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President Lincoln with Gen. George B. McClellan and group of officers

Antietam, Md.

The complete photo is at the Library of Congress Online, and is part of their Civil War Photograph collection.

See more about the occasion of President Lincoln's visit with General McClellan in a Featured Exhibit.

PHOTOGRAPHER Gardner, Alexander (1821-1882)



1. Col. Delos B. Sacket, I.G.

2. Capt. George Monteith.

3. Lt. Col. Nelson B. Sweitzer.

4. Gen. George W. Morell.

5. Col. Alexander S. Webb, Chief of Staff, 5th Corps.

6. Gen. George B. McClellan.

7. Scout Adams.

8. Dr. Jonathan Letterman, Army Medical Director.

9. Unknown.*

10. President Lincoln.

11. Gen. Henry J. Hunt.

12. Gen. Fitz-John Porter.

13. Unknown.

14. Col. Frederick T. Locke, A.A.G.

15. Gen. Andrew A. Humphreys.

16. Col. George A. Batchelder, Ordnance Officer, 1st Div., 5th Corps. **

MEDIUM 1 negative : glass, wet collodion.

REPOSITORY Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA


REPRODUCTION NUMBER LC-B8171-7951 DLC (b&w film neg.)

COLLECTION Selected Civil War photographs, 1861-1865 (Library of Congress)

DIGITAL ID (b&w film copy neg.) cwp 4a40435

NOTES Civil War photographs, 1861-1865 compiled by Hirst D. Milhollen and Donald H. Mugridge, Washington, D.C. Library of Congress, 1977. No. 0148.

Photograph from the main eastern theater of the war, Battle of Antietam, September-October 1862.

* I have received some email from a woman who says this man is her GGGGrandfather Joseph Avey (or Eavey), that he had a farm at Sharpsburg, and it may be his house in the background of the (full) picture. I cannot confirm the identity of the man myself, but his Army cap suggests he is a Federal Officer.

** Mr. Frassinito is sure this is Capt George Custer, and makes an excellent case in his Antietam book. Capt Custer was on General McClellan's staff during the campaign. That sure looks like a cavalry saber he's wearing.