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Antietam Cemetery Dedication 1867. From

Antietam Cemetery Dedication 1867
(From, courtesy Susan Trail)

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Now available online: History of Antietam National Cemetery :including a descriptive list of all the loyal soldiers buried therein together with the ceremonies and address on the occasion of the dedication of the grounds, September 17th, 1867.

This is a listing of Union soldiers buried in the Antietam National Cemetery, many of whom died on the battlefield at Antietam or in nearby homes, churches and barns that were pressed into service as hospitals. But the list includes also soldiers who died at Monocacy and South Mountain, and also those who died in the hospitals at Clarysville and Cumberland in Allegany County.

The book, published in 1869, includes the history of the establishment of the cemetery and the speeches at its dedication. There are few copies of the text available, which is why it has been made available online to increase access.

The website also includes the records of the Confederates who were buried in Washington and Frederick Counties. A descriptive list of the burial places of the remains of Confederate Soldiers who fell in the Battles of Antietam, South Mountain, Monocacy and other points in Washington and Frederick Counties in the state of Maryland. It was also published in 1869.

In addition, the site features the newspaper printed in Hagerstown, Maryland, after the battle of Antietam, The Herald of Freedom and Torch Light of September 1862. It contains reporting of the battle, but also accounts of the impact of the fighting on the area around the battles in Washington County.

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