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Antietam Cavalry Weapon

Sharps Model 1859 Carbine

Sharps Carbine


Manufacturer: Sharps Rifle Manufg. Co

Where made: Hartford, CT, USA

Model: 1859

Year(s) made: 1859-1863

Sharps Carbine (reproduction)


A Breech loading, .54 caliber weapon, the cavalry carbine was shorter and lighter than it's infantry counterpart. Approximately 115,000 of these carbines were made during the Civil War, and they were very popular with the troopers because of their reliability and resistance to fouling and jamming.

Employment at Sharpsburg

Many Federal cavalrymen were equipped with this weapon.

Ammunition Used

Caliber .54 bullet


Overall: 39 inches; Barrel: 22 inches


8 pounds


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