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Caldwell's Brigade, Richardson's Division

10 AM 17 September to 2 PM 17 September

Brig. General John C. Caldwell, Commanding.
5th New Hampshire, 81st Pennsylvania, 7th, 61st and 64th New York Infantry

(September 17, 1862.)
   Caldwell's Brigade relieved Meagher's and became heavily engaged with the Confederate Infantry occupying the Sunken Road and Piper's cornfield south of it. After an obstinate contest, the Brigade succeeded in dislodging the Confederates from the Sunken Road and, having repelled several attempts to turn its flanks, advanced to the high ground overlooking Piper's house, where it was halted by command of General Richardson.

Location:   north side of the Bloody Lane (Map 3)

Units described and/or located by this Tablet:

    1st Brigade, 1st Division, II Corps
        5th New Hampshire Infantry
        61st New York Infantry
        64th New York Infantry
        7th New York Infantry
        81st Pennsylvania Infantry

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