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Richmond Howitzers, 2nd Company

"Watson's Battery"


Commanding Officer on the Sharpsburg Campaign:
  Capt. D. Watson


  2   10-pdr. Parrott
  1   12-pdr. howitzer
  1   Artillery of Unknown Type(s)

The unknown piece is listed in references as a "Hotchkiss" rifled muzzle-loader.
This is likely a 3 Inch Ordnance rifle, which could use Hotchkiss shells -
one of the varieties of rifled ammunition commonly used during the War.
Less likely, but also possible, is that this was another similar rifled gun, the Wiard,
which could also use that ammunition.


This Battery's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of Northern Virginia
  Corps - Jackson's Command
  Division - Jackson's Corps Reserve Artillery
  Brigade - Brown's Artillery Battalion (1st Va Artillery)

On the Sharpsburg Campaign

This battery was one in the artillery battalions of Brown and Nelson who were guarding the Potomac fords near Williamsport and Shepherdstown on the Campaign. They were sent to Sharpsburg on September 17th, but arrived late in the day and were not engaged. They did see action in a skirmish at Williamsport on September 19.

Battlefield Tablet for this Unit

Tablet #355: Reserve Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia - 16 Sep, 12 PM to 18 Sep, 6 AM

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