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O. Latrobe

O. Latrobe

Confederate (CSV)


Osmun Latrobe

(1835 - 1915)

Home State: Maryland

Command Billet: Staff Officer

Branch of Service: Infantry

Unit: Jones' Division

Before Sharpsburg

Grandson of US Capitol architect Bengamin Henry Latrobe, and son of Maryland engineer and railroad lawyer John H.B. Latrobe [more], he studied law and passed the bar before the War.

In March 1862 he was appointed Captain and Assistant Adjutant General (AAG) on Gen J.E. Johnston's staff; by June, as AAG and Inspector General (IG) with Gen Jones.1

On the Campaign

"Capt. Osman Latrobe, my inspector-general, on all occasions, and particularly at Sharpsburg, conducted himself with distinguished gallantry. Wherever the battle raged hottest, there was he, directing and encouraging the troops. I earnestly recommend his promotion to the rank of major. "2

The rest of the War

In December, as recommended, he was appointed Major, and joined the staff of Gen Longstreet, with whom he served until Appomattox.1 At Fredericksburg, he helped direct artillery fire and later wrote that he

"enjoyed the sight of hundreds of dead Yankees. Saw much of the work I had done in the way of severed limbs, decapitated bodies, and mutilated remains of all kinds, doing my soul good. Would that the whole northern army was such and I had my hand in it."3
He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in December 1864.1

After the War

Family lore mentions that he worked with his father on a railroad case against the Russian government in St. Petersburg, and that he was "prominent in the social life of Baltimore and New York" after the War. He married in 1871 in London, England.

References & notes

Birth and death information, and other anectdotal data, from a family genealogy online.

The photo above from one posted online by Larry Pitman of Alexander's Battalion (artillery reenactors) - thanks to webmaster Bob Henry.


10/12/1835; Natchez, MS


08/10/1915; New York, NY; burial in Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, MD


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