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A. Moor

A. Moor

Federal (USA)


Augustus Moor

(1814 - 1883)

Home State: Ohio

Command Billet: Brigade Commander

Branch of Service: Infantry

Unit: 2nd Brigade, Kanawha Division, IX Corps

Before Antietam

Before the War he was the owner of a Cincinnati bakery -coffeehouse -beer garden and a veteran of the Second Seminole (1st Lt, 1st Penn Infantry) and Mexican Wars (Captain, 1st Ohio Infantry). On 10 June 1861 he was elected Colonel of the new 2nd German Regiment, which was mustered into service as the 28th Ohio. 10 Seoptember, at Carnifax Ferry (WV), "Colonel Moor and his second-in-command, Lieutenant-Colonel Gottfried Becker, a veteran of the German Revolution of 1848, had fallen off a rock ledge and had injured themselves so badly that command of the regiment fell upon a captain."

Moor recovered. On 2 May 1862 the 28th was formed with other regiment into the 2nd Brigade, Kanawha Division, and Colonel Moor was assigned command of the Brigade.

On the Campaign

Moor was captured in a cavalry skirmish in Frederick on 12 September, two days before the fight at Turner's Gap, where he was paroled - meeting his Division commander Cox on the road to the Gap just before the battle. Apparently Moor "asked where Scammon's brigade was heading. Cox told him, and Moor replied, 'My God! Be careful!' Realizing the conditions of his parole, he said no more, but the warning was enough for Cox. He sent to Reno for reinforcements and moved up the rest of his division."
(quote from Sears' Landscape Turned Red)

He was relieved in command of the Brigade by Col Crook of the 36th Ohio.

The rest of the War

He returned to command the Brigade in January 1863 after being exchanged. After service in West Virginia and the Valley of Virginia, he mustered out of service along with his regiment 23 July 1864 at the expiration of his and their terms of service.

After the War

He returned to his business, living quietly.

References & notes

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3/28/1814; Leipzig, Saxony, GERMANY


10/11/1883; Cincinnati, OH; burial in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH