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William P Hogarty

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Organization: Company D, 23d New York Infantry

Entered Service: Connellsville, Pa.

Birth: New York, N.Y.

Date Medal Issued: 22 June 1891.

Date of Action: 17 September 1862.

Place of Action: Antietam, Md.


Distinguished gallantry in actions while attached to Battery B, 4th U.S. Artillery [at Antietam and Fredericksburg].

More about this award

"The 4th U.S. Artillery was short of men and unable to get recruits for the regular service. Captain Gibbon obtained permission from the War Department to fill his battery by detaching men from volunteer regiments. One of the men selected from the many who responded to the call was Private William P. Hogarty of the 23rd New York Volunteer Infantry."

"While serving as a cannoneer he continued to serve his piece after the rest of the crew had been killed. He aided in the repulse of a rebel charge upon the battery by triple shotting his gun with canister and by firing shells set to explode immediately after leaving the muzzle. When his ammunition was depleted, he picked up a musket and went to the aid of the infantry."

"Lance Corporal Hogarty was wounded by a four inch solid shot striking him just above the elbow, tearing off his left arm, necessitating subsequent amputation at the shoulder. The force of the blow whirled him around. He fell, landing on his right arm and elbow. He was not rendered unconscious. Three of his comrades seeing him fall came to his assistance, and with a tourniquet applied to his arm refused to leave the battery until the action was decided."
(from Battery B)

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