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J.B. Richardson

J.B. Richardson

Confederate (CSA)


John Benjamin Richardson

(1833 - 1906)

Home State: Louisiana

Command Billet: Battery Commander

Branch of Service: Artillery

Unit: Washington (LA) Artillery, 2nd Company

Before Sharpsburg

"He is a native of Alabama and settled in New Orleans when comparatively young. He seems to have inherited his fondness for military life from his ancestors, many of whom have been in service. His father, Jno. M. Richardson, was a Virginian and moved to Tennessee, was a personal friend of Gen'l Andrew Jackson and wounded while serving under him during the Florida War. Col. Richardson was identified with the cotton and sugar business in 1861 and a partner in the house of Jno. F. Wyche & Co. He joined the Washington Artillery as a private Dec. 19th, 1859, and was elected First Lieutenant of the First Company of the battalion that left New Orleans in 1861 for Virginia, in May."

"He was promoted June 10th, 1862 to captain and transferred to command the 2nd battery of the battalion and commanded this battery at Mechanicsville, Rappahannock Station, Second Manassas ..."

On the Campaign

He commanded his battery in Maryland.

The rest of the War

"... when negotiations were going on to surrender the army [at Appomattox CH, April 1865], he refused to surrender his battery and buried his guns, (four Napoleons) April 9th, disbanded his battery and made his way to Greensboro, N.C., joining Gen'l Jos. E. Johnson's army and was paroled when they surrendered at Greensboro, N.C. "

After the War

He was listed as Lieutenant Colonel and commander of the Washington Artillery (1880-1906) on his tombstone.

"In 1868 he was appointed secretary and treasurer of the Opelousas Railroad Company and when the Morgan Railroad and Steamship Company was formed some years later, he was appointed to the same position in that company. This position he has filled ever since as also local treasurer of the Southern Pacific Company since 1885, and now Secretary and treasurer of the Southern Bridge and Railway Company."

References & notes

Family genealogical data online, including a significant biographical sketch and obituaries, from which quotes above are taken. The photo here from a CDV in Glen Cangelosi's fine collection at his Washington Artillery website.


4/28/1833; Florence, AL


1/31/1906; New Orleans, LA; burial in Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, LA