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Campaign Map

[ Maryland Campaign Map ]

10 September 1862

Lee Departs Frederick

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Anderson's Division McLaws' Division Anderson's Division McLaws' Division Robertson's Brigade Lee's Brigade Pleasonton's Cavalry Division Sykes' 2nd Div, V Corps (US Regulars) Federal VI Corps Longstreet's Command Army of Northern Viginia Jackson's Command D. H. Hill's Division Lee's Brigade Hampton's Brigade Hampton's Brigade Stuart's Cavalry Division Robertson's Brigade D.S. Miles BGen Julius White Walker's Division THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC Federal V Corps Couch's Federal Division, IV Corps Federal I Corps Federal I Corps Federal II Corps Federal XII Corps Federal IX Corps

The Situation on 10 September: Before dawn on the 10th most of the Army of Northern Virginia, Gen Jackson in the lead, leave their camps around Frederick heading northwest along the National Road. They form detachments called for in Gen Lee's Special Orders 191 with the mission to clear the Federal garrisons at Martinsburg and Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Jackson's Command reaches near Boonsboro, Longstreet's (with Lee -the "main body") to just beyond Middletown, and McLaws' Division to near Burkittsville. Walker's Division, on the march since about 9:00 pm of the 9th, was on a mission to destroy the Moncacy Aqueduct, but gets new orders in 191 and backtracks to cross the Potomac into Virginia near Point of Rocks at days end.

Hill's Division remains just south of Frederick as the rear guard, screened by Stuart's Cavalry along the Monocacy.

Meantime, Gen McClellan continues to push his infantry forward seeking the ANV. His left under Franklin to near Poolesville, and his center, under Sumner, to Clarksburg (XII Corps) and Damascus (II Corps).

Units on this Map:

Anderson's Division
Army of Northern Virginia
D. H. Hill's Division
Hampton's Brigade
Jackson's Command
Lee's Brigade
Longstreet's Command
McLaws' Division
Robertson's Brigade
Stuart's Cavalry Division
Walker's Division

1st Division, IV Corps
2nd Division, V Corps
Army of the Potomac
Fifth (V) Army Corps
First (I) Army Corps
Ninth (IX) Army Corps
Pleasonton's Cavalry Division
Second (II) Army Corps
Sixth (VI) Army Corps
Twelfth (XII) Army Corps

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