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Gardner (seated w/lens) and Associate w/Photo Wagon, 1867
Gardner (seated w/lens) and Associate w/Photo Wagon, 1867

Some of the photographs and illustrations used at Antietam on the Web come from the fine collection of Civil War images at the US Library of Congress. In the case of the People's' pictures, many are found in the collections of the US Army Military History Institute or the Library of Congress, but many of them are family, museums, and public institutions. You should find the specific source for each in the notes at the bottom of each page with a person's photograph on it. The AOTW icons, site logo, and other miscellaneous graphics are of my own design and construction.

The Antietam Photographs

Alexander Gardner (1821-1882) and his assistant James F. Gibson (b. 1828), photographers with Mathew Brady's studio, arrived on the battlefield at Sharpsburg 2 days after the battle, and made a large number of exposures there and nearby. These images were later displayed to a shocked public in New York, and may have been the first ever published which so clearly showed the death and destruction of war. Gardner returned to Sharpsburg in October 1862, during President Lincoln's visit to General McClellan, and took pictures of that event as well. It is because of these men that we have such a fine record of the actual scene of the fighting.

See more about ... these photographs, and not incidentally, the battle, in this magnificent book:
William A. Frassanito, Antietam : the photographic legacy of America's bloodiest day, Scribner, 1978

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