylestarCorp Patrick DoylestarPvt James DrainstarPvt James DrainstarPvt B. T. DrakestarPvt David M. DrakestarPvt Francis E. DrakestarPvt J. H. DrakestarLt James P. DrakestarCapt John Lewis DrakestarPvt Pressly N. DrakestarPvt William DrakestarPvt William A. DrakestarPvt Henry DrakefordstarCapt Charles Stewart DraperstarPvt George H. DraughonstarPvt Charles DraytonstarBGen Thomas Fenwick DraytonstarPvt Benjamin F. C. DreibelbeisstarPvt Joseph DrennanstarPvt Sherod A. DrennanstarPvt Charles F. DrewstarPvt Jacob A. DrewstarPvt John T. DrewstarPvt Henry DreyerstarPvt Charles DreyfusstarSgt Job S. DriggsstarPvt George DrinkwaterstarPvt John O. DriscollstarPvt Patrick DriscollstarPvt Richard DriscollstarPvt Samuel Driver, Jr.starPvt Joseph DrumborestarPvt Rudolph B. DruvengastarCapt Hiram DryerstarPvt Iretus B. DryerstarPvt John DryerstarCapt James Chatham DuanestarPvt Thomas DubbinsstarPvt Peter P. DuboisstarPvt Henry M. DubosestarPvt Alexander DudeckstarPvt F. DudenhoefferstarCorp Henry Tyler DudleystarPvt John S. DudleystarPvt Levi L. DudleystarCapt William W DudleystarPvt Charles DudmanstarPvt James DuellstarPvt John DueviestarPvt James S. DuffstarPvt William DuffstarPvt Martin V.B. DuffelstarPvt William DuffeystarPvt Chronce DuffordstarPvt Daniel DuffystarCapt Felix DuffystarPvt John DuffystarPvt John DuffystarPvt John DuffystarSgt John J. DuffystarPvt John P. DuffystarSgt Thomas DuffystarSgt Thomas DuffystarPvt James DuganstarPvt Michael DuganstarLt Edward DugganstarPvt Aaron J. DukestarPvt John DukestarPvt John M. DukestarPvt John DumphystarPvt ----- DunappstarPvt Amor DunbarstarPvt Peter DunbarstarPvt Timothy S DunbarstarPvt Thomas F. DuncanstarPvt William Edward DuncanstarPvt William R. DuncanstarPvt Wylie H. DuncanstarPvt Sebastian Cabot Duncan, Jr.starPvt Hallowell R. DunhamstarPvt David P. DunkelstarPvt James P. DunklinstarPvt Francis James Bell DunlapstarLt James H. DunlapstarPvt John DunlapstarLt Richard Simpson DunlapstarPvt William B DunlapstarPvt James DunlopstarPvt George Benson DunmirestarCorp Edmund DunnstarPvt Edward H. DunnstarPvt Henry W. DunnstarLt James DunnstarPvt John DunnstarPvt John F. DunnstarPvt Michael DunnstarCorp Owen DunnstarPvt P. G. DunnstarPvt Philip DunnstarPvt T. J. DunnstarPvt Thomas DunnstarSgt Thomas B. DunnstarPvt W. H. DunnstarPvt M. A. DunnanstarPvt Lorenzo DunneganstarPvt Emmett DunningstarCorp Dennis DunnivanstarPvt John DunsmorestarPvt H. F. DunsonstarPvt John H. DuntleystarPvt Pierre N. DuplessisstarSgt R. W. DupreestarPvt John M. DuprieststarPvt Alonzo G. DuranstarPvt James Durand, Jr.starCapt George W. DurellstarSgt John W. DurenstarPvt John Henry DurfeestarPvt Daniel DurginstarCorp George W. DurhamstarPvt John T. DurhamstarPvt Robert DurhamstarCapt S A DurhamstarPvt William T. DurhamstarPvt Jeremiah DurickstarPvt Hiram DurkeestarPvt Martin DurkhamstarCorp William P. DurleystarCorp Walter Scott DurlinstarPvt William DurrowstarPvt Jake DurrumstarPvt S. M. DurystarBGen Abram DuryéestarLCol Jacob Eugene DuryeestarPvt Samuel W. DusangstarSgt Augustus DusenberrystarPvt Philip H. DusenburystarPvt Herman J. DussorstarPvt Eben Sutton DustinstarPvt John J. DuswaldstarPvt William C. DutheragestarPvt George DuttonstarPvt George C. DwelleystarLCol Wilder DwightstarPvt John DwyerstarSgt John DwyrestarPvt Frederick R. DychsstarPvt Edwin R. DyestarLt James DyestarCorp Theodore J. DyestarPvt Edward DyelstarPvt Abram B. DyerstarPvt Alfred DyerstarCorp Benjamin L. DyerstarCapt Clarence Hopkins DyerstarCol David DyerstarLt Elias S. DyerstarPvt Elijah DyerstarPvt Loomis A. DyerstarCorp Nathaniel H. DyerstarPvt Jacob DyetchstarPvt J. R. DykesstarPvt William DykesstarCorp James EaganstarSgt Thomas EaganstarPvt David EaglestarSgt John George EaglesfieldstarSgt David M. EarlestarPvt John EarlestarSgt James EarlystarBGen Jubal Anderson EarlystarPvt Peter EarlystarLt Samuel Henry EarlystarLt Samuel Henry EarlystarPvt Thomas EarlystarPvt E. B. EarnesstarPvt W. C. EarnesstarPvt C. A. EarnhardtstarPvt George EaslickstarPvt C. E. EasonstarPvt G. L. EasonstarLt H. T. EasonstarPvt J. EasonstarLt Thomas Dotterer EasonstarPvt William EasonstarPvt Thomas EaststarPvt M. L. EasterstarPvt Albert G. EasterbrookstarPvt Jesse G. EastlackstarPvt Byron EastmanstarPvt Edmund G. EastmanstarPvt George W. EastmanstarPvt Brice EastonstarPvt George W. EastystarPvt Daniel C. EatonstarPvt Edwin G. EatonstarPvt Frank EatonstarPvt James D. EatonstarPvt Thomas EatonstarPvt Archibald EavesstarPvt Dudley EavesstarPvt L. P. EavesstarSgt William C. EbenstarLt John P. EberhardstarPvt William EbersolestarPvt Ludwig EberspackerstarPvt John EbertstarSgt John W. EcclesstarPvt Henry EckestarPvt Joseph EckenrodestarCorp Linden EckertstarPvt Elias EckfeldtstarSgt John P. EckweillerstarPvt William EddenfieldstarPvt Thomas I. EddowesstarPvt Charles H. EddystarCorp George S. EddystarPvt William F EddystarPvt Exekiel EdensstarCorp James EdgarstarPvt Moses EdgarstarPvt John C. EdgestarLt Frederick M EdgellstarSgt William EdgelystarCorp George W. EdglerstarPvt George W. EdingerstarPvt Lemuel A. EdmesterstarCol Edward Claxton EdmondsstarPvt William A. EdmondsstarPvt Simpson D. EdmondsonstarPvt T. B. EdmondsonstarPvt John B. EdmundsstarPvt Theodore EdmunsonstarPvt Cutler EdsonstarPvt Daniel W. EdsonstarSgt Alfred EdwardsstarCorp Amon G. EdwardsstarPvt B. G. EdwardsstarCorp Charles C. EdwardsstarCorp Gershaum EdwardsstarPvt Harvey H. EdwardsstarCorp Henry C. EdwardsstarPvt Henry G. EdwardsstarPvt J. E. EdwardsstarPvt James EdwardsstarPvt James M. EdwardsstarPvt James T. EdwardsstarPvt John C. EdwardsstarSgt Joseph EdwardsstarPvt Lemuel H. EdwardsstarPvt Manning EdwardsstarCol Oliver Evans EdwardsstarPvt Ransom EdwardsstarPvt Robert A. EdwardsstarPvt Seaborn EdwardsstarPvt T. J. EdwardsstarPvt Washington EdwardsstarPvt William EdwardsstarPvt William EdwardsstarPvt William EdwardsstarPvt William EdwardsstarPvt William E. EdwardsstarPvt William H. EdwardsstarCapt John Edwards, JrstarPvt Edward EganstarPvt James EganstarLt John EganstarPvt John EganstarSgt L. R. EganstarPvt Thomas EganstarPvt Timothy EganstarPvt Y. B. EganstarPvt John H. EgbertstarPvt Wesley EgbertstarPvt Herman EggarsstarPvt Clinton EgglestonstarSgt George Dulton EgglestonstarPvt William EglingtonstarPvt John N. EhlestarPvt Benjamin EhlerstarPvt Jacob M. EicherstarPvt William M. EidsonstarPvt Jarvis EighmystarPvt Daniel EisingerstarPvt Peter F. EitelbushstarPvt John W. ElamstarCorp William ElbenstarSgt David Mahlon ElderstarPvt George B. ElderstarCol James G ElderstarCorp John ElderstarLt Samuel Sherer ElderstarPvt Calvin EldersstarPvt Nathaniel C. EldredgestarPvt James V. EldridgestarPvt Stephen A. EldridgestarPvt William E. EldridgestarPvt R. D. T. EldsonstarPvt Clifton Caswell ElginstarPvt J. L. EliotstarPvt William ElkinstarPvt Charles Franklin ElksstarPvt John F. ElledgestarLt John S. EllenstarPvt Josiah A. EllingtonstarLt Lyman Haskell EllingwoodstarPvt George E. ElliotstarPvt Patrick ElliotstarPvt W. J. ElliotstarPvt Benjamin Russell ElliottstarPvt James M. ElliottstarSgt James S. ElliottstarPvt John ElliottstarPvt Roswell L. ElliottstarSgt Samuel H. ElliottstarLt William ElliottstarPvt William H. ElliottstarPvt Alfred EllisstarLt Arthur C. EllisstarPvt Charles S, EllisstarPvt David EllisstarPvt James H. EllisstarPvt John M. EllisstarPvt John R. EllisstarPvt Joseph A. K. B. EllisstarPvt N. B. EllisstarPvt Nathaniel B. EllisstarPvt Samuel T. EllisstarPvt T. G. EllisstarLt Theodore G. EllisstarPvt Warren EllisstarLt ------ EllisonstarPvt Augustus Parks EllisonstarPvt William John EllisonstarLt John L. EllsstarPvt Daniel W. EllsworthstarPvt Frederick EllsworthstarSgt Alfred EllwoodstarCorp Harvey E. ElmorestarPvt Logan C. ElmorestarPvt William ElmorestarSgt Benjamin R. ElsberrystarCorp Andrew ElsdonstarPvt Joshua ElseystarCorp Henry W. ElsworthstarPvt John S. ElterstarPvt Gustav EltermannstarPvt Leroy ElwoodstarCapt George Byron ElystarCorp John ElystarMaj Ralph ElystarASrg William Smith ElystarPvt Charles EmblingstarCorp William EmbreestarPvt Henry EmerichstarCapt John Phillip EmerichstarCapt Charles Smith EmersonstarCorp George M. EmersonstarPvt Samuel EmersonstarLt Augustus F. EmerystarPvt Frederick V. EmerystarPvt Frederick V. EmerystarPvt Jonas EmerystarPvt Simon P. EmerystarSgt John W. EmmettstarPvt Adam EmorystarCapt Abner Vernon England, Jr.starPvt Philip EnglestarPvt S. EnglekingstarCorp William EnglesbergerstarPvt George EnglishstarPvt George EnglishstarPvt James S. EnglishstarPvt James W. EnglishstarPvt John EnglishstarPvt John Redding EnglishstarPvt Luke EnglishstarPvt Mathew EnglishstarPvt Matthew J. EnglishstarPvt J. Belton EnlowstarPvt Joseph S. EnneverstarPvt Edward EnnisstarPvt J. EnnisstarSgt Frederick R. EnostarPvt Marshall EnseystarCapt Wellington Henry EntstarPvt John F. EplerstarPvt Peter EppstarPvt Henry J. EppersonstarCorp John E. EppesstarCorp John A. EptingstarPvt George ErbstarLCdr Henry ErbenstarPvt John W. ErdleystarLt Arthur ErenburgstarPvt Peter EricksonstarPvt Charles W. EriksenstarPvt A. N. ErskinestarPvt Alexander M. ErskinestarPvt Theodore ErskinestarPvt J. S. ErvinstarPvt Robert W. ErvinstarSgt Isaac ErwinstarPvt Thomas ErwinstarPvt William B. ErwinstarPvt Jacob EschenbachstarCapt Benjamin Franklin EshlemanstarPvt David EssexstarPvt George H. EtterstarPvt Benjamin F. EttingerstarCapt John Lewis EubankstarPvt Elisha P. EubanksstarPvt Joseph EubanksstarCol Henry Lawrence EustisstarCorp Archibald Nelson EuwerstarCapt Asa Louis EvansstarPvt Charles EvansstarPvt Charles T. EvansstarPvt Clement EvansstarCol Clement Anselm EvansstarPvt David E. EvansstarPvt Griffith EvansstarCorp Henry D. EvansstarPvt Hugh EvansstarPvt J. L. EvansstarPvt J. T. EvansstarPvt James EvansstarSgt James Hammond EvansstarPvt John EvansstarPvt John G. EvansstarPvt Joseph E EvansstarPvt Leander L. EvansstarPvt Leverett EvansstarBGen Nathan George EvansstarLt Oliver Few EvansstarPvt Robert EvansstarMaj Taliaferro Sidney EvansstarPvt Tyson EvansstarPvt Tyson EvansstarPvt Walter EvansstarCorp William C. EvansstarPvt William H. EvansstarPvt William Kiels EvansstarSgt James EvensstarPvt A. J. EverettstarPvt David EverettstarPvt Edward N. EverettstarPvt G. W. EverettstarPvt Nathan EverettstarPvt Shepard S. EverettstarPvt W. S. EverettstarPvt C. EverhartstarPvt John W EverittstarBGen Richard Stoddert EwellstarPvt William F. EwellstarPvt Edward J. EwensstarPvt George P. EwingstarCol Hugh Boyle EwingstarPvt J. W. EwingstarPvt Levi M. EwingstarPvt Matthew EwingstarPvt David ExlinestarPvt Charles ExnerstarPvt Henry EytonstarLt Cullen R. EzellstarPvt Eldred F. EzellstarSgt William F. EzellstarSgt James E. EzzellstarPvt Patrick FaddenstarPvt James I. FadenstarCapt Ernest F. M. FaehtzstarPvt Bartley FaganstarPvt Richard FaheystarPvt Jacob FahlmanstarSgt George E FahmstarPvt John FailstarPvt Thomas Ransom FainstarPvt Chambers O. FairstarLt Isaac C. FairstarSgt John A. FairbairnstarPvt Henry A. FairbanksstarPvt Allen FairbrotherstarCol Harrison Stiles FairchildstarSgt John G. FairchildstarCol Lucius FairchildstarPvt Wiley FairchildstarSgt George FairfieldstarPvt Samuel FairlystarPvt George FakestarSgt William FalckstarPvt Albert Francis FalesstarSgt John Ignatius FallerstarPvt Lawrence W. FallerstarSgt Robert FalligantstarPvt James FallonstarPvt Lawrence C. FallonstarPvt William FallowsstarPvt Francis FaltzstarPvt Dennis FalveystarPvt William FancherstarPvt Julius FanhdrickstarPvt Henry O FanningstarPvt Theodore FanningstarPvt Elisha S. FargostarCorp Charles William FaringtonstarPvt DeWitt C. FarissstarPvt William Henry FarissstarCorp James FarleystarPvt James FarleystarCorp Patrick H. FarleystarPvt J. A. FarmerstarCorp James B. FarmerstarCorp W. FarmerstarCorp William Whitman FarmerstarPvt Elisha FarnamstarPvt Reuben FarnellstarPvt N. L. FarnhamstarPvt Newell M. FarnhamstarPvt Volney L. FarnhamstarPvt Andrew J. FarnsworthstarCol John Franklin FarnsworthstarPvt David FarrstarPvt William FarradystarPvt James FarraganstarPvt Bartly FarrellstarPvt Denis FarrellstarCorp George W. FarrellstarPvt George Washington FarrellstarPvt Jesse D. FarrellstarPvt John FarrellstarPvt John C. FarrellstarPvt Nicholas FarrellstarPvt Thomas FarrellstarPvt John FarrenstarPvt J. M. FarrisstarLt Thomas D. FarrisstarPvt John FarsonstarSgt James FarvelstarPvt Alonzo FassettstarPvt John J. FassettstarPvt James C. FatsonstarPvt James N. FaucettstarPvt James FaulkstarPvt Albert FaulknerstarPvt Peter FaulknerstarPvt John Garnett FauntleroystarPvt James W. FauststarPvt William E. FauststarLt Josiah Marshall FavillstarPvt Luther Francis FavourstarPvt B. K. FawcettstarPvt George N. FawcettstarPvt Philip FawnhausstarPvt Charles FaystarPvt Jacob FaystarPvt Leonard FaystarPvt Michael FaystarPvt Patrick FaystarPvt William W. FaystarCapt Isaac Ball FeaginstarPvt J. B. FeamsterstarPvt Jabez FeareystarPvt Florendine FeaselstarSgt Edmond Gustave FechetstarPvt Christian FeckstarCorp James FeestarPvt John FeestarPvt Samuel FeestarPvt Patrick FeeleystarPvt Patrick FeeneystarPvt Clark FeglesstarCapt Everard Meade FeildstarSgt Peter FelenstarPvt Henry FelixstarPvt Wesley R. FelkelstarPvt George S. FellebaumstarCol Enoch Q FellowsstarPvt Zacariah B. FellowsstarCapt Abram Morell Feltus, Jr.starPvt Ellis FeltzstarPvt William FeniclestarPvt George H. FennstarPvt J. FenstemackerstarPvt David FenstemakerstarPvt Henry FentonstarCorp James V. FentonstarCorp John H. FentonstarPvt Henry J. P. FergusonstarLt J. N. FergusonstarPvt Marmaduke Edwards FergusonstarPvt Scott M. FergusonstarCorp Uriah L. FergusonstarCorp William FergusonstarPvt William FergusonstarCapt William D. FergusonstarPvt Robert FernaldstarPvt Uriah DuBois FerreestarPvt William B. FerrellstarBGen Edward FerrerostarPvt James H. FerrinstarPvt Daniel FerrisstarCorp Robert Bruce FerrissstarPvt Amos FerrystarSgt William H. FerrystarPvt William FerystarPvt Samuel FeslerstarPvt William FeslerstarPvt Joseph FesmirestarPvt Joseph FesmirestarPvt Sylvanus FessendenstarPvt Clinton FessingtonstarPvt Joseph FettermanstarPvt Wesley FezlerstarPvt Daniel FickstarPvt William FiddlerstarPvt Veit FiegestarLt Chauncey FieldstarPvt Edmund L. FieldstarPvt John FieldstarPvt John A. FieldstarCorp Joshua C. FieldstarPvt Thomas FieldstarCorp Thomas G. FieldstarLt W T FieldstarPvt John FieldingstarPvt Bartholomew FieldsstarPvt Bennett Curby FieldsstarPvt C. H. FieldsstarPvt F. L. FieldsstarPvt George FieldsstarPvt J. F. FieldsstarPvt James B. FieldsstarPvt John S. FieldsstarPvt Myron H. FieldsstarSgt Patrick FieldsstarPvt Henry Stokes FiguresstarCapt Peter Augustus FilbertstarMus James Samuel FilesstarPvt M. M. FilesstarPvt Anthony FilkinsstarLCol James Sullivan FillebrownstarPvt James N. FinanstarLt Isaac FinchstarPvt Ivy A. FinchstarLt James B FinchstarSgt Thomas B. FinchstarPvt Edward FindleystarPvt Gottfield FinemannstarPvt D. F. FingerstarPvt George FinkstarPvt Samuel FinkbonestarPvt William FinkenbinderstarPvt Henry FinkinstarSgt William H. FinlasonstarPvt J. M. FinleystarPvt James Henry FinleystarPvt John Finley, Jr.starSgt William FinlystarPvt Michael FinnstarPvt James FinneganstarPvt Patrick FinneganstarPvt Enoch Berry FinneystarPvt Bernard FinniganstarPvt Hugh FinniganstarPvt Patrick FinniganstarPvt Lanson D. FintonstarCorp Joseph FischerstarPvt Matheus FischerstarPvt Phillip FischerstarLCol John Calvin FiserstarPvt Bennett J. FishstarPvt David A. FishstarPvt Harry FishstarPvt Henry FishstarSgt Latham Avery FishstarCorp Andrew FisherstarCapt Benjamin Franklin FisherstarPvt Clod'y S. M. FisherstarCorp Ira W. FisherstarPvt John B. FisherstarCol Joseph Washington FisherstarPvt Thomas FisherstarPvt Ulysses W. FisherstarPvt William B. FisherstarPvt Charles H. FiskstarPvt Daniel M. FiskstarLt John M. FiskstarPvt Eugene A. FiskestarLt Samuel Wheelock FiskestarCapt Enoch P. FitchstarPvt Van F. FitchstarPvt William D. FithianstarPvt J. R. FitskestarPvt James FittsstarPvt Levi J. FittsstarPvt James FitzgeraldstarSgt James FitzgeraldstarPvt James FitzgeraldstarPvt John FitzgeraldstarPvt John FitzgeraldstarPvt Josiah FitzgeraldstarPvt William FitzgeraldstarPvt John FitzgibbonsstarPvt Patrick FitzgibbonsstarPvt Patrick FitzgibbonsstarLt Robert Hughes FitzhughstarPvt James FitzpatrickstarCapt James C. FitzpatrickstarPvt John FitzpatrickstarSgt John FitzpatrickstarPvt Michael FitzpatrickstarPvt Henry FitzsimmonsstarPvt James H. FitzsimmonsstarPvt John FitzsimmonsstarPvt William S. FitzsimmonsstarPvt William FitzsimonsstarPvt William FlammerstarPvt James FlanaganstarPvt Vincent FlanaganstarPvt Peter FlanaghanstarPvt James S. FlaniganstarPvt Patrick FlaniganstarPvt Andrew C. FlashstarPvt Cornelius FlavinstarPvt Alexander Hamilton FlemingstarPvt Edward FlemingstarPvt Elliott FlemingstarPvt Howard FlemingstarLt James Greenlea FlemingstarPvt Jeremiah FlemingstarLt Nathan Neely FlemingstarCorp Peter FlemingstarPvt R. FlemingstarPvt Thomas FlemingstarLt William Oliver FlemingstarPvt Mark Monroe Fleming, Jr.starPvt David FlemmingstarPvt John M. FlemmingstarPvt Asa FletcherstarPvt Franklin FletcherstarPvt George F. FletcherstarPvt Giles E. FletcherstarPvt Horton FletcherstarPvt James FletcherstarCorp James B. FletcherstarPvt John W FletcherstarCorp Nicholas D. FletcherstarPvt Philander H. FletcherstarPvt Theodore FletcherstarPvt William H. FletcherstarPvt William H. Fletcher, Jr.starCorp Charles FlickstarCorp Henry FliegestarPvt George FlinnstarPvt Frank FlintstarPvt Alvin Flint, Jr.starSgt George L. FlinthamstarPvt Arthur J. FloodstarCorp Edward FloodstarPvt Edward FloodstarPvt John FloodstarPvt Owen A. FloodstarSurg Patrick Henry FloodstarSgt Theodore Lore FloodstarPvt Botolf A. FloomstarSgt Schernitzer FlorangstarCapt Abraham Florentine, Jr.starPvt W. FlourneystarCol Thomas Stanhope FlournoystarPvt Augustus FlowerstarPvt Benjamin FlowersstarPvt James B FlowersstarPvt Nathan O FlowersstarSgt Chance M FloydstarPvt Charles E. FloydstarLt Joseph C. FloydstarPvt Osgood F. FloydstarCol Richard Ferdinand FloydstarPvt William F. FloydstarMaj DeLancey Floyd-JonesstarPvt Peter FlummersfieldstarSgt Oliver FlusserstarPvt Arthur V. FlynnstarPvt Cornelius FlynnstarCorp Francis FlynnstarPvt John FlynnstarPvt John C. FlynnstarPvt Michael FlynnstarCorp Thomas FlynnstarPvt Clinton FobesstarPvt Lewis V. FochtstarCorp Benjamin E. FoggstarCivilian Isabella Morrison FoggstarPvt Theodore Turner FoglestarPvt Richard FohlstarCorp Andrew M FoleystarSgt Cornelius FoleystarPvt John FoleystarLt John H. FoleystarPvt Maurice FoleystarPvt Morgan FoleystarMus Charles F. FolgerstarLt Henry H. FolgerstarPvt Edward FolkmerstarPvt George FolmesbystarCol R W FolsomstarPvt F. FoltegestarPvt Samuel FoltegestarPvt Richard FoltsstarPvt Patrick FomanstarPvt Charles FondystarPvt C. M. FontenberrystarPvt Theophile FontenotstarPvt Charles A. FontsstarPvt George W. FoorstarPvt James Dudley FooshestarCorp John Coleman FooshestarPvt Eugene FootestarSgt George Augustus Foote, Jr.starCorp Andrew J. ForbesstarCivilian Edwin ForbesstarPvt John H. ForbesstarPvt Martin J. ForbesstarSgt Oliver ForbesstarPvt H. Smiley ForbisstarCorp Hugh Rufus ForbisstarMaj George B. ForcestarPvt Charles FordstarPvt Elliott W. FordstarPvt Henry FordstarSgt Henry J. FordstarPvt J. G. FordstarPvt James FordstarLt James W. FordstarPvt John FordstarPvt John W. FordstarPvt Joseph H. FordstarPvt Samuel FordstarPvt Samuel C. FordstarPvt Stephen H. FordstarCol Thomas H FordstarPvt William F. FordstarPvt William F. FordstarPvt William N. FordstarPvt Isaac ForeacrestarCapt Walter ForehandstarPvt Joel ForesterstarPvt Richard ForneystarCol Henry FornostarPvt J. Roe ForreststarPvt Nathaniel I. ForreststarPvt James ForsythstarPvt Jesse R. FortstarPvt Sylvester FortstarPvt Jacob FortnerstarPvt W. P. FortsonstarPvt Henry M. FossstarCorp John FossstarCorp John F. FossstarPvt John L. FossstarPvt Robert M. FossettstarPvt Samuel FossettstarCapt Alfred Harrison FosterstarPvt Ansel J. FosterstarPvt Charles FosterstarPvt Charles G. FosterstarPvt E. G. FosterstarLt Eli M. FosterstarPvt Frank M. FosterstarPvt Gilbert B. FosterstarPvt Gustine FosterstarCorp Isaiah FosterstarPvt Israel A. FosterstarPvt Jacob Flavel FosterstarCorp James Anthony FosterstarCorp John D. FosterstarPvt Milton FosterstarPvt Norman O. FosterstarPvt Philip H. FosterstarPvt Robert FosterstarPvt Robert Thomas FosterstarPvt Sanford FosterstarPvt Sylvester FosterstarPvt William FosterstarSgt William H. FosterstarPvt John Foster, Jr.starCorp M. J. FountainstarSgt Frederick Wilhelm FoutstarPvt Jacob FowlestarPvt Allison FowlerstarLt Edwin Weeks FowlerstarPvt F. H. FowlerstarCorp Francis A. FowlerstarLCol Henry FowlerstarPvt Henry C. FowlerstarPvt James Wiley FowlerstarSgt Louis FowlerstarPvt P. O. FowlerstarSgt Richard FowlerstarPvt Thomas FowlerstarPvt Walter S. FowlerstarPvt William FowlerstarPvt Erred FowlesstarPvt William B. FowlesstarLt Armstreet E. FowlkesstarPvt Aaron FoxstarSgt Chakley FoxstarLt Charles Barnard FoxstarPvt Hiram H. FoxstarCorp James FoxstarPvt James H. FoxstarPvt Jerrold FoxstarLt John Andrews FoxstarPvt Joseph FoxstarPvt Richard FoxstarSgt Richard FoxstarPvt Silas S. FoxstarPvt Stephen FoxstarPvt William FoxstarSgt William FoxstarLt Thomas Bayley Fox, Jr.starPvt John P. FraleystarPvt James B. FramestarPvt Joseph B. FramestarPvt John FrancestarCol Richard Hansen FranchotstarPvt Eli Samuel FrancisstarPvt Henry FrancisstarCapt James FrancisstarPvt John Wesley FrancisstarLt Nathaniel Thomas FrancisstarPvt Henry R. FranciscostarPvt Jacob FrankstarCapt John D FrankstarCol Paul FrankstarCapt Royal Thaxter FrankstarPvt George K. FranklinstarPvt Mumford L. FranklinstarMGen William Buel FranklinstarPvt William T. FranklinstarPvt Herman FranksstarSgt John W. FranksstarCapt R. H. FranksstarCorp Rufus B. FranksstarPvt Otho FranschstarPvt William FrantzstarPvt Peter FranzstarPvt John Bath FrasherstarPvt Jacob FraunauburgstarCapt Richard Edgar FrayserstarSgt Charles FrazerstarPvt Peter FrazerstarPvt Frederick L. FraziestarPvt James FrazierstarPvt John FrazierstarPvt John FrazierstarPvt K. L. FrazierstarSgt Peter N. FrazierstarPvt William E. FredenburgstarPvt Aaron FrederickstarPvt John FrederickstarPvt William FrederickstarPvt Alonzo FreemanstarPvt Clement L. FreemanstarPvt Daniel W. FreemanstarPvt Henry T. FreemanstarPvt Isaac FreemanstarPvt James C. FreemanstarPvt James S. FreemanstarPvt John C. FreemanstarPvt Matt F. FreemanstarPvt Stephen FreemanstarCorp William W. FreemanstarLt Joseph F. FreidbergstarPvt William FreidenburgstarPvt Edwin FrenchstarLt Frank Sands FrenchstarSgt George H. FrenchstarPvt John M FrenchstarPvt Jonathan L. FrenchstarPvt Joseph S. FrenchstarCapt Thomas B FrenchstarPvt W. A. FrenchstarBGen William Henry FrenchstarPvt Armand FreretstarPvt Joseph C. FrettsstarPvt Gustav August FreudenthalstarPvt Henry FreudenthalstarPvt Alexander FreystarPvt Frederick FreystarPvt Frederick FreystarCorp Frederick FreystarLt Adolph FrickstarCol Jacob G FrickstarPvt Henry FridaystarPvt Hilliard J. FridaystarSgt Leo FriedlanderstarPvt William FriedleystarPvt Alexander FrierstarPvt Adolph FriesstarPvt Frederick FriesstarPvt Elmore B. FrinkstarPvt Albert FrisbiestarSgt William FriststarPvt Christian H. FrittsstarCorp Jeremiah FritzstarPvt Lewis FritzstarPvt Philip FritzstarPvt Richard FritzstarMaj Bushrod Washington FrobelstarPvt John W. FrodinestarPvt Charles C. FroststarPvt Edward M. FroststarPvt H. FroststarPvt Oswin S. FroststarCol Birkett Davenport FrystarPvt Conrad FrystarPvt George FrystarPvt Isaac FrystarPvt John FrystarPvt Joseph FrystarPvt Samuel FrybergerstarPvt Daniel M. FryestarPvt John A.D. FryestarPvt L. FulcherstarPvt J. E. FulgumstarPvt James Wesley FulkersonstarLt Adolphus Augustus FullerstarPvt Andrew FullerstarPvt B. H. FullerstarLt B. Pugh FullerstarPvt Benjamin R. FullerstarSgt Charles Augustus FullerstarPvt Dennis M. FullerstarPvt Edwin T. FullerstarCapt Eugene P. FullerstarPvt Franklin FullerstarPvt George J. FullerstarSgt Heber FullerstarPvt Henry FullerstarLt Henry Y. FullerstarPvt Hubert N. FullerstarPvt J. M. FullerstarPvt J. S. FullerstarPvt James B. FullerstarSgt John Cook FullerstarPvt Joseph FullerstarPvt Joseph B. FullerstarCorp Oliver C. FullerstarPvt Sanford K. FullerstarPvt Selden FullerstarPvt Thomas FullerstarPvt Vinson W. FullerstarPvt W. W. FullerstarPvt William FullerstarPvt William A. FullerstarPvt William Benton FullerstarPvt Charles FullertonstarPvt John FullertonstarPvt John B. FullertonstarCorp Hillman P. FullilovestarCorp John Monteith FullumstarPvt Henry Junius FulmerstarPvt Hiram FulmerstarPvt William E.C. FulmerstarPvt Emanuel FulpstarPvt Russell FulpstarPvt Charles L. FultonstarPvt Robert FultonstarSgt William J. FultonstarPvt Daniel Archibald FulwoodstarPvt Augustus H. FunckstarPvt George FunkstarSgt George FunstonstarCapt Nehemiah T. FurbishstarPvt Alonzo FurbushstarPvt Henry FurdererstarSgt Daniel P. FurgersonstarPvt L. R. FurgusonstarPvt Patrick FurlongstarPvt Charles T. FurlowstarPvt Nathan FurmanstarSgt Thomas FurnaldstarPvt Charles FurrystarPvt George FusenfeldtstarPvt John FutchstarPvt Ehrhard FutererstarPvt Harman H. GabbertstarPvt William L. GabestarPvt Lewis GadbanstarPvt Nicholas A. GaffneystarPvt Asahel GagestarPvt Charles C. GagestarPvt Charles F. GagestarPvt John N. GagebystarPvt G. GagewstarSgt Bartholomew GahagenstarMaj Franklin GaillardstarCorp John GainerstarPvt Charles GalagerstarPvt George W. GalestarPvt Henry T. GalestarPvt Josiah B. GalestarPvt L. W. GalestarLt Walter GalestarPvt Charles GallagherstarPvt Daniel GallagherstarPvt Dennis GallagherstarPvt Hugh GallagherstarPvt Hugh GallagherstarCorp James GallagherstarPvt James H. GallagherstarPvt John GallagherstarPvt John GallagherstarPvt John GallagherstarSgt John GallagherstarPvt John GallagherstarPvt Marks GallagherstarPvt Thomas GallagherstarCol Thomas Foster GallagherstarPvt William B. GallemorestarPvt Jonathan R. GalleystarPvt Patrick GalliganstarPvt David Frederick GallmanstarPvt Henry Caspar George GallmanstarPvt John GallowaystarPvt Warren GallupstarPvt Charles H. GalpinstarLt Charles W. GalpinstarPvt R. R. GaltstarCorp Truman GalushastarPvt Michael GalvinstarPvt William GalvinstarPvt G. J. GalwaystarSgt Thomas Francis De Burgh GalweystarPvt John C. GamagestarPvt Marcelus Augustus GammelstarPvt Robert GammellstarSgt John Baptiste GandolfostarPvt Blackshear GandystarPvt Francis M GandystarPvt John Matthews GandystarPvt Samuel GandystarPvt David GannstarCorp William GannonstarLt Henry Sanford GansevoortstarPvt James Edwin GarabrantstarPvt Moses H. GarabrantstarPvt Coady GarahstarLt Asher Waterman GarberstarCapt Hugh Richardson GardenstarPvt Joseph GardinellestarPvt Robert B. GardinerstarPvt William GardinerstarCivilian Alexander GardnerstarPvt C. D. GardnerstarCorp Daniel S. GardnerstarCorp Franklin GardnerstarSgt Garretson GardnerstarSgt George W. GardnerstarSgt Gustavus B. GardnerstarPvt J. W. GardnerstarCorp James GardnerstarPvt James GardnerstarPvt John GardnerstarPvt Lansom M. GardnerstarPvt Rev. T. R. GardnerstarLCol Robert Davison GardnerstarPvt Thomas S. GardnerstarPvt Samuel H. GarfieldstarPvt John W. GarlandstarPvt Nathanial GarlandstarSgt T. M. GarlandstarCorp Winslow O. GarlandstarBGen Samuel Garland Jr.starPvt Franklin GarlaughstarCorp Franklin R. GarlockstarPvt E. M. GarnerstarPvt Frederick J. GarnerstarPvt James GarnerstarPvt J. GarnettstarBGen Richard Brooke GarnettstarPvt J. R. GarrstarPvt Charles T. GarrardstarPvt Sidney GarrellstarCorp Charles K. GarretsonstarCapt David W GarrettstarPvt Levi GarrettstarCapt Thomas Miles GarrettstarPvt W. GarretystarPvt Milton GarrinstarPvt Jacob M. GarrisstarPvt W. B. GarrisstarCapt N J GarrisonstarPvt Thomas GarrisonstarSgt Thomas Nehemiah GarrisonstarPvt James B. GarrissstarPvt Robert GarrowaystarPvt William GarrystarSgt Virgil A. GarthstarPvt John GartlandstarSgt John GartlandstarPvt Joseph GartostarPvt George GarveystarPvt James GarveystarSgt James GarveystarPvt T. J GarvinstarPvt J. H. GarystarPvt Jesse GarystarLCol Martin Witherspoon GarystarPvt Otho GashstarLt Daniel D GaskinsstarPvt Lemuel GaskinsstarPvt William GaskinsstarPvt G. W. GasquestarPvt Franklin A. GassettstarPvt Thomas R. GassettstarPvt William H. GassettstarSgt James H. GasterstarLt Robert Hugh GastonstarCapt William Henry GastonstarCorp Eli GatchellstarCorp Alvah GatesstarPvt Andrew GatesstarPvt George H. GatesstarPvt Gustavus M. GatesstarPvt James GatesstarPvt Lorenzo GatesstarLCol Theodore Burr GatesstarPvt Henry GathersstarPvt Joseph B. GathrightstarPvt J. N. GaultstarPvt G. W. GausnellstarPvt Gerand GauthierstarPvt Michael GavinstarPvt Patrick GavinstarPvt Bennet GaystarCapt Edward H. GaystarCorp Freeman C. GaystarLt George Adams GaystarCorp George J. GaystarPvt James W. GaystarPvt John GaystarLt John T. GaystarPvt Matthew GaystarPvt William Franklin GaystarCol Bristor Brown GaylestarPvt Rees Darrington GaylestarPvt Augustus GaylordstarPvt Edward GaylordstarLt William R. GaylordstarCorp Davis GearystarPvt Francis GearystarSgt Jacob GeayerstarPvt Charles H. GeestarPvt John W. GeestarPvt Thomas N. GeestarPvt William A. GeestarPvt Michael GeehanstarPvt Nelson GeerstarPvt William GeerstarCorp Nicholas GeibstarPvt John GeibersstarPvt Jacob GeibigstarPvt John GeibigstarPvt G. J. GeigerstarLt Henry C. GeigerstarPvt Frederick GeinerstarPvt Edward GeiselstarCorp James GeiserstarCorp Jacob GeisselstarPvt Frederick GeitlingstarPvt Theodore GelbartstarSgt Joseph Wiley GelraystarPvt James GenganstarPvt William GennstarLt Ira F. GenselstarPvt George GentholfstarPvt George GentlestarPvt J. W. GentrystarPvt Adam GeorgestarLt George W. GeorgestarPvt J. Andrew GeorgestarPvt John GeorgestarSgt Pliny M. GeorgestarPvt William GeorgestarPvt Philip GeorgesstarPvt Valentine GepfertstarPvt Martin GeraghtystarPvt Michael GeraghtystarPvt John GerardstarPvt Jacob GerenflowstarLCol Joseph GerhardtstarPvt Henry GerischstarLt Robert GeroldstarPvt George C. GerouldstarCorp Michael GerrinstarPvt Nicholas GestbentstarPvt Harlow D. GetchellstarPvt William H. GetmanstarCol George Washington GettystarPvt James C. GeurinstarSgt John S. GhriststarPvt Davis A. GibbstarPvt John GibberdstarBGen John GibbonstarCapt Nicholas Biddle GibbonstarPvt Anderson G. GibbonsstarPvt Anthony GibbonsstarCapt Elijah W. GibbonsstarPvt Henry J. GibbonsstarPvt James GibbonsstarPvt James H. GibbonystarPvt Andrew GibbsstarPvt Benjamin S. GibbsstarPvt Manfred M. GibbudstarPvt John GiblinstarPvt Thomas GibneystarPvt --- GibsonstarSgt Daniel GibsonstarPvt David GibsonstarCapt George W. GibsonstarPvt Henry GibsonstarCapt Horatio Gates GibsonstarPvt John GibsonstarPvt John GibsonstarLCol Jonathan Catlett GibsonstarPvt Lemuel W. GibsonstarPvt Nelson W. GibsonstarPvt Rufus B. GibsonstarPvt William GibsonstarCol William GibsonstarPvt Friedrich GierstarCorp Ferdinand GieslerstarPvt Thomas E. GiffinstarPvt Joseph S. GiffordstarCorp Edmund D. GilbertstarSgt Edward GilbertstarPvt George GilbertstarPvt George Dewitt GilbertstarPvt H. E. GilbertstarPvt H. E. GilbertstarPvt J. R. GilbertstarPvt James E. GilbertstarPvt Samuel L. GilbertstarPvt Theodore GilbertstarPvt Thomas J. GilbertstarLt William Gordon GilbertstarPvt Edward GildaystarLCol George W. GilestarPvt David A GilesstarPvt James M. GilesstarPvt Lemuel A. GilesstarPvt Thomas GilesstarPvt Valerius Cincinnatus GilesstarPvt Patrick GilfoilstarPvt M. GilhulystarPvt A. W. GillstarPvt Joseph GillstarPvt Thomas GillstarLt William T. GillstarSgt Cornelius GillenstarCapt Daniel F. GillenstarPvt Josiah GillenstarPvt ------ GillerystarPvt James GillespiestarCorp James GillespiestarPvt Robert GillespiestarPvt Shade G. GillespiestarPvt Thomas C. GillespiestarPvt Thomas G. GillespiestarPvt Edward S. GilletstarPvt Charles H. GillettstarPvt Marcus GillettestarCapt Robert GillettestarPvt John GilleystarPvt John M. GillicanstarPvt Charles GilliganstarCorp Thomas GilliganstarPvt Andrew H. GillisstarPvt J. P. GillisstarPvt James A. GillisstarPvt Joseph GillisstarPvt Henry GillmanstarPvt Alvin GilmanstarPvt George H. GilmanstarPvt Benjamin F. GilmerstarPvt George E. GilmerstarPvt James GilmerstarCapt Harry W. GilmorstarPvt Benjamin F. GilmorestarCapt John Curtis GilmorestarCorp Otis GilmorestarPvt Reuben E. GilpatrickstarPvt Nathaniel GilpinstarPvt James GilroystarPvt Owen GilroystarMaj Lewis GinterstarPvt William GintherstarPvt Christian GintzstarPvt William G. GissellstarSgt Thomas GivenstarPvt John P. GivensstarPvt William M. GivensstarLt William A. GivlerstarMus Daniel Palmer GladdingstarPvt Timothy GladdingstarSgt Frederick GlaserstarCapt E. Jones GlassstarSgt John GlassstarPvt Thomas Coke GlassstarPvt Thomas A GlasscockstarPvt Philip GlasserstarPvt John A. GlassfordstarPvt Lawrence GlattystarPvt John GlazestarPvt Fritz GlazierstarPvt Henry H. GlazierstarPvt Charles A. GleasonstarPvt Edward GleasonstarCorp James GleasonstarPvt William GleasonstarSgt Patrick GleespinstarCorp John G. GlendenningstarLt Edwin Atlee GlennstarCorp J. H. GlennstarLCol Luther Judson GlennstarPvt P. P. GlennstarPvt George GlessmanstarPvt Gottfried GlessmanstarPvt John T. GlimsdahlstarLt Joseph GloskowskistarMaj Thomas Coke GloverstarSgt Thomas J. GloverstarSgt William Walker GloverstarPvt Frederick GluthstarSgt Henry Perkins GoddardstarPvt Isaac T. GodfreystarPvt S. D. GodfreystarPvt James GodwinstarPvt Mathias GoemstarPvt Michael GoensstarPvt Martin GoenschstarSgt George S. GoffstarSgt Isaac West GoforthstarPvt W. C. GoforthstarPvt E. B. GoingstarPvt A. M. GoingsstarPvt John J. Golding, Jr.starPvt P. R. GoldsbystarPvt Daniel R. GoldsmithstarPvt C. GolicklystarCapt Jacob Burner GolladaystarPvt Jonathan H. GombertstarLt George S. GongestarPvt Christian GoodstarCorp John S. GoodstarPvt Michael GoodstarCorp Robert GoodstarCol Edmund GoodestarPvt William T. GoodestarPvt Thomas Watkins GoodenoughstarPvt William H GoodingstarCorp Vivian GoodloestarPvt Henry J. GoodmanstarPvt Mabery GoodmanstarPvt W. T. GoodmanstarPvt Jonathan C. GoodnoughstarPvt Allen GoodrichstarCol William Bingham GoodrichstarPvt William C. GoodrichstarPvt William H. GoodrichstarPvt A. GoodroystarCorp Edward W. GoodsellstarSgt David Judson Goodsell, Jr.starPvt Arthur GoodwinstarLt Charles A. GoodwinstarSgt Flavell H. GoodwinstarLt George F. GoodwinstarSgt Ivory GoodwinstarLt Archibald Madison GordonstarPvt D. Morgan GordonstarCapt George Alexander GordonstarBGen George Henry GordonstarPvt J. GordonstarPvt James F. GordonstarCol John Brown GordonstarPvt Thomas GordonstarPvt Thomas GordonstarPvt W. Z. GordonstarPvt William H. GordonstarPvt J. W. Hogen GordystarPvt Moses GordystarLt Thomas Jewett GoreestarLt John B. GoreystarPvt James S. GorhamstarPvt James GormanstarPvt James B. GormanstarLt John Calvin GormanstarPvt Martin GormanstarPvt Patrick GormanstarBGen Willis Arnold GormanstarPvt William GormleystarPvt Jacob GornerstarPvt Charles GorrellstarPvt Charles GortonstarPvt George W. GosnellstarLt Charles GossstarPvt William GossstarLt John J. GossonstarSgt Leo GotschstarPvt Henry R. GotwaltsstarPvt Eli GoughstarPvt George GouglerstarPvt Daniel GouldstarMaj Jacob Parker GouldstarLt John Mead GouldstarPvt Samuel S. GouldstarPvt Uriah GouldstarCorp Wesley GouldstarPvt Alexander B. GouldmanstarPvt Edward Franklin GouldmanstarPvt R. A. GouldmanstarPvt John E. GoundrystarSgt George S. GourleystarCapt John C. GoversstarPvt Anson GoveystarLt George Washington GowenstarPvt A. W. D. GowerstarPvt Robert GrabackstarPvt William B. GrabillstarCorp Michael GracestarMaj W L GracestarPvt Jesse GraddickstarSgt George GradystarPvt Heinrich GraeberstarPvt Jacob GraeffstarPvt Charles GraeterstarPvt John GrafstarSgt Charles Creston GrahamstarPvt David H. GrahamstarPvt David P. GrahamstarCorp George C. GrahamstarCorp James Augustus GrahamstarPvt John C. O. GrahamstarSgt John L. GrahamstarLt Matthew John GrahamstarPvt Richard GrahamstarPvt Robert M. GrahamstarCapt William Montrose GrahamstarPvt Rudolph GrahnstarPvt Gustave GraichenstarPvt Martin GramlichstarCorp George GrandallstarPvt Charles GrangerstarPvt Irvin A. GrangerstarPvt Louis Edwin GrangerstarLt Frederick W. GrannisstarPvt Addison GrantstarPvt Alexander GrantstarSgt Frederick GrantstarSurg Gabriel GrantstarPvt George W. GrantstarLt John GrantstarPvt John GrantstarPvt John S. GrantstarCol Lewis Addison GrantstarPvt Matthew GrantstarPvt Richard GrantstarLt Robert GrantstarPvt Safford A. GrantstarPvt Thomas GrantstarCorp William GrantstarCorp Elijah T GranthamstarPvt Charles GrassstarLt George Gilmer GrattanstarLt George G. GrattonstarSgt William GratzstarPvt Frank GraveldingerstarPvt Amos M. GravesstarLCol Frank GravesstarPvt Horace GravesstarCapt J. P. GravesstarLt Janvrin W. GravesstarPvt Major G. GravesstarPvt Richard GravesstarPvt Samuel GravesstarPvt Wallace G. GravesstarPvt Ferdinand GrawestarPvt Charles GraystarPvt Daniel B. GraystarPvt J. A. GraystarPvt John GraystarPvt John Robert GraystarCorp John W. GraystarPvt Joseph GraystarPvt Q. D. GraystarPvt Richard G. GraystarPvt Samuel E. B. GraystarPvt William GraystarCorp William GraystarSgt William E. GraystarCorp William H. GraystarPvt William W. GraystarMaj Tully GraybillstarPvt William H. GreasonstarPvt James GreeginstarPvt Ezra GreekstarCorp Adolphus Washington GreelystarPvt A. G. GreenstarPvt Aaron GreenstarPvt Alfred R. GreenstarPvt Benjamin GreenstarPvt Charles J. GreenstarSgt Chester A. GreenstarSgt Ephraim GreenstarPvt Frank GreenstarSgt Gilman GreenstarPvt J. T. GreenstarPvt Jacob GreenstarPvt James GreenstarCorp James E. GreenstarPvt John GreenstarCapt John GreenstarPvt John H. GreenstarPvt John M. GreenstarPvt John S. GreenstarLt Joseph W. GreenstarPvt Mountain Lemuel GreenstarPvt Noah S. GreenstarPvt Robert GreenstarPvt S. C. GreenstarCorp Samuel GreenstarCorp Samuel S. GreenstarCorp Simon P. GreenstarPvt Thomas GreenstarPvt William GreenstarPvt William GreenstarPvt William GreenstarPvt Rinehart GreenawaltstarPvt Albert C. GreenestarMus Alpheus Lorenzo GreenestarCorp Benjamin C. GreenestarBGen George Sears GreenestarMus Joseph Carpenter GreenestarMaj Oliver Davis GreenestarPvt Seley D. GreenestarPvt S. W. GreeningstarSgt Walter Wright GreenlandstarPvt Henry C. GreenmanstarPvt William GreentreestarSgt Abner R. GreenwoodstarPvt Gilbert H. GreenwoodstarPvt John C. GreenwoodstarPvt J. C. C. GreerstarPvt James GreerstarPvt Thomas R. GreesonstarCapt Henry H. GreggstarCapt James E. GreggstarBGen Maxcy GreggstarCorp Solomon GreggstarPvt Alonzo E. GregorystarPvt E GregorystarCol Edgar Mantlebert GregorystarPvt James W. GregorystarPvt Philip GregorystarCapt William T. GregorystarLt Theodore W GreigstarPvt J. C. GreirstarSgt Thomas R. GrenanstarCorp Ignatz GresserstarPvt Robert GreystarCorp James GribonsstarLt Hardy Floyd GricestarPvt R. GriffstarPvt Bryant Calvin GriffinstarBGen Charles GriffinstarCorp Charles J. GriffinstarPvt Daniel GriffinstarPvt Elihu Clayton GriffinstarPvt Elihu Watts GriffinstarLt H. H. GriffinstarPvt Israel GriffinstarPvt James R. GriffinstarPvt John GriffinstarPvt John S. GriffinstarPvt John W. GriffinstarPvt N. T. GriffinstarPvt Patrick GriffinstarCol Simon Goodell GriffinstarLt W. B. GriffinstarPvt William F. GriffinstarPvt William Henry GriffinstarCapt Andrew J GriffithstarPvt James H. GriffithstarCorp Jeremiah GriffithstarPvt John GriffithstarPvt Milton J. GriffithstarPvt Robert W. GriffithstarPvt Frederick GriffithsstarPvt John GriffithsstarPvt Rudolph GriggleystarPvt Morgan GriggsstarPvt T. B. GriggsstarCol Andrew Jackson GrigsbystarCapt Rhyden GrigsbystarPvt Charles GrilhistarPvt Casper GrillastarPvt John D. GrimstarPvt T. J. GrimstarCol Bryan GrimesstarCapt Cary (Carey) F GrimesstarCorp William H. GrimesstarPvt William E. J. GrissettstarPvt Gardner G. GriswoldstarPvt Loren S. GriswoldstarPvt Russell GriswoldstarPvt R. GrittenstarPvt Jacob GritzlerstarLt John P. GrizzlestarPvt Philip GrodwantstarLt Michael GroganstarPvt Thomas R. GroganstarPvt August GrossstarPvt Phillip A. GrossstarPvt Franz GrosserstarPvt Joseph GrosvenorstarSgt Samuel E. GrosvenorstarPvt George W. GrovestarPvt H. GrovestarPvt William P. GrovestarCorp Hazel L. GroverstarMaj Ira G GroverstarPvt William GroverstarPvt D. GrubbstarPvt H. GrubbstarSgt Henry W. GrubbsstarSgt John J GrubbsstarPvt Joseph GruberstarPvt M. GrubnestarPvt R. Pinkney GrumblesstarPvt William Winston GrumblesstarPvt John GrunerstarPvt Henry GrunnellstarPvt Conrad GuardlockstarSgt James GubbinsstarPvt Douglas D. GuerrystarLt William Gaston GuessstarPvt Benjamin GueststarPvt Peter GuffnestarSgt Charles E. GuildstarSurg LaFayette GuildstarPvt Arstile GuillorystarPvt Able GuilloustarCol Patrick Robert GuineystarPvt James Miller GuinnstarPvt John B. GuinnstarMus John GuinnessstarPvt Samuel GuistwitestarCorp Jackson GuldinstarPvt Abram N. GundermanstarPvt E. N. GunnstarPvt Henry GunnstarPvt Henry N. GunnstarSgt James D. GunnstarCapt George Martin GunnelsstarPvt Thomas GunningstarSgt Demetrius C. GunterstarLt Hugh A. GunterstarPvt William H. H. GunterstarCorp John GurlstarPvt Alfred Valerie GusmanstarPvt H. C. GustenstarCapt Richard GustinstarPvt William GuthstarPvt Harrison GuthriestarPvt William GuthriestarPvt William James GuthriestarPvt Frederick GuttermuthstarLCol James GwynstarPvt Martin HaackestarPvt Henry HaasstarCapt Jacob Washington HaasstarPvt H. C. HaberackerstarPvt J. W. HackenburgstarPvt Charles HackerstarPvt John HackerstarPvt Andrew HackettstarSgt Edward HackettstarPvt William W. HackettstarSgt Thomas James HadleystarPvt R. R. HadmansstarCapt Wesley HadspethstarPvt Charles HaedlerstarPvt Christian HafnerstarPvt John S. HafnerstarLt Frederick HaganstarPvt James HaganstarSgt John H. HaganstarPvt Edward HagarstarPvt James J. HagerstarCorp Charles HagermanstarPvt John J. HaggertystarPvt Julius M. HaglerstarPvt Robert M. HagoodstarPvt Adam HahnstarPvt Martin HahnstarPvt J. Gray HaidenstarCorp Charles B. HaightstarPvt Jesse M. HailstarPvt George HainesstarPvt Roger B. HainesstarPvt Thomas HainesstarPvt Thomas HainesstarLt Peter Conover HainsstarPvt William HairstarCorp George F. HalbertstarMaj Isaac Lawrence HaldemanstarPvt William H. HaldemanstarSgt Charles Austin HalestarPvt Drury H. HalestarPvt George C. HalestarCapt Henry Appleton HalestarPvt John A. HalestarPvt John W. HalestarPvt Nathan HalestarPvt William E. HalestarMaj Samuel Saunders Hale, Jr.starPvt Charles A. HaleystarPvt John HaleystarPvt Timothy HaleystarPvt Adna Penniman HallstarPvt Albert HallstarPvt Charles HallstarPvt Charles A. HallstarPvt Daniel HallstarPvt E. S. HallstarCol Edward Dudley HallstarPvt Franklin J. HallstarPvt Fred A. HallstarPvt George B. HallstarPvt George H. HallstarPvt George T. HallstarPvt Henry HallstarLt Henry C HallstarCapt Henry Seymour HallstarPvt James HallstarPvt James S. HallstarPvt Jeremiah S. HallstarPvt John HallstarCapt Michael HallstarPvt Miles F. HallstarCol Norman Jonathan HallstarPvt Patrick H. HallstarPvt Samuel A. HallstarPvt Samuel A. HallstarPvt Thomas A. HallstarPvt Thomas J. HallstarSgt Thomas L. HallstarPvt William A. HallstarPvt William H. HallstarPvt William J. HallstarPvt William M. HallstarPvt William S. HallstarPvt John HallahanstarPvt Michael HallahanstarPvt B. A. HallamstarPvt Charles B. HalleckstarPvt G. HallerstarMaj Granville Owen HallerstarPvt Michael HalleystarPvt M. C. HallidastarPvt Michael HalloranstarPvt George W. HallowellstarPvt Joseph HallowellstarPvt L. HallowellstarSgt John N. HallowesstarPvt D. H. HallumstarPvt Charles T. HalseystarCapt Don Peters HalseystarSgt Edmund R. HalsteadstarPvt Abbott D. HaltstarPvt Stephen HamstarSgt James H. HamanstarPvt Charles HambrechtstarPvt John HambystarSgt W. P. HambystarPvt William R. HambystarPvt William Turner HamerstarPvt Samuel HamillstarCorp Arthur D. HamiltonstarPvt Charles T. HamiltonstarSgt D. H. HamiltonstarSgt Everard J. HamiltonstarLt Frank Brown HamiltonstarPvt George B.F. HamiltonstarPvt Hancey HamiltonstarPvt Hugh HamiltonstarLt J. C. HamiltonstarLt James HamiltonstarPvt James HamiltonstarPvt Joseph HamiltonstarPvt Otis H. HamiltonstarCorp Samuel G. HamiltonstarMaj Samuel P HamiltonstarPvt William HamiltonstarCapt Daniel Heyward Hamilton, JrstarCol Daniel Heyward Hamilton, SrstarPvt James HamlinstarPvt William H. HammstarCorp Henry HammelstarPvt John HammerstarPvt John HammerstarPvt John HammerstarLCol William W HammerslystarSgt William H. HammettstarPvt Lewis T. HammockstarPvt R. HammonstarPvt Charles HammondstarPvt Elias H. HammondstarPvt Stephen L. HammontreestarCapt Robert Brown HamptonstarBGen Wade HamptonstarPvt Thomas H. HamricstarPvt James HamrickstarCorp Ephnam HamsonstarSgt Michael HanburystarPvt George W. HancestarPvt Harrison HancestarPvt Henry H. HanchettstarCorp Edwin R. HancockstarPvt Hardin HancockstarPvt Harrison G HancockstarPvt Henry W HancockstarPvt James B. HancockstarCorp Jeremiah T HancockstarBGen Winfield Scott HancockstarLt Charles H. HandstarPvt John HandstarPvt John HandstarPvt Lawrence HandstarPvt M. M. HandstarLt Samuel P. HandstarPvt Thomas HandstarPvt William H. HandstarPvt Matthew HandleystarPvt Richard HandleystarPvt Richard HandrahanstarPvt David HandystarSgt John T. HandystarPvt E. L. HanesstarPvt Patrick Haney, Sr.starPvt G. M. HangerstarPvt William R. HankinsstarSgt Charles B. HankinsonstarPvt Amos G. HanksstarPvt J. HanksstarPvt O. T. HanksstarPvt James HanleystarPvt William HanleystarSgt Michael HanlonstarPvt John N. HannstarPvt Alexander HannastarSgt Gordon W. HannastarCapt John G. HannastarPvt Nicholas HannastarPvt Thomas L. HannastarPvt W. S. HannastarPvt William O. HannastarPvt Charles HannahstarPvt John HannonstarPvt Mortley HannonstarCorp Patrick HannonstarLt John T. HannumstarPvt Alby HanscombstarPvt Conrad HansenstarPvt John HansonstarPvt John HansonstarPvt John HansonstarPvt John M. HansonstarPvt Nils HansonstarSgt Samuel HansonstarPvt Silas W. HansonstarPvt Wright Joshua HanveystarPvt Benjamin H. HanyonstarPvt Charles H. HapgoodstarLt Andrew G. HapperstarSgt Samuel W. HarbachstarPvt J. R. HarbystarPvt James HardstarCapt John Stuart HardstarCapt Robert Archelaus HardawaystarPvt James Eldridge HardeestarPvt Jesse A HardeestarPvt Joseph J. HardeestarPvt James M. HardinstarPvt John HardinstarPvt John HardingstarPvt Joseph HardingstarPvt William F. HardingstarPvt William H. HardingstarASrg William L. HardingstarPvt C. C. HardisonstarPvt L. W. HardisterstarPvt Bythel HardystarSgt Curtis HardystarPvt Daniel HardystarCorp George E. HardystarPvt Henry C. HardystarPvt Ira HardystarPvt John HardystarCorp Joseph W. HardystarPvt Lewis E. HardystarPvt Oliver HardystarPvt William H. HardystarPvt Daniel HarestarCorp Frank HarestarSgt Isaac HarestarPvt Thomas HarestarPvt Walter J. HarestarPvt Christopher C HargravesstarPvt James R HargravesstarPvt John S. HargreavesstarPvt J. H. HargrovestarPvt Samuel B. HarkenstarPvt Charles HarkinsstarPvt David HarklerodestarPvt James HarknessstarSgt John Harlan, Jr.starCol Edward HarlandstarCapt Andrew T. HarlleestarCol Asher Waterman HarmanstarPvt Henry HarmanstarPvt John HarmanstarMaj John Alexander HarmanstarCol Michael Garber HarmanstarPvt William HarmanstarPvt William H. HarmanstarPvt William H. HarmanstarPvt Emil HarmannstarSgt Cordle D. HarmelingstarCorp Francis HarmerstarPvt Joseph C. HarmerstarSgt Joseph R. HarmerstarCorp Allen S. HarmonstarPvt Eliphus HarmonstarPvt John HarmonstarPvt Michael HarmonstarPvt Milford L. HarmonstarPvt S. H. HarmonstarPvt T. P. HarmonstarPvt Thomas HarmonstarPvt Garrett HarnettstarCapt Frank M. HarneystarCorp Barton P. HarperstarPvt George W. HarperstarPvt H. D. HarperstarPvt J. E HarperstarPvt John R. HarperstarPvt Levi A. HarperstarPvt Thomas W. HarperstarPvt W. H. HarperstarCorp Washington M. HarperstarCapt William Poynot HarperstarPvt Wilson B. HarperstarPvt James HarpsstarPvt Joseph H. HarrellstarPvt Presley W. HarrellstarPvt William R. HarrellstarPvt John HarrenstarPvt David HarriganstarPvt James HarriganstarPvt James HarriganstarPvt J. HarrimanstarPvt Jacob A. HarrimanstarPvt Peter HarringtonstarPvt Abram M. HarrisstarPvt Absalom HarrisstarPvt B. J. HarrisstarPvt Baker P. HarrisstarPvt Charles HarrisstarPvt Charles HarrisstarPvt Charles H. HarrisstarCorp E. J. HarrisstarPvt George HarrisstarPvt George J. HarrisstarPvt George W. HarrisstarPvt J. B. HarrisstarPvt J. H. HarrisstarPvt James HarrisstarPvt James HarrisstarPvt James HarrisstarCol James Alpheus Skidmore HarrisstarLCol John L HarrisstarLt John N. HarrisstarCorp John R. HarrisstarSgt Joseph Hartwell HarrisstarPvt Louis HarrisstarPvt Mark A. HarrisstarPvt Nathaniel B. HarrisstarCapt Nathaniel Harrison HarrisstarCorp Richard HarrisstarSgt Robert HarrisstarPvt Robert HarrisstarSgt Robert HarrisstarCapt Sampson L. HarrisstarPvt Seth Martin HarrisstarPvt Spencer L. HarrisstarCorp Thomas J. HarrisstarPvt W. N. HarrisstarPvt William A. HarrisstarPvt William H. HarrisstarPvt William H. HarrisstarCorp William H. HarrisstarMaj William Terrell HarrisstarPvt Robert Harris, Jr.starCol A T HarrisonstarPvt Bennett HarrisonstarPvt Charles A. HarrisonstarPvt George R. HarrisonstarPvt Henry F. HarrisonstarPvt J. H. HarrisonstarLt James E. HarrisonstarPvt James J. HarrisonstarPvt Joseph M HarrisonstarPvt Joseph W. HarrisonstarPvt Reuben S. HarrisonstarSgt Richard S. HarrisonstarPvt William HarrisonstarLt William Henry HarrisonstarPvt William P. HarrisonstarPvt Charles S. HarroldstarCol William HarrowstarSgt Augustus HarschkampstarPvt Andrew HarshstarSgt Henry B. HarshawstarPvt John G. HarshbargerstarCapt Alexander HartstarPvt Clarence HartstarSgt David H. HartstarPvt Frank HartstarPvt Gustavus A. HartstarPvt Henry HartstarPvt Hubbard Lemuel HartstarCapt James F HartstarPvt Jesse E. HartstarCorp John HartstarPvt Lewi HartstarPvt Matthew HartstarSgt Patrick HartstarPvt Romaine B. HartstarPvt Samuel HartstarPvt Thomas HartstarCorp Thomas HartstarPvt William HartstarLt William W. HartstarPvt Darius HartfordstarPvt Augustus HarthousestarSgt Ernest HartigstarPvt Matthew HartiganstarPvt Joseph HartingstarPvt Robert H. HartleystarPvt William A HartleystarPvt William G. HartleystarPvt William HartlinestarPvt Benjamin HartmanstarPvt Isaiah S. HartmanstarPvt Jacob HartmanstarPvt Louis HartmanstarCorp William H. HartnettstarPvt John HartneystarCol John Frederick HartranftstarPvt Henry L. HartshornstarLt William Ross HartshornestarBGen George Lucas HartsuffstarPvt Richard HartusstarPvt George E. HartwellstarPvt Patrick HartystarSgt John HarveystarCorp Samuel HarveystarPvt Thomas HarveystarPvt William D. HarveystarLt William H. HarveystarPvt James T. HarwellstarPvt John HarwellstarPvt John S. HarwellstarPvt E. HarwoodstarCapt Joseph C. HarwoodstarPvt William HarwoodstarPvt George M. HasbrouckstarSgt Arthur Foote HascallstarPvt Enoch E. HaseltonstarPvt Edward HaskellstarLt Franklin Aretas HaskellstarPvt Joseph E. HaskellstarSgt Marcus M HaskellstarCorp William B. HaskellstarLt William L. HaskellstarPvt Charles Wesley HaskinsstarCorp George Leroy HaskinsstarPvt Thomas HaskinsstarPvt William M. HaskinsstarPvt Robert HassenstarSgt J. M. HassenplugstarPvt Joseph HasslingerstarPvt John J. HastellerstarPvt Frank W. HastingsstarCorp Nahum D. HastingsstarPvt Thomas HastingsstarBGen John Porter HatchstarPvt M. M. HatchstarCol William B HatchstarPvt David HatchellstarPvt W. H. HatcherstarPvt ----- HatchetstarCol John Carroll HatelystarPvt Calvin HathawaystarPvt Charles HathawaystarPvt Henry HathawaystarPvt Henry W. HathawaystarPvt Jesse HathawaystarPvt A. J. HathornstarCorp Edward E. HattonstarPvt Michael HattonstarPvt Wilbur Fisk HaughawoutstarPvt C. M. HaughliterstarPvt Henry Haulenbeck, Jr.starPvt George Washington HaulenbeekstarCorp Charles HauptmanstarPvt Egbert HauserstarSurg Samuel Foster Haven, Jr.starCorp Stephen P. HavensstarLt Levi M. HaverstickstarLt Patrick HavertystarPvt William HawstarPvt Charles B. HawesstarSgt Duty HawkinsstarLt Eugene A. HawkinsstarPvt Fields A. HawkinsstarPvt George H. HawkinsstarPvt James H. HawkinsstarPvt John HawkinsstarPvt John R. HawkinsstarPvt John W. HawkinsstarPvt Joseph HawkinsstarMaj Wells J HawksstarSgt George HawksleystarPvt Edmund B. HawleystarPvt George A. HawleystarCol Joseph Williamson HawleystarPvt Robert A. HawleystarSgt William Henry HawleystarPvt Henry HawnstarPvt William W. HaxtonstarCapt Lamar S. HaystarPvt Roswell HaystarPvt George HayberrystarPvt Charles Henry HaydenstarPvt Frank HaydenstarPvt Franklin L. HaydenstarPvt George HaydenstarPvt James P. HaydenstarPvt Michael HaydenstarCapt Nathaniel HaydenstarPvt Oscar E. HaydenstarPvt Abner HayesstarPvt Cyrus HayesstarPvt Dennis HayesstarPvt Henry HayesstarPvt James Alexander HayesstarPvt James J. HayesstarCorp Jeremiah HayesstarPvt John HayesstarCorp John HayesstarPvt John V. S. HayesstarLCol Joseph HayesstarPvt Michael B. HayesstarLCol Rutherford Birchard HayesstarPvt Seymour HayesstarPvt Thomas HayesstarCorp Thomas HayesstarPvt William B. HayesstarPvt William L. HayesstarPvt Patrick HayleystarPvt Augustine B. HaynesstarPvt Charles E. HaynesstarSgt J. L. HaynesstarPvt Sylvester L. HaynesstarCapt Thomas W. HaynesstarPvt William J. HayniestarPvt Alvin HaysstarSgt Curtis HaysstarBGen Harry Thompson HaysstarPvt M. R. HaysstarLCol William HaysstarPvt William M. HaysstarSgt John Hays, Jr.starPvt James S. HaywardstarSurg John McLean HaywardstarCol Edward Graham HaywoodstarCapt John Gardner HazardstarLt Edwin HazelstarPvt Theodore Laurent HazelmanstarSgt Charles Richard HazenstarPvt Jacob F. HazenstarCapt Thomas R.A. HazlerigstarPvt Moses HazletinestarLt Charles Edward HazlettstarPvt Isaac HazlewoodstarPvt Charles HeadstarSgt Jesse S. HeadstarLt George HeadlerstarPvt William HeadystarPvt Edward HealeystarPvt Edward HeallystarPvt John HealystarPvt George S. HeaneystarCorp Robert HeanystarPvt George F. HeardstarPvt J. R. HeardstarSurg John Theodore HeardstarPvt John HearnstarPvt William HearnestarPvt Bart HeathstarPvt George E. HeathstarCorp Jeremiah HeathstarCorp John W. HeathstarSgt Lewis Bennett HeathstarPvt T. B. HeathstarSgt Joseph HeathcockstarPvt Henry J. Amor HebardstarPvt George HebronstarPvt John J. HecklerstarPvt H. HeckmanstarPvt James HecksstarPvt J. HectrickstarPvt Christian HedgestarPvt David HedrickstarPvt Henry HedrickstarPvt W. W. HedrickstarPvt Timothy HeenanstarPvt Henry HefkerstarPvt J. HefleughstarPvt Alex HegestarPvt Christopher HeidelstarSgt John HeilstarPvt Charles HeinemannstarPvt Fedor HeinitzstarPvt Franz HeinrichstarCorp Louis HeintzstarPvt John HeinzelstarPvt Frederick HeisenstarPvt Henry HeissermannstarPvt George W. HeiststarLt Barthold H. HeitmanstarPvt August HelbingstarPvt George H. HeldebrantstarPvt William HelfensteinstarCorp Augustus W. L. HeligerstarLt Isaac A. HelmstarSgt Aaron HelmerstarMus Jeremiah HelmsstarPvt Jesse D. HelmsstarPvt John Allen HelmsstarPvt Marion HelmsstarPvt Noah E. HelmsstarPvt Solomon HelmsstarPvt Andrew HemburgerstarPvt Sullivan Sheffield HemingwaystarPvt John HemmingerstarPvt Jacob HemphillstarCol John Williford HenaganstarPvt James T. HenbystarPvt Samuel A. HencheystarPvt Bennett G. HendersonstarPvt Daniel D. HendersonstarPvt G. W. HendersonstarPvt George H. HendersonstarCorp Harvey HendersonstarPvt James HendersonstarPvt John HendersonstarLt John Jackson HendersonstarPvt John N. HendersonstarPvt Mark F HendersonstarSgt Mastin W. HendersonstarLt Napoleon B. HendersonstarSgt Robert B. HendersonstarPvt Thomas HendersonstarPvt Adam HendleystarPvt Frederick HendleystarPvt Mathew HendleystarPvt W. D. C. HendleystarPvt Calvin HendonstarPvt John L. HendonstarPvt James H. HendrickstarPvt Calvin HendricksstarLt William D. HendricksstarPvt John HenleystarCapt Richardson Leonard HenleystarPvt Thomas HennabrystarPvt John H. HennanstarPvt William HennestarPvt James HennershitzstarSgt John HenneseystarPvt John HennessystarPvt Michael HennessystarPvt Robert H. HennisstarPvt Adolphus HenrisstarPvt Archibald W. HenrystarPvt George P. HenrystarCorp John R. HenrystarPvt Joseph HenrystarPvt Marcus H. HenrystarCorp Michael HenrystarPvt Patrick HenrystarLt Robert Leland HenrystarPvt S. Pinkney HenrystarPvt Thomas HenrystarCapt Charles HenslerstarPvt William J. HensleystarPvt Robert Eugene HentzstarSgt Christian HentzlerstarPvt Ellis B. HeotalingstarPvt S. L. HeplerstarMaj Arthur HerbertstarMaj Hilary Abner HerbertstarPvt Julius W. HerbertstarLt Patrick HerbertstarCorp Heinrich HerbststarPvt Michael HergerstarPvt James O. HeringstarPvt Amos T. HermannstarPvt George W HerndonstarPvt Jacob HerndonstarPvt Joseph HerndonstarPvt Edward HernerstarPvt Frank C. HerniclestarLt Andrew Hero, Jr.starPvt William HerrellstarLt Severin HerrerostarCapt John Frank HerrickstarPvt Manley HerrickstarPvt Benjamin F. HerringstarMaj Charles Paine HerringstarPvt David P. HerringstarPvt Edward M. HerringstarPvt Elisha B HerringstarPvt Elisha D HerringstarCorp Henry HerringstarPvt Henry H. HerringstarPvt James S. HerringstarPvt Frank HerringtonstarPvt Henry B. HerringtonstarPvt James HerringtonstarPvt John M. HerringtonstarPvt August HerrmannstarPvt James T. HerrmannstarPvt William M. HerrmannstarPvt Lewis HerrystarCorp George L. HersumstarPvt August HerthneckstarPvt Michael HertlingstarPvt Henry HertmanstarPvt Mike HertzstarSgt Joseph HerzogstarPvt Andrew J. HessstarPvt Charles HessstarCapt Frank Watson HessstarPvt Jacob HessstarPvt Richard HessstarPvt Samuel HessstarPvt John HessestarPvt Joseph Alexander HesserstarSgt Charles HessleystarPvt Bernard HessonstarPvt Bernard HessonstarPvt Francis M. HesterstarPvt R. Y. HesterlystarPvt John HestertstarPvt Thomas HethermanstarPvt William HewingsstarCorp Andrew HewittstarPvt Elias HewittstarPvt Ezra P. HewittstarPvt J. L. HewittstarCorp Oscar Winslow HewittstarLt Starkey HewittstarCapt William (Wilhelm) HexamerstarCorp Charles Heydenreich, Sr.starLt Edward Miles HeylstarPvt Joseph H. HicklinstarSgt Charles E. HickmanstarPvt George W. HickmanstarPvt Haywood G. HickmanstarPvt John Webster HickmanstarPvt Thomas H. HickmanstarPvt Burton HicksstarPvt Charles H. HicksstarPvt Cyrus HicksstarCorp David F. HicksstarPvt Jacob HicksstarPvt Lawrence HicksstarPvt Moses HicksstarPvt Newton HicksstarPvt T. A. HicksstarPvt W. M. HicksstarPvt M. Harvey HicksonstarPvt Richard HicksonstarLt Henry H. HigbeestarPvt Franklin HigbystarCorp Hamilton Alexander HigbystarPvt Augustus H. HigginsstarPvt Benjamin HigginsstarPvt Henry HigginsstarCol Jacob HigginsstarPvt James HigginsstarPvt John HigginsstarLt Joseph R. HigginsstarPvt Samuel W. HigginsstarPvt Thomas M. HigginsstarPvt William I. HiggsstarPvt William B. HighstarPvt James M. HightstarPvt R. B. HightowerstarSgt Wallace HigleystarPvt John C. HilbergstarLt James Henry HildrethstarPvt John Wilson HildrethstarMaj George Henry HildtstarPvt Josiah HilestarPvt Aden HillstarPvt Albert M. HillstarLt Alexander S. HillstarMGen Ambrose Powell HillstarSgt Archibald F. HillstarPvt Barney F. HillstarPvt Benjamin S. HillstarPvt Charles L. HillstarLt Clarence E. HillstarBGen Daniel Harvey HillstarPvt David HillstarPvt Edward HillstarPvt Elisha HillstarPvt Isaac HillstarPvt Isaac HillstarLt Isaac Thomas HillstarPvt J. C. HillstarLt J. D. HillstarPvt J. H. HillstarPvt J. J. HillstarPvt Jackson HillstarPvt James HillstarPvt James HillstarCorp Jerry HillstarCorp Jesse Hillstar