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Battlefield Historical Tablet No. 118

Army of the Potomac

7 AM 15 September to 6 PM 15 September

Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, Commanding.

(September 15, 1862.)
   On the morning of September 15, 1862, the Army of the Potomac pursued the retreating Confederates from South Mountain: Pleasonton's Cavalry, the Second, First and Twelfth Corps by Turner's Pass, Boonsboro and Keedysville; Sykes' Division of the Fifth Corps, the Reserve Artillery and Ninth Corps by Fox's Pass and the Old Sharpsburg Road. The Sixth Corps and Couch's Division (attached to the 6th Corps) remained near Crampton's Pass. Pleasonton overtook the Confederate Cavalry rear guard at Boonsboro, attacked and cut it off from the main body and pursued it in the direction of Hagerstown. Richardson's Division, Second Corps, in the advance, followed closely and skirmished with the retreating Infantry, until it reached the ridge bordering the Antietam, behind which it formed line, north of the Boonsboro Pike. Tidball's Battery (A 2nd U.S.) and Petit's Battery (B 1st N.Y.), from the crest of the ridge, engaged the Confederate Artillery posted at and south of this point. French's and Sedgwick's Divisions, Second Corps, halted on either side of the Pike, midway between Keedysville and the Antietam. The First Corps took position east of the Upper Bridge; the Twelfth Corps halted near Keedysville. Sykes' Division formed south of the Boonsboro Pike, on Richardson's left. Late in the day the Ninth Corps encamped on Geeting's farm at the west base of Elk Ridge. Army Headquarters were established at Pry House.

Location: north side of Bloody Lane at the Observation Tower (Map 3)


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Army of the Potomac

Source: The Antietam Battlefield Board1


1   Antietam Board, Antietam Battlefield Commission Papers, Washington DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1891-1898, Entry 707, Record Group 92 (Historical Tablet text by Generals E.A. Carman and H. Heth)  [AotW citation 16737]

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