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Antietam Events

Learn about what happened at Sharpsburg and nearby in September 1862

Get oriented to the battle of Antietam with a brief narrative overview - a summary of the major events that bloody Wednesday. For more context, we also briefly cover the War situation in the East since early summer 1862 and the weeks immediately before the battle in Maryland.

Get a view through the eyes of many battery and regimental commanders, as well as the "top brass", both Confederate and Federal, in their after-action reports. We've transcribed them all here for you.

Sample exhibits of the experiences of ordinary people who saw the War and this fight. Or take in the actions of each of the major army units in small bites, from the text of any of the 217 battlefield tablets.


Get a feel for the major phases of the battle of Antietam with an overview map and narrative


Read any of the more than 300 unit commanders' after-action Reports


Read historic documents and personal stories from participants and others


Delve into a concise battle history as presented by the markers on the field