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Capt Levin B Day's Official Report

Report of September 27, 1862

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September 27, 1862

Second Lieutenant and acting Adjutant.

Pursuant to order, I report concerning the Third Regiment Delaware Volunteers in the battle of the 17th instant:

There were present but five line officers, and, by order of Major Arthur Maginnis, commanding, the regiment was divided into four companies of 30 men each, one company being afterward detached as skirmishers. Our regiment, the left of the brigade, occupied a woods about 250 yards from the rebel line of battle, Baker's California regiment on our left and partially in front. We lay in this position for about four hours, under a continuous shower of shell and musketry, firing as occasion offered by the advance or retreat of the rebels. The California with an Indiana regiment being partially outflanked, retreated directly through our ranks.

At this moment Major Maginnis was wounded, and we retreated in good order under command of Captain William J. McKaig. We formed in a field to the rear of our former position, from which we again retreated obliquely to the left and rear, coming into position by a 12-pounder battery, which immediately opened on the enemy. Out of range of the rebel guns, we reposed here until the engagement ceased. Both officers and men behaved with coolness and bravery, and it would be invidious to mention individual cases.

The report of killed and wounded has already been forwarded to brigade headquarters.

Very respectfully,

L. B. DAY,
Captain, Commanding Regiment.

Source: OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, Vol 19, Part 1 (Antietam - Serial 27) , Pages 514 - 515


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