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Pattern 1856 Enfield Carbine


Enfield Saddlering Carbine
Enfield Saddlering Carbine

Common name:   Enfield Saddle Ring Carbine

Description:   This Carbine is among the many weapons imported from 1861-65 to meet the heavy demand of the War. As for the rifle-musket, the .58 caliber bullet used by both Union and Confederate forces was interchangeable with the .577 Enfield. Also known as a "Saddlering" Carbine because of the ring and bar mounting hardware on it's left side (see offsite photo).

Employment at Sharpsburg:   Common in many Federal and Confederate Cavalry units.

Ammunition Used:   .577 or .58 caliber bullet (minie ball)

Manufacturer:   Royal Small Arms Factory (Enfield)    Where made:   near London, England    Model:   1856    Year(s) made:   1856-

Effective Range:   200 yards     Length Overall:   34 inches     Barrel/Tube Length:   21 inches     Bore:   0.577 inches     Weight:   8 pounds

Other notes:   The photo above is of a privately owned and probably Confederate-issued carbine sold at auction in the US in October 2005.

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