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Lt Col P T Manning's Official Report

Report of October 14, 1862 of Longstreet's Ordnance lost at Sharpsburg

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OCTOBER 14, 1862.


COLONEL: I have the honor to transmit the report containing the number of guns and caissons lost or abandoned in Maryland belonging to this command, in accordance to your order of the - instant; all of which is respectfully submitted.

Battalion Washington Artillery.-One 12-pounder caisson, left on field, was burned the night we fell back, by Colonel Anderson's brigade.

McLaw's Division.-Captain Read's battery, one 3-inch rifle guns. Captain H. H. Carlton's battery, one 12-pounder howitzer (brass) in battle of Crampton's Gap. Captain Lloyd's battery (Ransom's brigade), one 6-pounder gun (brass) and two caissons.

Lee's Battalion Artillery.-Captain. T. C. Jordan's battery, one 12-pounder howitzer caisson. Captain A. B. Rhett's battery, one 12-pounder howitzer limber. Captain W. W. Parker's battery, rear chests 12-pounder howitzer caisson. Captain G. V. Moody's battery, one forge in Potomac. Captain Pichegru Woolfolk's Jr.'s battery, one 12-pounder howitzer and limber. Captain Morman's [M. N. Moorman - see his reply] battery, two 10-pounder Parrott guns and rear carriage of caisson. Captain Maurin's [see his reply] battery (Pryor's brigade), one 10-pounder rifle (Parrott) and caisson. One caisson was destroyed by the enemy's shell during the fight.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Lieutenant-Colonel and Chief of Ordnance, Right Wing.


Source: OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, Vol 19, Part 1 (Antietam - Serial 27) , Pages 843 - 844


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