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Federal (USV)


William H. Willcox

(1834 - 1929)

Home State: New York

Command Billet: Staff Officer

Branch of Service: Engineers

Unit: 1st Division, I Corps

Before Antietam

He entered service in December 1861, and by 3 March 1862 was 2nd Lieutenant, Co. D, 95th New York Infantry.1 He was detached to BGen Doubleday's staff in July 1862.

On the Campaign

He was on BGen Doubleday's staff at Antietam as topographical engineer. He created a well known map of the battlefield for Doubleday immediately afterward.

The rest of the War

He continued as cartogropher, mapping in Virgnia, and served as an engineer; building fortifications, roads and docks.2

He was promoted to Captain and aide-de-camp in April 1863, and joined MGen John Reynolds' staff. He was with the General when he was killed on 1 July at Gettysburg, and accompanied the body home to Pennsylvania. He did produce a map of the action at Gettysburg, but resigned (or was dropped) from the service on 30 September 1863.1,2

After the War

He had been a "leading church designer in Chicago and New York City", and had worked in Nebraska. He was partner with Clarence Johnson in St. Paul, Minnesota (Willcox and Johnston) 1885 to 18893, and with William E. Boone in Seattle (Boone and Willcox) from 1889 to 1892, where he designed at least one early "skyscraper".4 He then moved to California, and by the mid-1890s was a practicing architect in Los Angeles. He practiced in San Francisco from 1899 to 1904.5


05/26/1834; New York City, NY


02/1/1929; Yountville, CA


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