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Battlefield Historical Tablet No. 110

Patrick's Brigade, Doubleday's Division

5 AM 17 September to 9 AM 17 September

Brigadier Genjeral M. R. Patrick, Commanding.
35th, 21st, 23rd, and 80th New York Infantry

(September 17, 1862.)
   Early in the morning of the 17th, Patrick's Brigade advanced through the North Woods and fields east of the Hagerstown Pike and into Miller's Cornfield in support of Gibbon's Brigade. When Gibbon's right deployed on the plateau and in the woods west of the Pike, Patrick crossed the Pike 230 yards north of this and entered the West Woods in support, the 80th New York was withdrawn to support Battery B, 4th U. S. Artillery, 130 yards south of Miller's barn, and the 23rd was sent to check a movement of the enemy in the fields west of the West Woods. The 21st and 35th, in close support of Gibbon's right, swept through the West Woods, swung to the left flank of the enemy while charging the Battery, driving them in the direction of the Dunkard Church and east of the Pike. Rejoined by the 23rd, the line advanced to the Pike but was forced back to this ledge which was held until attacked on the right flank, when it was compelled to retire to the cover of Miller's barn and the rock ledges south and west of it.

Location: north side of Starke Avenue (Map 1)


Units described and/or located by this Tablet:

    3rd Brigade, 1st Division, I Corps
        21st New York Infantry
        23rd New York Infantry
        35th New York Infantry
        80th New York Infantry (20th Militia)

Source: The Antietam Battlefield Board1


1   Antietam Board, Antietam Battlefield Commission Papers, Washington DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1891-1898, Entry 707, Record Group 92 (Historical Tablet text by Generals E.A. Carman and H. Heth)  [AotW citation 16693]

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