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Chesapeake (MD) Artillery


Commanding Officer on the Sharpsburg Campaign:
  Capt. William D. Brown


  2   10-pdr. Parrott
  1   3-in. Ordnance Rifle


This Battery's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of Northern Virginia
  Corps - Jackson's Command
  Division - Ewell's Division
  Brigade - Ewell's Division Artillery

Unit history

4th Artillery Company [also called Chesapeake Battery] was organized at Richmond, Virginia, during the spring of 1862.

On the Sharpsburg Campaign

The battery was at Harpers Ferry through at least September 17, 1862, and did not participate at Sharpsburg. The probably arrived on the field on 18 September after refitting at Harpers Ferry.

Battlefield Tablet for this Unit

Tablet #326: Ewell's Division, Jackson's Command - 15 Sep, 6 PM to 16 Sep, 10 PM

More on the Web

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Co. Rank Name Casualty? Details*
--CaptBrown, William Dawson        We have a picture for this person We have some details for this person


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