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LCol Charles R Brundage's Official Reports

Reports of September 1862 on the 3rd Brigade, Greene's Division and his Regiment

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Loudoun Heights, Va., September 25, 1862.

Commanding Second Division, Twelfth Army Corps.

I have the honor to report that, on the morning of September 17, 1862, the late Col. William B. Goodrich, of the Sixtieth Regiment New York State Volunteers, being in command of this brigade, was ordered to take the brigade, then composed of the Sixtieth and Seventy-eighth Regiments New York Volunteers, Third Delaware, and Purnell Legion, into the field on the right of the line of battle. Before getting into position, the Purnell Legion was ordered to some other portion of the field, which reduced the line of this brigade to the three first-named regiments. On getting into position, skirmishers were thrown out on the right and left, who cleared the woods of the enemy's sharpshooters. While thus engaged, and about an hour after the commencement, the colonel commanding was mortally wounded and borne from the field. The command then devolved upon Lieutenant-Colonel Austin, of the Seventy-eighth New York, who remainded in command for the remainder of the day. In about an hour and a half from this time orders were received to withdraw the brigade from the field. This was done, and the line shortly after reformed about half a mile to the rear of its former position. The brigade remained in this line till near dark, when they received orders from yourself to rejoin the division.

This report is made from recollection only, no data being kept, as the command was not handed over to me till late in the evening. I deem it just, however, to make honorable mention of the coolness and bravery of the officers and men in action, especially of the true soldierly bravery of Colonel Goodrich, the daring and courage of Lieutenant-Colonel Austin, the valuable services of Captain Redington, of the Sixtieth New York, and of First Lieutenant McGregor, of the Seventy-eighth New York, the two latter having charge of the skirmishers.

Respectfully submitted.

Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

[ on the Regiment]

Camp on Loudoun Heights, Va., September 27, 1862.

Colonel W. O. REDDEN,
Commanding Third Brigade.

I have the honor to report that, on the morning of the 17th of September, 1862, the Sixtieth Regiment New York State Volunteers went into action with 217 enlisted men and 9 commissioned officers, and that being on the right of the Brigade, Capt. J. C. O. Redington was sent out with his company (Company C) to skirmish, which he did with admirable skill and effect, clearing the woods to the right of the enemy's sharpshooters. After being in action between two and three hours, a brigade fell back on us, breaking our line and scattering our men, making a delay of an hour or more in our rejoining our brigade, then formed in line about half a mile to the rear of their position in action. The regiment remained with the brigade during the remainder of the day, and moved with it at dark to rejoin the division.

I take pleasure in reporting that the officers and men behaved well under fire, promptly obeying all orders. For an account of our losses I beg leave to refer you to official report of casualties.

Very respectfully submitted.

Lieutenant-Colonel, Sixtieth New York State Volunteers.

Source: OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, Vol 19, Part 1 (Antietam - Serial 27) , Pages 513 - 514, 515 - 516


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