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A.M. Cook

A.M. Cook

Federal (USV)


Asa M Cook

Home State: Massachusetts

Command Billet: Battery Commander

Branch of Service: Artillery

Unit: Massachusetts Light Artillery, 8th Battery


see his Battle Report

Before Antietam

From Boston, he was pre-war Major commanding the Boston Light Artillery, a militia unit organized in 1853. He and that battery departed for Fortress Monroe in April 1861. They were stationed at Annapolis, Maryland, accepted into Federal Service for 3 months in May, then were stationed at Relay House guarding the B&O Railroad near Baltimore. They were mustered out in August.1

Cook then organized another battery, the 8th Massachusetts Light, returning to service as their Captain in late June 1862.

On the Campaign

Part of his battery was engaged on 14 September at Fox's Gap, dueling with a Confederate battery (likely Bondurant's) at close range, taking casualties. They were in action with the IX Corps above the Lower Bridge on the afternoon of the 17th at Antietam.

The rest of the War

Cook and the 8th Battery remained in the vicinity of Sharpsburg into October, served in the Washington Garrison, and were then mustered out of service at expiration of their 6 month term in November 1862.2 There is nothing known about Cook's further military service, if any.

After the War

He was listed in the Boston city directories of 1865 and 1870 as "supt. warehouses Custom House, and (Powers, Cook & Co.) teamsters, 100 Blackstone, house at Somerville". He was an original member of MOLLUS, a Union veterans' group.

References & notes

The photograph above from the collection of the US Army Military History Institute. There's also a photograph of him in Miller3, taken "as he sat his horse" with the Boston Light in mid 1861.


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