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Over the years we've worked on several research projects related to the Battle.

One looks at the weapons the soldiers used at Antietam. These include the most common infantry and cavalry weapons and all of the artillery types used during the battle, with links to each battery that used them.

We also cover each of the Medals of Honor awarded to men for their actions at Antietam (and to men who were at Antietam, awarded for other battles). Why no Confederates? More about that is here, too.

We also have a project to list all of the men who were killed, died of wounds, or died of other causes while on the Campaign in Maryland. It may never be complete, but you can find the current iteration of the Dead List, and more about the process, over on the behindAotW blog.

Finally, we've got information about the website itself, and many of the paper and digital sources we've used in compiling it.


Find details for the typical infantry and cavalry weapons as well as the big guns at Sharpsburg

Medals of Honor

Learn about the Medals given for valor in Maryland, and find Antietam men who were awarded for other actions

Dead List

Get the latest version of the evolving list of men who died in or as a result of battle in Maryland


Use the site bibliography to help you look deeper into the people, places, and events of Antietam

About AotW

See a little about the webmaster and site history, along with something on the technology in use here