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Model 1842 Percussion Musket


1842 Springfield (reproduction)
1842 Springfield (reproduction)

Common name:   1842 Springfield

Description:   The Model 1842 Springfield single-shot muzzleloader was the last smoothbore and last .69 caliber musket produced by Federal armories. About 250,000 were made during its production life.

It was still in wide use through most of the Civil War because of its close-range hitting power.

Employment at Sharpsburg:   Many Infantry units of both sides were equipped with this .69 caliber, smoothbore musket.

Ammunition Used:   .69 caliber ball, buck & ball (.69 cal ball + 3 buckshot)

Manufacturer:   US Arsenals    Where made:   Springfield (MA), Harpers Ferry (VA)    Model:   1842    Year(s) made:   1844-55

Maximum Range:   300 yards     Effective Range:   100 yards     Length Overall:   58 inches     Barrel/Tube Length:   42 inches     

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