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Battlefield Historical Tablet No. 98

Battery K, 1st US Artillery

8 AM 17 September to 12 PM 17 September

Captain William M. Graham, U.S.A., Commanding.

(September 17, 1862.)
   This Battery moved from the bivouac of the Artillery Reserve, near Porterstown, crossed the Antietam at Pry's Ford, passed the Neikirk farm buildings and, following the ravines, came into position about 40 yards north of this point on the right of Richardson's Division, and engaged a section of Confederate Battery—two brass guns—about 700 yards southwest, which soon retired. It then assisted in repelling a charge of Confederate Infantry through Piper's Cornfield. Two Confederate Batteries, rifled guns, now opened on the Battery, one of which enfiladed it and, in an engagement of about thirty-five minutes, it suffered heavy losses. The Battery was unable to reach the enemy, who had rifled guns of greater range than Captain Graham's smooth-bores, and was withdrawn by General Richardson to avoid useless sacrifice of men and horses. General Richardson was mortally wounded while personally directing the fire of the Battery.

Location: north side of Bloody Lane at the Observation Tower (Map 3)


Notes: This tablet is missing from the battlefield. Text is from Battlefield Board records.


Units described and/or located by this Tablet:

        1st United States Artillery, Battery K

Source: The Antietam Battlefield Board1


1   Antietam Board, Antietam Battlefield Commission Papers, Washington DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1891-1898, Entry 707, Record Group 92 (Historical Tablet text by Generals E.A. Carman and H. Heth)  [AotW citation 16831]

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