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Antietam References/Site Bibliography

This is a listing of some of the very best primary and secondary reference material about Antietam and the Maryland Campaign. These are the source materials cited here on AotW, and they are listed here in alphabetical order, by Author.

We're continuously updating our reference citations/footnotes and site-wide bibliography as we add new material, so this list will keep growing. References are still listed indiviually on many older pages, but we're gradually bringing them into the central database, so you'll be able to see them all here.

Our sources are arranged here in two groups: Print (books, periodicals, and other paper references) and Electronic (web and other digital media).

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Books and Periodicals

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Electronic and Other Media

Web Sites, CDROMs, Databases, email

Note that some of the online sources below have since gone dark. Where we can, we update the links, but that's not always possible. We're leaving the dead ones here for reference.

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