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Maj James H Neal's Official Report

Report of November 19, 1862 of Harpers Ferry and Sharpsburg

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NOVEMBER 19, 1862.

Abstract of march made and actions engaged in by Nineteenth Georgia Volunteers from September 4, 1862, to October 19, 1862.

On the 4th of September, 1862, I relieved Captain F. M. Johnston of the command of the regiment while on the march from Chantilly toward Leesburg. On the 6th crossed the Potomac near the latter place, and on the 7th went into bivouac near Frederick City, Md., where the army remained for four days. From there we marched, by way of Williamsport (where the Potomac was recrossed) and Martinsburg, to Harper's Ferry, and on the 14th participated in the siege of that place, driving in the pickets of the enemy, and taking positions favorable for an attack the next day. On the 15th began a forward movement upon the works of the enemy, when the siege was terminated by the surrender of the enemy. On both days this regiment was under a tolerably heavy fire from the artillery of the enemy, but, owing to the protection afforded by the crest of the hill, lost only 1 man killed and 3 wounded.

On the evening of the 15th this regiment went on duty as guard of the bridges across the river, and on the 16th passed the paroled prisoners across the river. On the 17th marched to Sharpsburg, and at about 4 o'clock p. m. became engaged on the right with the left of the enemy. Was exposed to a heavy fire of musketry while charging through a field of standing corn and across another field, freshly plowed, but succeeded in driving the enemy from a stone wall, behind which they were posted, and retained that position in spite of an advance in large force by the enemy to retake it.

During the night of the 17th the dead and wounded were removed from the field. On the 18th we remained behind the stone wall, under a heavy picket fire, and on that night withdrew from that position and recrossed the Potomac into Virginia.

On the 19th I turned over the command to Captain Johnston, and on the 23rd resumed it at Camp Branch.

On the 1st of October Lieutenant-Colonel Hutchins relieved me of the command near Bunker Hill.

This regiment was all the time with the brigade, and had no adventure except participated in by all the regiment.

Major Nineteenth Georgia.

Source: OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, Vol 19, Part 1 (Antietam - Serial 27) , Page 1003


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