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Confederate (CSA)


William Duncan Ballantine

(1837 - 1907)

Home State: Florida

Command Billet: Commanding Regiment

Branch of Service: Infantry

Unit: 2nd Florida Infantry

Before Sharpsburg

He was a merchant in Fernandina, FL before he mustered into the 2nd Florida Infantry on 13 July 1861 as First Lieutenant, Company at Pensacola. He was elected Captain on 10 May 1862, and wounded at Seven Pines on 31 May.

On the Campaign

He was wounded in action while in command of the Regiment as senior officer present at Sharpsburg.

The rest of the War

He was promoted to Major in May 1863, then was wounded and captured at Gettysburg and subsequently imprisoned at Fort Delaware until fall 1864, when he became one of the "Immortal 600" held under Confederate fire at Morris Island, SC. He was appointed Lieutenant Colonel wile a prisoner, and later sent back to Fort Delaware, where he was released on oath in June 1865.

After the War

He returned to Florida after the War and became prominent in post-Reconstruction politics. On 6 July 1895 he returned to Gettysburg with Florida Colonels David Lang and Walter Raleigh Moore and staked out the positions where the Florida Brigade fought in 1863. The trio was photographed at Devil's Den while enjoying cigars.

References & notes

7/2005 update from member Jim Studnicki.
Note: Capt Ballantine is listed as Colonel in the Official Records Order of Battle for Sharpsburg. This is not supported by the data above.

Service data above from Soldiers of Florida1 and bio details from Studnicki 2


02/21/1837; Whitesboro, NY




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