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Ferrero's Brigade, Sturgis' Division

1 PM 17 September to 7 PM 17 September

Brigadier General Edw. Ferrero, Commanding. Organization.
51st New York, 51st Pennsylvania
21st and 35th Massachusetts Infantry

(September 17, 1862.)
   After Ferrero's Brigade carried the stone bridge it formed under cover of the high ground north of it. Nagle's Brigade formed on its left. Willcox's, Scammon's and Rodman's Divisions formed in advance of them and moved on Sharpsburg. On the repulse and retirement of the three Divisions, Ferrero and Nagle advanced to check Confederate pursuit. The left and center of Ferrero's Brigade halted under cover of the crest of the ridge beyond the ravine, the right (35th Massachusetts) continued its advance to Otto's lane, 270 yards distant, and engaged the Confederates posted on this line behind the stone walls right and left of it and in the 40 acre cornfield south. The engagement continued into the night, Ferrero's Brigade suffering much loss, the principal part of which fell to the 35th Massachusetts, which had 214 officers and men killed and wounded.

Location:   east side of Branch Avenue (Map 4)

Units described and/or located by this Tablet:

    2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, IX Corps
        21st Massachusetts Infantry
        35th Massachusetts Infantry
        51st New York Infantry
        51st Pennsylvania Infantry

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