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SHAF Needs Help on Threat to ANB Park

Opposes US Legislation to Add Monument


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On behalf of Save Historic Antietam Foundation, this request is made for your consideration.

The New Hampshire delegation in the House of Representatives have entered a bill, HR 1084, to overturn the monument moratorium at Antietam and force the NPS to accept a new monument for the 3 NH regiments and 1 battery present at Antietam. Obviously this would open the door for other states and groups to demand "their" monuments and would eventually lead to the "marble forest" look of Gettysburg. It also imposes a burden on the NPS to care for and restore this monument as time goes by.

It is a bad idea and SHAF, who advocated for the moratorium, and steadfastly abhors any and all "new" monuments, is opposed to this power play. If you agree with our position please contact your Congressional Representative and let them know your thoughts.

Thank you,

Tom Clemens
President, SHAF

(end Quoted Announcement)

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