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E. McI. Law

E. McI. Law

Confederate (CSA)


Evander McIvor Law

(1836 - 1920)

Home State: South Carolina

Education: The Citadel

Command Billet: Brigade Commander

Branch of Service: Infantry

Unit: Law's Brigade


see his Battle Report

Before Sharpsburg

At the outbreak of war, he helped raise and was commissioned captain of the 4th Alabama Regiment and served at Bull Run (July, 1861). He was severely wounded at the battle but after he recovered he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and fought at 2nd Bull Run (August, 1862).

On the Campaign

Commanded Law's Brigade of Hood's Division in Longstreet's Command. Along with the Texas Brigade, his regiments drove back the initial waves of Hooker's Federal I Corps early on the morning of the 17th. His Brigade was devastated in the charge, with greater than 50% casualties.

The rest of the War

Promoted to brigadier general on October 2, 1862, he led a brigade at Fredericksburg, and began the Confederate attacks at Little Round Top. When Brig. Gen. John B. Hood was severely wounded at Little Round Top, the controversy over who should replace him brought Law into conflict with Maj. Gen. James Longstreet and with Law's rival, Brig. Gen. Micah Jenkins. In December of 1863, Law resigned, and Jenkins wanted Law court-martialed. The War Department did not prefer charges, however, and Law returned to the Corps. After participating in the Battles of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor, being wounded at the latter, he commanded a cavalry unit until the end of the war.

After the War

After the Civil War, Law moved to Florida, helped establish the state's educational system and worked as a newspaperman, remaining active in veteran affairs.


8/7/1836; Darlington, SC


10/31/1920; Bartow, FL