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Samuel C Wright

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Organization: Company E, 29th Massachusetts Infantry

Entered Service: Plympton, Mass.

Birth: Plympton, Mass.

Date Medal Issued: 29 January 1896.

Date of Action: 17 September 1862.

Place of Action: Antietam, Md.


Voluntarily advanced under a destructive fire and removed a fence which would have impeded a contemplated charge.

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"Some 200 yards in advance of our position [facing the Sunken Road], which we were holding at a terrible cost, was a fence built high and strong. The troops in advance had tried to scale the fence and reform under that hell of fire. They were actually torn in shreds and wedged in the fence."

"The cry came to us for volunteers to pull down the fence. Instantly there sprang from the long line, fast being shortened as the ranks closed up over the dead, seventy-six volunteers. We ran straight for the fence amid a hail of iron and lead, the dead falling all about us, but to reach the fence was our only thought. A part of the force reached it, and as one would grasp a rail, it would be sent flying out of his hands by rifle-shots."

"The fence leveled, we made the attempt to return, and it was hot for us on the return, as it had been on the advance. Few escaped death or wounds. I had almost regained my regiment when I was hit. The line then successfully pressed on, and the 'Sunken Road' or 'Bloody Lane', as it is now known, was within our lines."
- S. C. Wright


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