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Battlefield Historical Tablet No. 88

First Battalion, 12th US Infantry

7 PM 16 September to 6 PM 17 September

Captain M.M. Blunt, Commanding.

   At sunset September 16, 1862, the First Battalion, Twelfth Infantry relieved the Fourth Infantry, guarding the Middle Bridge over the Antietam and remained on that duty until after noon of the 17th, when it advanced in support of the Horse Batteries posted on the crest of the ridge crossing the road a few feet west of this point. Winthrop's Company (G) was deployed in skirmishing down the road and in the fields south of it to drive the Confederate Sharpshooters, who were annoying the gunners, and continued on this dutv until late in the day, when it was relieved by the Fourth Infantry, the Second and Tenth Infantry and the Second Battalion of the Fourteenth Infantry.

Location: south side of the Boonsboro Pike, east of Rodman Avenue (Map 4)


Units described and/or located by this Tablet:

        12th United States Infantry, First Battalion

Source: The Antietam Battlefield Board1


1   Antietam Board, Antietam Battlefield Commission Papers, Washington DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1891-1898, Entry 707, Record Group 92 (Historical Tablet text by Generals E.A. Carman and H. Heth)  [AotW citation 16879]

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